Walking Dead S05E15 Recap: Try

The walkers have been freshly fed.

It's dark in Deanna's house, candles light the room. She plays her son's awful run mix. The loud beats fill the quiet room as she morns his loss.

Carol makes a casserole and tries to write a note, but can't quite find the words as she watches Judith on the video monitor. Sam peeks in her windows.

Sasha watches from her post. She can't quite concentrate though.

A walker shambles close.

Spencer turns off the noise. There's a knock at the door.

The walker continues its pace.

Carol left the casserole, with a note saying that they're sorry for their loss on Deanna's doorstep. Deanna takes the note, leaves the casserole. She burns the note in front of her husband and son.

The walker makes it to the walls of Alexandria. Sasha finally takes the shot from her tower.

Outside, Daryl uses an arrow and takes out another. Aaron points out that there are more walkers around than there use to be, but no more people. Daryl knows someone lurks out there.

Nicholas goes on camera. Someone fast forwards through the footage, to the part where Nicholas confesses that Aiden was trying to save them from a roamer. He was shooting at it, then Glenn distracted it. Glenn tells that he shot the grenades, trying to stop it. Nicholas claims that he wasn't going to leave Aiden, or Tara. Glenn says that they made Nicholas stay, that they couldn't get Aiden out of there without his help. Nicholas starts to break down as he talks about what happened in the lobby with the walker, saying that they were hitting the glass, pushing his door open. Glenn knows all he had to do was hold it closed, but Nicholas panicked. Nicholas thinks that they were trying to kill him, that they didn't care. Glenn held Noah's hand, he tried as he watched him die he tells Rick. Nicholas lays the blame solely on the others, saying it was there fault, it was them. Deanna points out that he came back with them though. Deanna watches Nicholas's video. She tells him that he's no longer allowed outside of the walls, Glenn either, until she's finished with her investigation. Nicholas thinks that Rick's group needs to go, they're not like them. Deanna isn't giving Nicholas that choice, she sees a whole lot. Glenn confesses to Rick that he nearly left Nicholas out there after what he did to Noah, to him. Rick remains mum, then Glenn wonders if he thinks that he should have left him there. Rick tells him that the Alexandrians don't know what they're doing out there, they're not prepared. Glenn points out that they have to be there. Rick tells him that they don't answer to them. They are them now Glenn tries to explain. Noah believed in this place. They have to make it work. Rick leaves Glenn on the porch.

Jessie sits with her family on the porch while Carol watches. She tells Rick that she sent a casserole to Deanna's family and she's talked to Sam some more. Jessie put a bolt on the inside of his closet. Sometimes she tells him to lock himself inside, and not come out until morning. One night, Sam could hear his dad yelling, his mom crying. His mom got quiet during it, and he went out and found his mother unconscious and bleeding, his father sitting out on the porch. Rick asks why she's telling him this. He knows why, she's pushing him to kill Pete. She knows how he feels about Jessie. Carol points out that if walkers hadn't gotten Ed, she wouldn't be standing there now. Rick tells her that she would as they watch Jessie go inside.

Rick sits in the dark with his gun. Pete stumble out all smiley, calling to Rick. Rick turns around all über serious, which makes Pete a little concerned. He ominously tells Pete to keep walking, which confuses him, but he does it. There's an ugly showdown brewing, and even if Rick wins it, he'll lost it too.

6:30am. Michonne lies awake in her bed. Laundry sits in her basket, and she looks at it like its an alien creature. She pulls out her new uniform, but hesitates to put it on. Rosita comes in. Tara is stable, she'll go check on her again later, but what concerns her is that Sasha didn't come home. She spent the night in the tower. The girls head out to the woods. Rosita saw her headed out with a rifle, even though there was someone already in the tower. The pair are jumpy. It's the first time they've been out since they arrived, it feels different, but Michonne isn't sure that its a good thing. Rosita admits after Eugene she was screwed up because she lost something, but Michonne seems screwed up because she found something. Noah is dead, and Michonne can't sleep in there. She doesn't want to forget. Rosita tells her that she shouldn't, but that she also didn't bring her sword, and that's not nothing either.

Rick visits Deanna at the graveyard. He's sorry for what happened. He asks how she's holding up. Rick tells her that they have a problem with Pete. She knows, she hoped he would get better. Pete is a surgeon, he's saved lives, he may be saving Tara's life. Rick points out that he's beating his wife, and he needs to be stopped. Deanna isn't sure how. Rick wants to tell him to stop, that that will be how it is. Deanna asks what happens when he doesn't listen. She pushes him for an answer. Rick tells her that he'll kill him, they'll kill him. Deanna doesn't think that's civilized, but in the world they live in, that is civilized. They give him the option to stop, if he doesn't, they make him. They can't just let him keep hitting her, or kill her. Deanna thinks that they should just exile him if it comes to that point. Rick points out the danger in that. If they let him go, he could come back, and be a bigger problem, one that they would have to hope that the watchtower took care of. Deanna doesn't want to hear that suggestion again. She would do the same to Rick if he were the problem.

Michonne and Rosita find a walker, shot in the back of the head. It had to be Sasha. They find another, and the destroyed framed photos.

Carl walks in the woods, and Eden calls out. She knows that he's following her again, and points out that he is going the wrong way. She tells him that he should go back, he scares her. It's not safe out there, two people just died. She steps out from her hiding spot, people always die. He asks what she does there anyways, the same thing as him she tells him before she takes off running. Carl runs with her. Eden stops him suddenly when she spots a walker. She throws a kitchen timer at him. It goes to the noise of the timer going off, and Carl and Eden head the other way.

