Walking Dead S05E14 Recap: Spend

Alexandria is a quiet place, and Father Gabriel finally makes an appearance. Have we seen him since the group arrived? He's got a nice little chapel, not as nice as his previous one, but also without all the shameful history. Rosemary leaves him a nice basket of strawberries as a welcome, and he rips the pages from the bible in his anger. Maybe rather than worrying about Daryl, the group should have spent more time worrying about Father Gabriel.

Daryl has a new hog between his legs, and he's headed out with Aaron following.

Noah wants to join the building crew. He wants to make sure that the walls stay up, and Reg may not always be around. Long term goals are never a good thing, back away from those aspirations Noah! Reg understands and appreciates Noah's planning though. He makes a note in his pocket notebook. Like his wife he wants to keep record of everything. He tears the papers from the book, and gives the remaining notebook for Noah. He's gonna have a lot to write down as he's taught everything about building.

Abraham tries to get his head straight as Rosita sleeps nearby.

Eugene refuses the gun that Noah offers him. He doesn't want to go on the run for materials to repair the grid, but he will install the items once they're retrieved. Tara asks Noah about Holly, but he tells he that it was nothing. Glenn and Maggie prepare to part. Deanna and Reg worry about their son out there on the run, and Deanna is thankful for Glenn. They load up, and Nicholas blasts his techno beat as they pull away, because zombies are totally not attracted to the fast tempo upbeat dance mix.

Rick of course goes to check in on Jessie and finds her owl sculpture completely destroyed. He puts himself on the case immediately. Jessie tells him that stuff like this never happens. Rick jokes if she knows someone that hates owls. Rick figures he has nothing better to do anyways.

Nicholas and Aiden prepare to go in, blind. Glenn thinks it would be a better idea to scope the place out, and map out their exits, but Nicholas ever the douchebag thinks that the front door is the answer if they're in danger. Tara and Eugene take one way, and Tara clears the way for Eugene. He wants it noted that he shouldn't be out there, but she thinks its time he started pulling his own weight. He thinks by getting them to Alexandria with his lie was enough, but Tara points out that they got him there. Eugene makes it even more obvious how much of a coward he is, which still manages to surprise Tara.

Glenn gives Noah kudos on his shooting skills. They had a chance to do a little practice at the hospital. They make it to the front of the building and its crawling with walkers, so much for the running out the front door option.

The group gets together to retrieve the supplies they need. Nicholas bangs around, and again Glenn suggests some quiet and canvasing the area before they let their guard down. The room seems to be clear, but Glenn cautions everyone, knowing that the walkers are nearby. They find quite a few of them behind a fence, but they seem to be contained. Tara puts the ball in Eugene's court to find them what they need. They find the items they need, but a walker in armor appears. Nicholas and Aiden take aim at it. Glenn tells them to let it get closer but they continue to fire. The thing goes down, and Nicholas fires off a few more shots, failing to realize that it has a bomb on its back. He hits the device, and it explodes sending shrapnel everywhere. Maggie took out an armored guard with little more than a knife and a tank top, and these guys couldn't do the same. Geesh.

Glenn wakes after the blast, its smoky and the cage was blown open. Aiden is dead. Tara is down, but still alive, and the walkers are closing in. It's up to Eugene to save them. He can't take the shot, and he's nearly eaten. Glenn sends Eugene to the office, so that they can save Tara.

Carol hears something in her house, and finds Sam hiding in her closet. He wants more cookies, or maybe just company. He tells her about his house having no power, about the owl sculpture being broken, but these are all problems Carol can't help him with. He asks her to teach him how to make cookies, and finally she tells him to go steal some chocolate, and she'll see what she can do, but if he's caught he won't like the repercussions.

In the office, Eugene looks over Tara. She's lost a lot of blood, and they need to get it to stop before she bleeds out. Nicholas tells them that there is a first aid kit, but its behind a wall of zombies at the moment. Glenn, Noah and Nicholas notice that Aiden isn't dead like they thought. Eugene tells them to go, and save him, that Tara would want that, and he vows to keep her safe. Glenn comes up with a quick plan, and then the trio head out on their rescue mission.

Abraham sits with the construction crew getting ready to get started. Hes' not sure why the project will take so long, but that's the estimate. As he waits for the foreman to “send a fax” in the woods, he notices the birds all flying away. He tries to get his head right, when he hears gun shots. The men are ill prepared for the zombie hordes. Francine falls, and they prepare to leave her behind to get themselves to safety. Only Abraham is ready to head into the fray to save her. He gets her inside of one of the heavy machinery, and with a smile on his face, and “mother dick” on his lips he prepares to take out a few zombies. Looks like Abraham just needed a heaping of zombie death to perk him right up. Abraham slips under the vehcile for some effective killing. He slide out the other side, and the zombies line up for their head bashing. Two of the other guys wonder how he's still alive, and consider to go help Abraham stay that way.

