Walking Dead S05E13 Recap: Forget

Sasha lies awake staring at the pictures on the wall. She can't sleep in the house she now calls homes. Bright and early the next morning she gets to work. One girl takes her into the gun storage. She asks if Sasha bags a boar if she could have a leg to make some prosciutto. Sasha leaves the front gate, going deep into the woods with the photos that she stared at all night. She takes aim, destroying them, shooting out their faces, only pausing to look around the surrounding area between shoots. She needs to get it together.

Daryl, Carol and Rick look around where the missing blender gun should be. They could have been followed on the way in, someone could have taken it. Rick doesn't think that they want the people inside the gates to suspect them. It could have been someone passing though. Rick thinks that the gated group has been all too lucky so far, and now they're even luckier, they have them. Rick wants to keep the incident quiet. He wants the others to try to adjust, for now, they'll keep this between them. A walker comes to crash their pow wow. Carol takes far too many shots to bring it down. They are suppose to be out shooting, so they can't return with full clips she reasons. On the walker's head is a W carved in it.

Michonne tries on her new uniform. She takes a good look at herself in the mirror, and makes some adjustments with her katana, which makes her almost question it. Rick still isn't sure about it all. Neither is Michonne. She's unsure of Deanna, but she seems smart. Rick still isn't buying it all.

In the woods, Daryl raises his bow, hearing someone in the woods. He calls him out. It's Aaron. Aaron is surprised he can tell the difference between people and walkers by the sound of their footsteps. He asks if he can tell a good person from a bad one, Rick doesn't seem to be able to. Daryl wants to know why he's being followed. Aaron wasn't aware that he was following Daryl. He's out hunting. Daryl is still jobless, but he allows Aaron to tagalong with him on his own hunt.

Deanna goes over things with Michonne and Maggie. They're to handle conflicts. Deanna is looking to have the police force restarted. She has big plans for their civilization, and they're the beginnings of it. Rick agrees with the rest, but he wants to see the security. Deanna takes them around. They're not to just look for walkers, but also for signs of entry. Deanna doesn't think that is necessary, or needed. Sasha arrives and she wants to take a shift at the clock tower. Deanna admits that the clock tower is hardly ever manned, its no more than a dummy most of the time, and sometimes its Spencer. The group is horrified. They still remember their other paradise lost at the hands of the Governor. Deanna finally gives into the urging for the tower to be manned on a more full time basis, but Sasha and the others have to attend a welcome party Deanna wishes to throw.

Carol chats with the other homemaker types, as one talks about a delicious protein bar they make. Carol plays up the helpless role, but as soon as she sees Rick, she makes excuses to run off with him. She asks if he's heard about the party, he has. The armoury is next to Deanna's so tonight will be a good chance to get their guns back, but they can't use Daryl, he's on constant surveillance. Carol points out that the good thing about this place is that she's invisible again.

Daryl and Aaron continue through the woods when Daryl spies a horse. Aaron admits that he's been trying to catch the horse for a long time, trying to being him in. The horse is named Buttons, one of the kids saw him awhile back and named him. Aaron hasn't seen him for a while and feared it was too late. The horse won't let him or Eric get close to him, he's always spooked. Daryl takes the rope from Aaron. He understands how it is. Sometimes you stay outside for so long, you forget what you were before. Daryl approaches Buttons, and the horse notices him, but doesn't run off until the walkers make their appearance. Aaron shoots a few, and Daryl beats some back. It's knives and arrows up close, but Buttons is gone. Daryl and Aaron run off after the horse.

Carol heads off to the pantry for supplies. She's making cookies, and needs chocolate. Olivia actually has the chocolate, but she can't give her much. Carol will make it work. Some men come in for supplies. Olivia goes to help Toby and his men and Carol grabs what he needs in the way of guns. Toby asks Carol if guns bother her. She admits that she had a handgun, but nothing more. Toby offers to give her some lessons some time to make her comfortable. Carol unlocks the window behind her while no one is looking and thanks Toby for his kindness as he leaves.

Aaron tries to get to know Daryl a little more. Daryl never really got around by horse, preferring bikes, not the 10 speed kind. Aaron understands that Daryl feels like an outsider, he understands that feeling. He and Eric have been with the group a long time, and they're still outsiders. The more afraid people get, the more stupid. They're scared of both of them for different reasons. They're only less scared of Aaron because they know him. He suggests that Daryl go to Deanna's party, to let people get to know him. Daryl feels like he has nothing to prove. There are a lot of bad people on the outside, a lot of bad stuff, but he fears none of it.

Carol, Rick, Carl and Judith arrive at Deanna's party. She greets them immediately. She never interviewed Judith, but she envys her, she'll get to see what the place will become. Deanna goes to take them around. Abraham and Rosita arrive, and Abraham is apprehensive about the place until Rosita poits out that they have beer. He agrees to try. Deanna introduces Rick to her husband. He's watched all of the tapes, and he's impressed. Everyone in the group had a lot of glowing things to say about Rick. Rick points out that he built the wall, but he thinks that Rick's accomplishments are superior. He offers Rick a drink. Jessie and her family arrives, and Rick notices her immediately.