Nicholas cleans the blood out of the van when Glenn approaches. He tells him that the four people that he lost are on him, Noah's death is his fault too. That's five lives he has to carry. People like Nicholas should be dead, but the walls saved him, so he's not. Glenn tells him that he's not to leave the walls, alone or by himself. Nicholas takes affront to that. Glenn knows the type of person he is. Nicholas claims that he's been protecting Alexandria, provide for it, and Glenn just got there. Glenn isn't threatening him, just saving him.

Carl and Eden take a seat, slightly winded. Eden feels like they're suppose to be out there, to feel like this. She doesn't want to forget it, and running makes her feel better. Carl can't forget. He dreams of being in the woods with the walkers. Eden does too. He asks her if her guardian knows that she does this. He's a good guy, he doesn't and she doesn't think he would understand. Eden carves with a knife on a nearby root, it was her mother. He asks what happened to her before she got to Alexandria. She's not ready to open up yet. She tells him that it doesn't matter, but it does. A whole herd gets near, and the pair hide in a tree trunk. As they hide, Eden realizes that Carl is afraid of her too. One of the herd is marked with a W too.

Nicholas heads out into the woods. He digs up his hidden gun.

Sasha is out on foot in the woods. She walks up from behind the walkers, and shoots them all in the head. She picks off a straggler. Michonne and Rosita catch up to Sasha, to see what she's doing. Sasha is tired of playing defense, she wants to go on the offense and takeout walkers. They walk into a large group and Rosita thinks that they should run, but Sasha isn't running anywhere. She opens up fire. Michonne watches her, remembering all her zombie kills, everything back to when she was the badass with her pets. Michonne fires off a few shots, helping out. Sasha doesn't want her help, but its not for Sasha. Michonne is doing this for herself. Rosita uses her blade on a few that stumble close, she goes hand to hand with them. Sasha runs out of ammunition, but there are still more walkers coming. She pulls out her blade, and gets to killing that way. One walker sneaks up on her, taking her down. Michonne is there, blowing its head off. Sasha is upset, she had it. She didn't need their help. She told them to go. She tells Michonne that she can't help her, she needs to work her way through her grief on her own. Noah, she told him that they would make it. The grief washes over Sasha, and she's taking the latest death the hardest. Sasha heads back out, and Rosita is on her tail.

Daryl and Aaron tread softly in the woods. They come across a body ripped apart. It looks a recent thing as well, with the limbs all over the place. Daryl surges forward, Aaron is close behind. They find another body, a woman tired to a tree, her abdomen ripped out, definitely not the work of walkers. Daryl grabs the woman's head, she's marked too. She begins to reanimate before him, and he stabs her, putting her to rest.

Rick finds Jessie in the garage working on her owl. She didn't want her son to know about all this. She tells Rick that Tara is in good hands with Tara. Rick tells her that Pete is hitting her, that he's hurting her, and it has to stop. Jessie tells him that he will. Rick isn't sure how. Jessie confesses that there are things in the past. Rick doesn't care about those things. Pete did this before, and he stopped. She helped him to stop then and she'll do it again. She thinks that she can fix it. Rick tells her that she can't, but he can. Jessie thinks that putting Pete in jail will only make things worse. The only way things get worse is if he kills her, and Rick won't let Pete. Jessie doesn't understand why this is so important to Rick. He has a good home for his kids now. She tells him that she's married, and they have to take care of themselves.

Rick reluctantly leaves, he sees the quiet, the peacefullness of it all. Rick is about to go all Shane, as he watches a kid run with a red balloon. Rick strides back to Jessie's walking through the front door without so much as knocking. He tells her that Sam asked for a gun to protect her. Jessie tells him that he shouldn't be there. He points out that it may look the same out there, but she doesn't just get to live with it. She doesn't have to fight alone. He doesn't want her to die. He can help her, he can keep her and her children safe, all she has to do is say yes. She asks if he would do this for someone else. He doesn't answer, so she asks again. Rick admits that he wouldn't. Jessie gives him the answer that he wants. Pete comes stumbling in, asking Rick what he's doing there. Jessie moves to diffuse the situation, as he tells Rick to leave. Jessie tells Pete that he's the one that needs to leave, to go. Pete wants to know what she's been saying to Rick, to be doing. Rick tells Pete that they need to leave. Pete gets in his face, mocking his status, thinking that he's the law. Pete throws the first punch, and the pair tussle. Pete doesn't appreciate Rick putting his nose into his business, and Rick is really trying not to kill the guy. Jessie yells for them to stop, but neither men pay her any attention, and the fight ends with them flying through the front window.

Sasha watches walkers from her perch. She loos through the site, and sees people running. It's not walkers who are the problem inside the walls. Inside Alexandria, Rick and Pete's fight has hit the streets, sending everyone running towards it. Pete is on top for the moment, before Rick gets the upperhand. Carl tries to stop it, but Rick pushes him aside. Deanna calls for Rick to stop as he puts Pete in a choke hold. Rick pulls his gun on the group as they move to get in. What is Deanna going to do, exile him? He asks. They still don't get it. They do what they have to to live. Sasha takes aim out the walkers on the walls, taking them out one by one. Deanna just sits and plans and hesitates, pretending to know, but she doesn't. If she wants that place to stay standing she has to change her way of thinking. Things don't get better by wishing them. They have to control who lives there. Deanna tells him that that has never been more clear than it is now. Rick goes back on his rant. He's not the problem, and he's not going to stand for it. If you don't fight you die. Her way of thinking is going to get this haven destroyed. A uniform clad Michonne knocks him out. Rick may have been right, but his rant all blood covered probably wasn't the smartest.

There's just one episode left in the season, and Rick looks to be on his way to exile. The only question is will the wolves attack before that happens, and will Rick be able to save Alexandria from destruction?


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