Bitten S02E07 Recap: Bad Dreams

Savannah dreams in black and white. She run screaming from something chasing her in her white nightgown. She finds someone feeding on Elena. She asks Savannah for help as Aleister’s brainwashed followers come from behind, blocking her path. Elena gets off the table, and Savannah asks her to go. Blood drips from Elena’s mouth as she declares that they’re all dead by dawn. Savannah screams in horror.

Clay gets out of the shower, as Elena cuts her hair. He thinks that they should get away for a few days, to take her mind off things. The things that happened to her at Aleister’s haunt her. Clay hates that it took him so long to find her. She tells him that he was always with her.

Paige finds Aleister’s talisman, his top, and turns it to dust, blowing it away.

The alphas are not pleased with Jeremy’s pictures. They asked for proof and Jeremy delivered it. The alphas ask what he thinks that they value most. They value their anonymity. Jeremy understands that and he won’t have an alpha that has been in place for a week, making demands of him. The Spanish alpha points out that his pack fraternizes with humans. The Russian alpha just needs to be sure, asks for the story from the top again.

Nick burns the blood samples that he’s found. All of the boxes are full, except Elena’s. Nick shows Paige the symbols they found all around, and asks about them. They’re nothing now. She should have found one on Aleister, but she didn’t. Nick thinks that he should bring her on his next witch compound clean out. Paige knows that his whole thing could have been avoided. He was her half brothers, she wonders maybe. Nick knows you can’t hug the crazy away. Paige tells him that a family can make a huge difference. She couldn’t imagine her life without her mother. She asks about his. Nick doesn’t know his. His father died in his arms, and he whispered her name with his dying breath. Nick’s googled his mom, but nothing further. Paige wonders why he’s not more curious. Nick asks what happens if someone finds out that she’s a witch. It doesn’t happen. Nick tells her that if a human finds out that they’re werewolves, they kill them. His mother is better off never meeting him.
Without secrecy they’re all dead the Russian alpha tells Jeremy. He asks if he questioned Malcolm to make sure that no one else was involved. Elena killed Malcolm, and there was no time. The Spanish Alpha Eduardo thinks that a real alpha does the dirty work himself. Silly newbie. Jeremy tells him a true leader doesn’t seek glory for himself. He focuses on what was accomplished not who accomplished it. Jeremy is done with explanations. Roman asks to meet Elena, he’s heard that she’s magnificent.

Elena wants to keep up with her training. Its because of his training that got her through everything. Clay is sure that she’s surpassed his training by now. He teases that her shorter hair has made her weaker. Nick calls in. Everything is cleaned up at the compound, and no one has heard from Logan. Clay warns that the alpha council has returned. Nick is headed back, but Paige butts in that they may take an overnight.

Nick doesn’t want to do the planned overnight, in the same city his mother lives in. Paige wants to just take a look. She suggests that they have a nice dinner, a bottle of wine, and maybe spend the night. They deserve it.

Jeremy comes to get Elena, telling her that the alphas want to see her. She tells them that Malcolm didn’t have any final words or explanations. He couldn’t speak with her fingers in his throat. Roman finds her fierce and capable, marvels over her, asking how she survived. Jeremy tells him that she has changed with the pack for years. He meant her first change. They wonder if he did it with drugs, or if it was her DNA. Everyone has tried to change a woman without success. Elena silences them, telling them that it was because of Jeremy that she survived. If they want to change, to evolve, then they should listen to him as well. She asks Jeremy’s permission to leave.

Nick and Paige sit in the place where Nick’s mother, Lily works. He tries to keep a low profile. He spots her, and Paige makes a beeline towards her before he can stop her. She asks if she wouldn’t mind moving tables, and that her fiancé will join her eventually. Lily invites Nick to join Paige in the light. Nick introduces himself, and Lily answers with a broad smile.

Roman walks with Elena in the woods. He asks how she felt when the mutts attacked them there at their home. Elena didn’t like it, but it wasn’t their choice. It was their home, their fight. They did what they had to do, it wasn't their choice, but their fight. She asks Roman what he would have done. He claims he would have hunted everyone down and killed every mutt, guilty or not.