Daryl and Aaron continue to track Buttons. Daryl races ahead to take out one walker, and Aaron gets tripped up by another. Aaron uses his machete on it, but Daryl is there, smashing its head under his boot, and throwing down another, smashing it too. Aaron takes aim at a walker closing in on them. The pair race forward, but they're too late. They spot Buttons, but he's surrounded by walkers and already in their clutches. They down him, and tear the poor horse apart. Daryl and Aaron surge forward to kill the rest. They dispatch the group of walkers with ease, and Daryl leaves the putting down of Buttons to Aaron. It's like they lost a member of their group. Until now, Buttons always ran. Daryl offers that they were trying to help him.

Noah sits in the corner watching the party, but not taking part. Glenn and Maggie go to check on him. Parties aren't his thing. Glenn and Maggie try to make him feel more a part, telling him that he's there with them now, with family. Daryl watches from outside the window, but doesn't enter. Aaron sees him on the street. He was never going to go to the party because of Eric's ankle. He just suggested that Daryl try, and he did. He offers Daryl to join them for some spaghetti.

Carol checks in with Rick, before disappearing. Jessie introduces Rick to her husband. He offers to give him a check-up, and get him a drink. Jessie points out the great view, the ordinary setting, and full of people. It may not be better on the outside, but its better inside. A lot of things disappeared, but so did a lot of the bullshit. The people in the room come from a diverse background and yet they're all eachother's life now. They all lost something, but they got something back. Rick looks around, sees Carl with boys his own age. She's right. Jessie's younger son, Sam complains about the lack of cookies. Good thing Rick knows the cookie maker. He tells him that he may be able to get her to bake him a batch. He notices Rick is missing a stamp and offers him one. Rick accepts the stamp. Jessie tells him that he's officially one of them now. Sam runs off, and Jessie after him.

Sasha finally makes her appearance at the party, and is greeted by Spencer. He offers to take her around the party, but she decides to make it in on her own.

Daryl slurps down the spaghetti, gulping it down. Eric turns to Daryl, asking him that if he sees a pasta maker on his travels if he wouldn't mind grabbing it to quiet Ms. Needlemeyer. They have plenty of boxed pasta, but that's all she talks about. There's an awkward silence. Aaron seems to have something for Daryl, but has yet to tell him. Aaron takes Daryl to the garage. He admits that when he was given the house, the garage already had bike parts in it. Someone was building a bike. On his travels, when he saw engine pieces he brought them back, and now has a large collection. He wasn't sure what he would need. He always thought that he would learn what he was doing, but he figures that Daryl already knows what to do with them, and he'll need a bike. Aaron told Deanna not to give him a job, because he already had one in mind for him. He wants Daryl to be Alexandria's other recruiter. He no longer wants Eric going out. Daryl doesn't like the sound of Aaron risking his life. Aaron points out that he's good out there. He knows what he's doing. Daryl doesn't belong out there. He has a hard time letting people in, to get to know him, and he needs to be out there sometimes. Aaron understands because he feels the same way. Daryl looks under the sheets. The main reason that he wants Daryl to help him recruit is because he does know the difference between a good person and a bad one. Daryl has nothing else to do. He thanks Aaron, and offers to get him some rabbits.

Abraham finds Michonne on the porch with her little plate of appetizers. He teases her about her new miniature hardware. He hopes that they don't have to use their weapons again, or that they'll remember how to if they do, either way its always on their backs. Michonne wonders how many beers he's had. He's a large man, he's had many, and he's figured out that things have turned out pretty well. He asks her what she's done to adjust. She tells him that she's put on a dress, and he tells her to try again.

Carol is working on her cat burglar skills. She heads after some hand guns, loading them into a bag when Sam asks her what she's doing. He followed her, hoping that she was making more cookies. She offers to make him a batch of cookies just for him. He would like that. She tells him that he would have to keep her sneaking in there a secret. He tells him mother everything though. Carol warns him that if he doesn't keep the secret, then one day he will awaken on the outside of the walls. He will be tied up and the walkers will come after him and rip him apart. No one will be around to help him. Or he will stay quiet and safe, and get lots of cookies.

Rick is taking in the view as Jessie comes in with Judith. She's happy to have the baby in her arms, its been awhile since there was a baby. Rick gets what she's been telling him. She offers him back the baby, and he leans in and kisses her on the cheek. She walks always with a smile on her lips.

Deanna goes to the wallflower, Sasha and tries to get her to join the chatter in the party. Sasha tries. She joins the group, but the horrors of her past are too much. A woman offers to cook Sasha her favorite meal. She's asked all the newcomers. She's worried about cooking something that she doesn't like, and Sasha loses it. Sasha has bigger issues on her mind, life, death and loss issues.

Deanna catches up to Sasha the next day. She's still trying to figure her out. Sasha doesn't think the community, the safety is real. Deanna thinks that opinion is bullshit. She closes the gate as Sasha leaves.

Carol brings out the stash that she's retrieved. Daryl isn't sure that they need them. They asked him to try, and he's trying. He refuses the gun. Rick reluctantly takes one.

Michonne hands up her katana.

Rick, Carol and Daryl return to Alexandria and head their separate ways. Jessie greets Rick on her walk with her husband, and Rick lets is glance linger on her. He definitely sees something he wants. The sun looks a little brighter, and with weapon in hand, or at least in back, Rick seems more self-assured. He hears a walker, but its on the outside, and Rick is now on the inside safely out of reach.


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