Tim Burton to direct a live action Dumbo

Apparently since there are no original ideas left in Hollywood, they've decided to turn every Disney cartoon into a live action. Alice in Wonderland did it beautifully and with rave reviews. Maleficent gave a great twist to the classic Sleeping Beauty tale, and ignited imaginations. Cinderella is about to hit cinemas this week, and I can say that its a good adaptation. Beauty and the Beast has been announcing the cast over the last several weeks, and now Dumbo is getting the live action treatment. Yes, you read that correctly, Dumbo. And Tim Burton will direct.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Dumbo will "blend live actors and computer-generated effects." Disney also has similar approaches to “The Jungle Book,” “Pete’s Dragon” and “Beauty and the Beast” in the works, in addition to the Wonderland sequel Burton is also helming “Through the Looking Glass.”

Originally released in 1941,  Dumbo was the fourth animated featured in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. Based on the story written by Helen Aberson, it tells the story of a semi-anthropomorphic young circus elephant ridiculed for his big ears, that becomes a star when he discovers he can use as wings and fly.

Few details are known about Burton’s version, as it’s in the early stages of development, but it will be the latest in Disney's Live Action Fairytale Strategy.


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