Archer S6E7 - "Nellis" Recap

Archer decided to cope with his hurt feelings after Lana set up the kidnapping/hostage situation to test his parenting abilities, by going on a bender in Vegas. His drunken shenanigans resulted in his getting put on the no-fly and no-train lists. He uses a pay phone (those things still exist?) to call Cheryl and ask her to sen the family's private jet, the Sky Tunt, so he could get home. When the plane arrives the whole team, minus Lana and Mallory, are on board.

Ray is flying the plane so he can get some practice in and when he flies over Area 51, Krieger and Pam   are excited about being near the infamous area so they pressure Ray to fly closer. When the plane is hit by a missile, Ray is forced to land the plane in Area 51. Once they land, Archer pretends to be CIA Agent Slater. With Slater's authentication code and his fast-talking ways, he's able to keep them all from getting killed. Meanwhile, Pam and Krieger are freaking out over getting to see actual aliens in real life though the rest of the group miss it because their back are turned. So they decide to go chasing after the aliens. Pam and Krieger set off the alarms for being in sector 9, a restricted area. Archer and the rest of the group must go after the two. Pam and Krieger encounter the aliens who communicate with them telepathically. Archer gets into an altercations with the Area 51 guards while Pam and Krieger are emotional from their encounter with the aliens. The group all gets away after absconding with some uniforms and then an Air Force plane. The group also refuses to believe Pam and Krieger's story about meeting aliens.

Back at the office, Mallory is trying to pressure Lana into letting her name the baby. She's offering her a hefty amount of money to let Lana name the baby after her. When Mallory gets emotional, Lana is willing to budge and have baby Abbijean's middle name be Mallory. Mallory settles on paying $25,000 for that if they also throw in a white-church christening.

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


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