Will Chris Pine be the next Green Lantern?

With Ryan Reynolds out working on Deadpool and Zack Snyder busy uniting the seven, it was only a matter of time before Green Lantern was recast. Are we really sad or surprised to hear this news? No, not really. Ryan Reynolds outing as Green Lantern was disasterous, not necessarily by his performance, but more by the disappointing storyline. David Ramsey had talks about suiting up, as John Stewart, but now there is rumor that DC wants Chris Pine for Hal Jordan.

There have been plenty of actors vying for the part, but Latino Review is claiming that he's hearing that Chris Pine will fill the part of Hal Jordan. Now, Latino Review isn't always right, and there is no official word. For those looking forward to a non-white Green Lantern, this may come as very disappointing news. With Chris Pine as Hal Jordan it doesn't necessarily mean that we won't also get a John Stewart.

Chris Pine would be a fantastic addition to the DC line up. He has shown that he is a strong leading man, and is capable of very diverse performances. He's been Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, a douche bag boss in Horrible Bosses 2, and an over the top Cassanova Prince in Into the Woods, all very different and great in their own ways. He could bring a lot to the canvas, and certainly carry a stand alone Green Lantern movie when the times comes.

Batman VS. Superman will be released March 25, 2016


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