Vikings S03E04 Recap: Scarred

Aslaug tries to comfort Ivar, with no luck. She asks Siggy where Harbard is, but she has no clue where he is. Harbard suddenly appears, and he offers Ivar comfort. Cooing to the child, lulling him into slumber. Siggy remains skeptical of Harbard, asking who he is. He tells her that she already knows, but she isn't sure she does. He has too much power.

Bjorn transfers his beloved Porunn via cart as he and the other Vikings return to camp. He tries to comfort her as best he can. He moves to look under her bloodied bandage, but she awakens and moves his hand away. Aethelwulf goes to sit with Rollo and Floki. He tells them that they are enemies no more, but friends. They fight together, they win. Rollo agrees, but Floki just looks at him with disgust. Aethelwulf leaves them, and Floki questions Rollo and his soul. Rollo sees the alliance as the future. Floki wonders at the magic of Rollo's Christian Baptism. Rollo insists that it was no more than a joke, but the only joke that Floki sees is Rollo.

Ragnar lies in pain over his wound. Princess Kwenthrith notices, and tells him to lie back. She squats over him, and pees to save his life. Ragnar is surprised, and thinks that he should thank her, kind of. He tells her that her brother is weak. He did not fight for him, but for his people and for her. She asks if his side is better. It still hurts. She tells him to lie back down, and she straddles him again. I wonder how Aslaug will feel if Ragnar decides to bring Kwenthrith home as another wife.

Aslaug prepares to leave, and Siggy stops her, wanting to know who she is off to meet. Aslaug claims it is none of her business, but Siggy insists that it is. She is leaving her children with Siggy, and her safety is the concern of everyone, especially with Ragnar away. She reminds Aslaug of her responsibilities, but Aslaug is adamant on leaving.

Aslaug goes to walk with the storyteller, Harbard. He tells her a tale of a lost King, and a lonely Queen. He was forced to sleep with the Queen, and when he left she bore his child, and now that child is the grand duke of Kiev. Aslaug thanks him for what he has done for Ivar. Harbard sees that she is suffering too, and wishes to ease that pain. He takes her inside of a home, and undresses. Aslaug follows suit. Was this a part of her vision of him too? She seems less than conformable being topless with him, as he appoarches her. He pulls her into his arms, placing her on a nearby table.

Siggy sits alone in Aslaug's home surrounded by her children.

Athestan and Judith have sex, its all by the light of candles, which is either really romantic, or because there's no electricity. Athelwulf is gonna be angry.

On the ship, Kwenthrith's brother wonders what Ragnar will do with him. She tells him that Ragnar will protect her, and therefore him, but he will not allow him to be king. Kwenthrith has a dream of them being united, of Mercia under their rule. Bjorn watches over Porunn still. He does not blame his father, but there is plenty of blame that Floki feels should be given. Rollo rows and tells Ragnar of Floki's belief. Floki feels that they have betrayed their Gods, to serve the Christian God. Ragnar does not think Floki can speak for the Gods. Ragnar feels vastly different, he continues to seek out new things.

Ecbert wonders what Lagertha will do when Ragnar returns. He hopes that Lagertha will stay, even if her King leaves. Lagertha is an Earl in her own right, and she can do as she wishes. Ecbert wonders if he asks her to stay personally. Lagertha sees the truth, and he's not looking out for her. The only person he truly cares for is himself.

Too bad she couldn't see the same truth about Kalf. The usuper receives news. When Lagertha returns she will bring with her their warriors, their youthful warriors who will have allegiance with her. Kalf has planned for this though. He has invited a very significant person and he will be there soon.

In Kattegat, Siggy continues to tend to the children. Two of them ask where their mother is. She tells them that their mother is with Harbard, and she needs him to help comfort Ivar. Ivar begins to cry, and the pair run off out the door. Helga calls after them, but they're gone. When Siggy returns with Ivar and sees the boys gone, she knows that she has to go after them. She gives Ivar to Helga and races after the boys, over rocks, and up hills in the cold. Siggy slips on the hill as she sees the two boys going across the frozen river. She calls for them to stop, but they pay her no heed. She steps out onto the ice and it cracks beneath her feet. She calls out further to the children, but they continue onward. The children fall beneath the ice. Siggy rushes out after them, takes off her cloak, and jumps in. She finds one of the children beneath the ice, but she can't lift him. She sees a young woman at the opening, and is happy to see her. She goes back under, and brings one child to safety. When she resurfaces Harbard is there to grab the child. He nods, and Siggy slinks back into the water, lost beneath its icy depths.

