Atlantis S2E7 - "A Fate Worse Than Death" Recap

Pasiphae gets news that Jason and Ariadne are to be married. She would rather see her own son die than lose out on the opportunity to seize the throne for herself. Meanwhile, Ariadne is being advised by her military adviser, Delmos, that her union with Jason is a bad idea because he is not of noble blood. Ariadne decides that they must seek the council of the gods to get approval for the union. The Oracle will need to take a blood offering from both of them. After Ariadne and Jason offer their blood to the Oracle, they along with all of Atlantis must wait to hear whether the Gods will give their blessing.

The Oracle tells her closest adviser that the Gods have blessed the union but mere moments later, she is kidnapped. Masked assassins have infiltrated the city and Ariadne knows immediately that Pasiphae is to blame. Pasiphae and the Oracle argue with each other about what is the right course of action. But Pasiphae has an ace up her sleeve in the form of Medusa, whom she and Medea are apparently immune to. Medusa is desperate and would rather die than carry on living like this. Pasiphae offers Medusa the opportunity to have her misery ended if she will take someone's life…

The victim to-be is the Oracle. She seems to know what's coming before she even turns around and promises Pasiphae that the gods will have their vengeance. By the time Jason, Pythagoras, and Hercules arrive to Pasiphae's hide-out, it is too late to save the Oracle, for she has already been turned to stone. Hercules is devastated at the idea that Medusa could have done something like this and takes off running to try to find her. Jason is wracked with guilt, blaming himself for the Oracle's fate. He promises that they will pay for what they have done.

When Hercules catches up to Medusa, he finds that she is cured. It's an emotional reunion, as they have waited a long time to be reunited. Medusa feels terrible for what happened to the Oracle, not knowing that it was going to be her when she entered the room. Hercules is happy to have his love back but tells Medusa that she needs to run or else vengeance will be had upon her. He promises to come meet her as soon as he can get away.

Jason and Pythagoras catch up to Hercules, who lies and claims to not know where she is and that she must have fled before they could catch her. The trio must now return to Atlantis and deliver the bad news to Ariadne. Hercules tells the further truth that Medusa was the one to kill the Oracle but regardless, Ariadne orders that Medusa be hunted down. Hercules begs for mercy on Medusa's behalf but no one will listen.

Pythagoras tries to reason with Hercules, saying that after everything she went through, she may not be the same Medusa they once knew. Meanwhile, Jason is blaming himself for all that has happened since he agreed to marry Ariadne. Pythagoras tries to make him see that blaming himself is unreasonable. Jason ponders that perhaps the price of marrying Ariadne is too high. He relays these concerns to Ariadne, saying that he loves her a great deal but whether going through with it is in the best interest of the people. Ariadne presses the issue, saying that the Oracle will have died for nothing if they don't follow their hearts. In the end, they agree to pursue the marriage and Ariadne orders that the plans for the wedding be set in motion.

Hercules sneaks out with some food to go meet Medusa. The High Priest, who was in cahoots with Pasiphae, is upset over Pasiphae's killing the Oracle but another of his co-conspirators chides him for assuming that Pasiphae would let her go and reminds him that he will regret if he doesn't stop the wedding. That same guard then order Jason to be arrested for the murder of the Oracle. Pythagoras then puts it together, that the High Priest would have been the first to receive news of the gods blessing the union. They would only have taken the Oracle if they had blessed the union. Ariadne is woken from her bed by Delmos, who tells her what's happening. As accusations go flying, Ariadne and the High Priest find themselves in a stand-off. Ariadne says that people should pay for crimes they have actually committed, and the High Priest says they must all answer the Gods. She eventually agrees that they must all answer to the Gods, but there's a sort of look in her eye that makes us think she has a trick up her sleeve. The High Priest says Jason has been found guilty but come on, there's no way he's going to die. Can't wait to see how he gets out of this one!

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