Jeremy invites Eduardo to enjoy his grounds until he leaves with the rest, but he has other matters to attend to. Eduardo thinks that Jeremy thinks too highly of himself. He knows that he killed his alpha in that house somewhere. Jeremy cautions him. He could have brought it up in front of the other alphas, but he didn't, because he killed him and covered it up, Eduardo accuses. Jeremy warns that he's spinning nothing more than tales, he has no proof. Eduardo claims to have something more valuable than proof. He has Nick. Nick just arrive in Habsburg with a woman. If Jeremy wants to see him again, he will do something for him. Kill Roman. Jeremy grabs him by the collar, does he really think that he will kill the Russian alpha because he threatened him. Jeremy refuses to start a war. Eduardo taunts. If Roman lives by the end of the day then Nick will die. Eduardo looks way too smug as he walks off. Jeremy tells Clay to get Nick on the phone, but Nick doesn't answer. His phone was left behind in the car. The were watching Nick breaks into his car and snatches his phone. Clay wants to go after Nick, but Jeremy can't let him go. For now, they have to trust that Nick is strong enough to protect himself. Clay asks about Roman. Jeremy has no proof against Eduardo. He plans to keep Roman closer, and wait for Eduardo to tip his hand. He's ambitious. If they keep both close, then they can make a different decision if needed.

Roman continues his heart to heart about strength with Elena when Savannah suddenly shows up. Elena's guard goes up instantly. Savannah had a vision about Elena's death.

Lily sits with Nick and Paige, telling them why the former owner left in a hurry. Nakedness in a meat locker, and getting caught sleeping with the mayor's wife, are surefire ways to make it uncomfortable to stay in a city. Nick asks why she bought the place. It was time. She tells them that when she was 17 she lost her fiance and her baby. Its hard to explain what happened, and the truth was that they just disappeared. She waited for a long time, hoping that they would return, but they never did. It took her a long time, and she eventually took control of her life, and bought the place. Nick asks if she ever remarried. She never did. He was the love of her life, she still wears the ring he gave her and holds out on hope that he will return. Nick is shocked and heartbroken to say the least. Lily realizes that she's taken up a lot of their time, and makes excuses to leave. Paige asks if they wanted to stay the night if she could recommend a place. She points out a nearby B&B.

Elena takes Savannah back to Stonehaven, asking how she made it all the way there. The trains have awful security so it was easy enough. Everyone in Bear Valley knows where they live. Elena asks if Ruth let her come, and Savannah breaks down in tears as she admits that she didn't.

Roman cannot believe that Jeremy would allow a human child to just walk into his home. Jeremy points out that it is his home and he can choose who is welcome. Roman feels that it is that decision that makes them vulnerable. Jeremy points out that they can't pretend that humans don't exist. Roman thinks that humans are useful to bear their children, but should be avoided otherwise. Jeremy doesn't think that it is his decision to make. Roman feels it is the only way of thinking. They have very different opinions. Jeremy stands up to him. They are in his territory, and he is alpha here. Roman does not get to make the decision here. Roman is worried what happens if one of Jeremy's decisions blows up, that the fallout may affect Russia.

Nick and Paige check into the B&B. Someone stole their cell phones, and now they get a big ole welcome basket. Nick pours some champagne from the screw top bottles. Nick thought that he would feel many things when he saw his mother, he was not expecting guilt. Paige asks him to elaborate. Witches make sure that they don't have sons. Werewolves steal them from their mothers, hoping that secrecy would make thinks okay. He use to think that what his dad did was the right thing, but now he isn't so sure. His father broke his mother's heart. Paige notes that he saved her life. Nick admits that sometimes when he sees a family, a mother, father and a few kids he wonders what that would be like. What normalcy with no secrets would be like. Paige asks him if that's what he wants. He wants someone he could talk to about everything, that's what he wants. Paige takes away his glass, setting both of theirs on the ground as she goes in for a kiss. I adore Nick, I really do, but I still can't ship this couple. She throws him back onto the bed and takes charge. Nick lets her right until she takes off her shirt, then Nick takes the top position, taking off his shirt, and slowly undressing her.

Eduardo takes a meeting with Karl Marsden. They seem to have a lot to talk about. Clay sees the whole meeting.