Aethelwulf returns with much fanfare. Ecbert greets his son, telling him that his wife has missed him greatly, that she's spent much time in the chapel. She embraces him, though her eyes are only for Athelstan in the shadows. Kwenthrith introduces her cowardly brother. She insists that the campaign that he was involved with against them was not his doing, and that he looks for their council in all things. Ecbert invites him to sit at his table, greeting him with open arms. Ecbert puts on a happy front about only wanting a happy future for Mercia. Ragnar enters next, but he does not do the embracing thing. Ragnar wants to know only about their settlement. Lagertha is concerned over his wound, but he insists that he's fine. Lagertha tells him about their first crops, and the success that she's found. Ragnar notices how cozy Lagertha seems. He thinks that she made sacrifices for the common good, she points out that the same could be said about him. The castle celebrates, and Aethelwulf looks to get friendly with Ragnar, but he will have none of it.

Bjorn watches over Porunn still, and she awakens bitter, asking if he's enjoying himself. She's missing half her face, and feeling more than a little sorry for herself. She thinks that Bjorn won't want to marry her any longer, but that's just not true.

Lagertha goes to sit with Athelstan. Ecbert tells them that the battle for Mercia has been run, but their settlement is not completed. He wants them to both stay. Lagertha cannot, but she wonders if Athelstan can. Athelstan has not spoken with Ragnar about this yet he confesses. Ecbert tells Athelstan that if he were to leave he would miss him, as would Judith. Athelstan goes to see Ragnar. He's disappointed to hear that Athelstan wants to stay, but he's free to do as he wishes. Does Athelstan not remember his last time here without Ragnar? His crucifixion? Judith finds Athelstan in a dark hall, and she too begs him to stay. Athelstan points out that her husband is back. Judith gave herself to Athelstan, and she doesn't want to lose him. They kiss, and Aethelwulf sees the pair from the shadows.

Ragnar asks what Ecbert will do with Mercia. He tells him that he will crown the siblings as joint rulers. Ragnar sees through his ploy. Neither of them will rule, Ecbert will. Ecbert claims to only want stability in the area, but Ragnar knows that it will give him power there too. Ecbert changes the subject telling him that what he really wants is for the Vikings settlement to be successful. Ragnar has helped him in his conquest for Mercia, and he has helped him start a settlement in the heart of his kingdom. They understand eachother, which is why they are allies and will remain so. Ragnar asks Ecbert if he thinks he is a good man. He thinks so. Ragnar gives the same answer. He then asks Ecbert if he is corrupt. He most assuredly is, as is Ragnar.

Rollo approaches Floki wondering what he is doing outside alone. Floki is talking to the Gods, and they are angry with them. Floki hopes that the day does not come when they have to choose between the Gods and Ragnar. For Rollo that day will never come, but it doesn't look to be the same for Floki.

Athelstan sits in contemplation on the stairs. Ecbert tells him that he has a choice to make once more, to stay with Ecbert, or go back with Ragnar. Athelstan has come to a decision. He will go back with Ragnar, his future lies with him. Ecbert believes that he has made a grave mistake.

Rollo asks Lagertha if she is worried about leaving her Earldom for so long. She tells him that she has a good man who looks after it for her. Rollo smiles, all men are ambitious, but Lagertha thinks that Kalf is different.

Kalf lies entwined with a pair of ladies when his guest has arrived. He pulls himself from bed. The son of Horik has returned. The boy is happy to have returned, and he sees himself as a natural ally against the Lothbroks. And he has a further ally. When Ragnar killed Yarl Borg he let his wife go free, and that wife has born a child, and is now his wife. Kalf greets the wife, and legitimate heir of Yarl Borg.

Kwenthrith makes an announcement before the royalty. She has made peace with her past, and she wishes to celebrate their alliance, and victory over their abusers. Her bother accepts the toast, he loves his sister, he has always loved her. He drinks deeply from his cup, but Kwenthrith does not. The group applauds, and Kwenthrith pours out her wine as her brother begins to choke. The crazy broad poisoned her brother. He looks around shocked before falling over dead. Ragnar paces like a caged cat, and Kwenthrith looks shocked for a moment before rising. She asks them to rise and raise their cups to the sole ruler of Mercia. Rollo and Lagertha rise reluctantly, and take part in the toast, but no one drinks from the cups, pouring them out and tossing them aside.

Rain falls upon Kattegat. Harbard notices the quiet, and the ever fertile Aslaug holds Ivar in her arms. Harbard seems to have worn out his welcome, no one comes rushing forward in greeting, asking for a story. He figures that it is time for him to leave. Aslaug is now weary of him. Harbard knows that Ivar will no longer suffer as he once did. He took some of his pain away. Siggy too is now happy, reunited with her family in Valhalla. He tells them that if they do not believe him to ask the seer. As Harbard turns to leave, Aslaug asks who he is. Harbard tells her that he is just a wanderer, before he heads out into the rain. Helga rises to watch him leave, and he disappears in a curtain of mist.


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