Pete stops by Rick's house. He offers him a beer, but Rick turns him down. Rick has come to give them an update on the Owl, which Pete brushes off as just an owl. Pete opens up to Rick. He knows it doesn't look like they've lost a lot, but they've lost too, and they're trying to hold onto what they have left. Pete tells Rick to bring his kids in for a check up, they were on the outside a long time. He's hammered, and he asks proposes friendship in a way, that it sounds sort of like a threat before leaving. Rick watches him stumble out.

Eugene tells the head trauma Tara, that this whole thing was not his fault, he warned her he was a coward. This accident can't be blammed on him, its really not his fault that Nicholas and Aiden are douchebags. He throws Tara over his should and prepares to take her to safety, shooting his way out.

Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas get to Aiden. He's bad, and impaled, and completely stuck. The walkers are closing in, and Nicholas gives up on him. There is no freeing Aiden and time is up. He confesses that it was them who were the cowards, it was them that left the others in their team, which lead to their deaths. Glenn knows, and he leaves Aiden to his bloody, gory fate. The walkers close in and literally rip him apart while he screams.

After the fray, Abraham has a few choice words for the two cowards who left Francine to die. With daylight still left, Abraham gives the marching orders with more lookouts to give them more advanced notice, and they get to work to build their wall.

Nicholas surges ahead into the sunlight, and into danger as he makes for the carousel door that leads to that front that Glenn and Noah saw was covered in walkers earlier. Out of ammunition, Glenn and Noah go inside of the doors too, and they're surrounded on both sides by walkers.

The foreman goes to Reg and Deanna with what happened as Maggie listens on. Reg doesn't think that one heroic acts makes him the right man to take the job of Foreman. He tells them that Abraham is still out there working with the others, and that he's actually leading the people in ways that he never could. Maggie beams with pride. Deanna decides that they will make it official when the construction crew returns. Maggie is sure that Abraham is qualified. Deanna worries that she put another of Rick's people in power, with a simple vouch from one of her people and Maggie. Maggie points out that was why she wanted their group to join hers in the first place. They have the skills Deanna needed.

Sam returns with his pilfered chocolate. Carol snatches it, and pulls him inside. She gets to baking for him, but warns him that this will be the last batch she makes. He understands, and asks if she was always a good cook. She was. He tries to make small talk, but she doesn't want to be friends. They don't have to be, but he doesn't want to sit in silence either. Carol is trying so desperately not to get attached to a child that may not survive. She figures out that Sam was the one that broke the owl statue. He asks why she stole the guns, which was for protection. He wants one, but when Carol asks who its for he runs off.

Nicholas panics about being stuck with walkers all around. He wants to make a move and soon. Glenn tries to come up with a plan when Eugene arrives. The techno music blasts from the speakers as he lures the walkers away. Glenn comes up with a plan to break the glass on his side, so that he and Noah can get out while Nicholas stays safe, and then they can free Nicholas too. As Glenn tries to break the glass he panics, each hit making his door open a little to the walkers. Glenn asks him to trust him, but he's a coward, and pushes against the door, exposing Glenn and Noah. Noah is grabbed by the walkers and totally ripped apart as Glenn is helpless to do anything but watch his friend die horrifically.

Nicholas catches up to the van, and he wants to leave behind Glenn and Noah, giving Eugene the ultimatum of leave them and come back with him or die himself. Someone please pistol whip him. Eugene may be a coward, but he's loyal. He struggles to get his gun out, and Nicholas throws him aside. Glenn is there though, to take care of him. Glenn is ready to leave the trash behind.

Carol heads over to look for Sam. Pete answers the door, asking if Carol needs something. She admits that she was with Sam earlier, and asks if he's okay. Pete takes offense. Carol asks to talk to Jessie, and he slams the door in her face.

Eugene watches over Tara on the ride home. The run went pretty horribly. Noah's notebook sits on the passenger seat, what a waste of another character.

Father Gabriel pays Deanna a visit. He's come with a warning. Satan comes in the guise of false light. He's sure that Satan is there. She doesn't think that her community is a paradise, but it is. She doesn't understand. Rick and his people are wolves in sheep's clothing. They're not good people, they did horrible things. Deanna knows this, they survived on the outside for a long time, and Rick himself said as much. Carol goes to Rick. Rick's group survived, which makes them assets. Gabriel thinks that it makes them dangerous. The day will come when they put their lives before the lives of the people of the group and destroy everything that they've built. Abraham stands up and leads his construction workers. Carol goes to Rick about her concerns about Sam. Gabriel sees Rick as the devil, they're false apostles who don't deserve the paradise they've been given. Maggie overhears the whole thing. Gabriel just signed his death warrant. He wishes he would have come to Deanna sooner. She thanks him for his warning, and for giving her something to think about. Carol knows how this is going to go, but there is only one way it can go. He's going to have to kill Pete.


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