Atlantis S2E8 - "The Madness of Hercules" Recap

Hercules goes and meets Medusa in the cabin they agreed to meet at. She is still distraught over killing the Oracle and believes she is cursed forever.

Jason has been sentenced to death but believes that Ariadne will find a way to get him out of this death-sentence. The High Priest is reunited with the future Oracle Cassandara, who is like a daughter to him, who is being held hostage so he will do as Pasiphae wishes. The High Priest doesn't see why they can't just let Jason go free, as he doesn't even seem like a threat. Pasiphae believes that Jason might not be a threat yet but could very well be some day. Pasiphae says she will free Cassandra the moment she herself is on the throne.

Ariadne tries to convince the High Priest to petition the council and overturn the sentence but he won't be moved, though he says he is not her enemy. He pleads with her to not defy the gods but our dear Ariadne won't let her one true love go without a fight. Pythagoras and Hercules visit Ariadne to plea for Jason's life and she says that she can't contradict the gods without Medusa's testimony. She says that they must follow the will of the gods. Of course she has to say this to keep up appearances and play this political chess game. Jason is hurt to learn of this, beginning to wonder if her feelings for him were ever true and decides he will ask for an audience with her and just by looking in her eyes, he will know what her feelings are.

Hercules admits to Pythagoras that he has seen Medusa but he won't give up her location. He can't sentence her to death. Pythagoras tells Hercules he needs to decide between Jason or Medusa. It's a tough decision but Hercules says that if anyone's going to tell Medusa she needs to come forward, it will be him. He goes to see her but can't bring himself to tell her of what is happening, as she is just so happy to be with him again and to have another chance. The next morning, Medusa asks what the people are saying of her in Atlantis and he says they all blame Pasiphae, as they should, and says he must leave once more to tend to some things in Atlantis.

Jason asks Delmos to request an audience on his behalf with Ariadne but he returns to say that she has refused his offer. Hercules is arrested after getting into a drunken brawl with a man who cheated him during a game of dice but once they're arrested it's revealed that the two were in cahoots to get them in jail. They then knock a guard out and lock him in the cell. Hercules thanks the man for his help and heads out on his own to break Jason out. The two attempt to make their escape and have to fight off some guards along the way and eventually find themselves surrounded.

Pythagoras is called to the palace by Delmos who informs him that Hercules has been sentenced to death in the bull along with Jason. Ariadne cannot do anything to interfere with the will of the gods and poor Pythagoras cannot even see his friends while they are being purified. Hercules apologises to Jason for not telling him about Medusa but Jason is not holding any grudges.

Just as the execution is being prepared, a knock comes at Pythagoras' door. When he opens it, he finds a note with instructions. Meanwhile, Delmos has drugged some guards and broken Jason and Hercules out and given them some cloaks to hide themselves. With the help of another co-conspirator, Jason and Hercules scale their way down the side of the palace wall where Pythagoras is waiting for them at the bottom. He tells them where to meet him, as he must run along after them since he has been spotted by guards.

Delmos relays the news to Ariadne, who thanks him for his loyalty. But he warns her that they must be careful, since it isn't over yet.

Pasiphae remains determined as ever to get the throne and says that Jason is Ariadne's weakness and will be the reason that she falls.

The High Priest is instructed to manipulate the public by claiming bad omens in order to sway them into believing as they should. Ariadne and Delmos know that the High Priest is no longer to be trusted but must keep up the charade as the council is called. The council tries to make claims that the gods want blood and that a sacrifice must be made. They try to goad her into admitting fault and make her swear on the golden bull that she did not aid in their escape. She then says she won't swear because Jason is innocent. The council then orders Ariadne to be arrested.

Jason and Hercules are still in the forest waiting for Pythagoras but the guards are hot on their trail. Hercules proposes that perhaps Pythagoras ratted them out but Jason remains confident as ever that their friend is on their side, regardless of the fact that he's not there. Pythagoras is attempting to pack up provisions to go meet with Jason and Hercules but is visited by one of Delmos' men that word must be sent to Jason that Ariadne has been arrested. He finally catches up to Jason and Hercules to deliver the bad news. Jason wants to go back and save Ariadne but Pythagoras says that there is one person that can save Jason and Ariadne. Hercules sees now that there is no choice but to go to Medusa.

Delmos gets thrown into Ariadne's cell and Hercules goes in to tell Medusa of all that has happened. Medusa does not blame Hercules and says her only regret in all of this was leaving Hercules. She says that ever since she opened that box, her fate has been sealed. She must now pay the price. Hercules is devastated, perhaps even more so than Medusa, who says that they must both be brave. The foursome all begin their journey back to Atlantis. But upon reaching the city, they find that it is largely empty and quickly realise that something is terribly wrong. They stay hidden from the guards that run past and make their way to the palace, where they find Pasiphae is being sworn in as Queen.

Atlantis airs on Saturdays on BBC One at 9PM.


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