Archer S6E6 - "Sitting" Recap

Lana leaves baby AJ to be babysat by Archer and is concerned about Archer's ability to look after the baby. But not long after she leaves, Archer begins drinking and then Slater arrives with a bullet wound and a Pakistanit agent named Farouk. The pair are looking for a safe house and medical attention for Slater's wound. Slater steps out for a moment, during which Farouk pulls a gun on Archer and shoots him in the shoulder when he isn't taking the situation seriously. Farouk wants Archer to drive him to the office so he can hack the mainframe and Archer needs to do as he says because Farouk has his hands on baby AJ. When they arrive at the office, they find the rest of the team is playing poker. Archer makes his presence known and Farouq pretends to be AJ's manny. Archer and Farouq head to the mainframe and the team realises that something must be awry. They come barging in to help Archer and AJ, whom Pam takes to the top of the building much like King Kong. Archer puts himself in the line of fire to try to get the team to safety. But after a bit, Lana shows up and reveals that the whole things was set up by her so she could test Archer could be trusted to take care of the baby. Farouq is an actor and he ends up inviting the rest of the group to come out to a show sometime.

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


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