Savannah tells Elena that she had a vision of Elena getting eaten. Ruth told her that her mother had premonitions too, visions of the future. In hers Elena is dying, she asks for help, but Savannah can't/ That's why she came to warn her. Savannah asks her to believe her, sure that it wasn't a dream. She thinks that she can show Elena. They lock hands, and Savannah opens up the window to her vision. The man feasts on Elena's stomach as she asks for help. Everything is in black and white except the blood. Aleister is behind the man, and his followers are coming from behind Savannah. Elena says again that they're all dead by dawn. Savannah asks if Elena saw it. She did, but Savannah tells her that it was different this time, Aleister was there. Elena tries to assure her that Aleister is dead. The lights all pop in their sockets, all over the house. Jeremy runs to investigate, while Roman wonders what is going on. Savannah takes cover behind Elena, clutching her. Elena asks if Savannah caused that. At the compound when she was angry she had trouble controlling the power. Jeremy runs in to make sure that they're okay. Roman is behind her. Savannah recognizes Roman from her vision. Roman doesn't care who the girl is, or what she means to them, but declares that since she knows what he is she must die.

Paige marvels over Nick's second lunch, asking how it was. She thinks that he earned it. Lily surprises them. When Nick came into the restaurant she figured he must know, that he came for a reason. She hoped that he would say something, but he never did. She wasn't sure he even knew. She tells him that he's her son, as Nick tries to deny it. Lily pulls from her purse pictures. Over the years Antonio sent her pictures to show her that he was okay. It's too much for Nick, and he runs away from the scene. Paige asks for a moment, and chases after him. Nick isn't sure what he's doing, Paige thinks that he needs to face it, face Lily. She knows he's her son, but she doesn't need to know the rest. She urges him to go and talk to her. Nick starts to head back when he gets a whiff of another werewolf. Paige thinks it could be a coincidence, but Nick is sure that it isn't. He needs to draw it away from there, from his mother.

Jeremy breaks the news to Roman that Savannah is a witch. Roman doesn't believe him. He asks if what happened to the lights was Savannah. It's possible, Jeremy is unsure though. Roman doesn't care, the rules are clear. She knows about them, she must die. They know about their kind too, and they don't want to be discovered. Roman doesn't like that Jeremy made that decision on his own, who to trust, what to do, that affect them all. In his home, in his territory Jeremy does. Roman tells him that he's speaking for the rest of the alphas when he says that Jeremy will kill the girl and find a succcessor that puts all their needs ahead of his own. Elena comes from behind, as Jeremy tells him that that isn't going to happen.

Clay sneaks up on Karl, pulling him from his car window by his tie. They were very clear on their terms when they let Karl go, and he betrayed them by meeting with the Spanish Alpha. Karl struggles to get an explanation out. Eduardo wants to kill Jeremy and take North America. Karl planned on calling Clay. Clay strangles him a little more, unbelieving. Karl tells him that he was going to do it because Jeremy let him life, and he owes him his life.

Nick and Paige head to a cornfield. If the mutt is tracking him then he should follow him there. Paige creates a distraction, and smokes out the cornfield as Nick runs deeper in.

Elena takes Savannah up to a room, telling her to stay there, stay hidden. They have some visitors. Savannah begs Elena. She's scared for Elena. She said once that she would never let anything bad happen to her, and she doesn't want anything bad to happen to her either. Elena has to go.

Paige hears a woman's voice in the corm field. From the fog, Lily and the spanish assassin come. He has her at knife point. Paige tells him not to hurt Lily, that she'll take him to Nick. He lowers the knife from her throat, and Wolfy Nick leaps at the guy. Nick and the guy grapple for a moment, but the man is no match for the wolf. Paige and Lily watch the wolf drag the body into the corn field. Paige asks if Lily is okay. Lily knows that the wolf is her son.

Jeremy closes the door on his study so that he can talk with Eduardo. Jeremy throws a jacket at him, telling him that his deed is done. Eduardo looks at Roman's jacket, smells the blood on it, and he smirks. He asks where Jeremy's pack is. Jeremy tells him that they are dealing with the after math.

A human Nick has the assassin tied up, and holds him at knife point to get some answers. Nick identifies the man is from the Spanish pack by his ring. Jeremy killed Rodrigo, he started a war. He tells him that there will be nothing left for him at Stonehaven, no Jeremy, no Elena and no Clay whether he kills him or not, he'll be alone. Nick slits his throat.

Roman asks why Elena bound him, and cut his hand. He warns her that if they are wrong then they will be dead by dawn. They wouldn't have let the Spanish in if they weren't sure. She tells him to listen, Eduardo is in with Jeremy now. Roman knows that Eduardo has brought other from his pack with him. Some Spanish wolves arrive in Bear Valley. Elena explains that they are there, because Jeremy told Roman the truth. Eduardo wants him dead. Roman thinks that they've shown him proof of nothing. If he wants proof she suggests he shut up.

Eduardo drinks Jeremy's whiskey as he tries to Lenin. Sometimes history needs... Jeremy finishes his quote, a push. That brings a smile to Eduardo's face. He thinks that things need a change. His country is beautiful, but he wants more. Elena sneaks up on one of Eduardo's wolves, who's just outside of the study doors, and strangles him. Jeremy asks why Roman needed to die. Eduardo needs alphas who are open to change. He asks if Eduardo has come to sway him. He hasn't. He knows that Jeremy would not bend, but his and Roman's fight provided an opportunity. He calls his man, and door opens. Elena drops the body before her. Roman walks out from behind her. He had hoped that Danvers was lying. Eduardo cautions Roman, that Jeremy killed Rodrigo. Roman already knows that, Jeremy told him everything, and Eduardo just confirmed it all. Roman grabs Eduardo by the throat. They won't have to convince the council to decide his fate. Savannah calls from above. One of Eduardo's men has Savannah. Eduardo thinks that earns him a pass.

Nick loads up the body. They need to leave and in a hurry. Nick tells her that the Spanish plan to kill Jeremy and maybe Clay and Elena too. He asks where Lily went. Paige sent her back to the restaurant. Nick knows that she knows what he is, he overheard them talking. Paige tells him that he can't kill her. Nick doesn't respond.

Eduardo wants to walk free with his guard. Roman thinks that they should let Eduardo kill the girl, that it will solve their problems. Elena isn't giving him that option. The guard holding Savannah begins bleeding from his ears. Blood pours off him as Savannah backs away. The guard falls down the stairs, and Eduardo runs out the front door before they can stop him. Clay returns home, and Jeremy sends him after Eduardo in the woods. Roman is shocked over what he saw. Jeremy admits that witches are very powerful, Roman finally sees that they would make bad enemies. Jeremy points out that they make good allies. Roman tells him that if he doesn't catch Eduardo tonight that it doesn't matter. The Spanish pack is finished. He will tell the other alphas. Jeremy makes it clear that he will make a decision on what to do with the girl. It is his territory, and Roman will leave that decision with him. Jeremy tells him that the world is changing, and they need to change with it. Roman isn't sure that's the answer, but he leaves on good terms. Jeremy signals Karl forward. Clay told him that Eduardo invited him to be apart of his plan. Karl tells him that he would have never worked for the Spanish. Jeremy knows that, and he offers his hand. They have to know who to trust.

Lily sits at her bar with a drink. She is thankful to see Nick safe. She asks him to let her talk first. She knows who he is and what he is. She knows because she saw his father transform. She knows, and when he was born, Antonio told her that he had to leave with the baby, for everyone's sake. She had to watch him leave even though it was the hardest thing she ever did. Nick realizes that she thought that one day he could come back. Antonio wanted to send her money, to make sure that she was okay, but to be safe to be sure she could make it on her own as long as he sent her a picture every year. This is the first year he missed. Nick confessed that his father was dead. He tells her that the last words were her name. He wanted Nick to find her, but now that he has, he's sorry for it. He's brought so much danger to her. Lily is glad to have had one happy moment with him. It's worth all the heartbreak in the world. She always loved his father, and she will always love her. She kept his secret for all these years, and she will do the same for him. Nick holds his mother in his arms, hugging her before leaving. He tells her that he can never come back, he can never risk it for both of them. She knows. She says goodbye to her boy, to her Nick. Nick looks at her one last time before leaving.

Elena cleans the blood from Savannah's hands. She consoles her, telling her that what she did to that man wasn't her fault, that he put her in that position. Savannah tells her that it wasn't her.

Clay chases Eduardo in the woods. Eduardo sheds his clothing as he goes. Clay finds a jacket and as he smells it he's flung back. Aleister holds him pinned against a shed with his left handed magic. He tells him that it isn't the other wolves that he should be fighting. Clay thought they killed Aleister. He struggles in his hold. Clay threatens to kill him again. Aleister doens't think so. Savannah's powers are out of control. He's sure Ruth and Paige will be worried,they'll probably come to protect her. With Clay's help he will get what he needs. Clay will never help Aleister, but Aleister tells him that with his help he will get what he wants. Aleister isn't giving him a choice, as he enters Clay's body. “Clay” picks up Aleister's body and takes it into the shed. He'll last all of 2 seconds against Elena's scrutiny, unless he avoids Clay's mate like the plague.


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