Bitten S02E08 Recap: Dark Arts

Four years ago, a spell is cast over Charlie by Clara. She's cursed him with a heart attack. Ruth and Bridgette arrive, and they're there to put a stop to Clara. They seize her. She begs them for mercy. She needed the money, but she's willing to turn over a new leaf, to stop the black magic. Her pleas fall on deaf ears. They remove her earring, her talisman, and Ruth crushes it. Clara threatens that they will pay. Clara listens to a charismatic man, Aleister, as he talks of blood. He's doing a little street show, talking about blood, and the people eat up his words and give him money. Clara calls to him, Timothy. He asks how she knows who he is, and she tells him that she's the reason that he's alive. She knows what he is too, the prophecy.

Now, in the little shack in the woods. Aleister inhabiting Clay's body wraps up his body, its in a protective circle. Jeremy and Nick come looking for him, and “Clay” knocks his head on the cabin door before emerging. He tells them that he was attacked, and that Eduardo got away. Jeremy looks over his head wound, and they head back to the house.

Ruth sees Clay's injury, and asks if Savannah did that as well, she didn't. Paige is unsure what Savannah will do next. They plan to head home soon and finish Savannah's ritual, so that she can focus her powers so that she won't be harmful anymore. “Clay” suggests that they do the ritual here rather than go all the way home, which is so not like Clay. Paige agrees, but Ruth doesn't want to impose. “Clay” all but insists, and Ruth can have it done before nightfall.

Clay awakens trapped in his own mind. He's in his room, but its all different. There's banging, he calls for Elena, Jeremy, but no one answers. He's locked in his head. Aleister tells him that werewolves are full of surprises. He knows he's in Stonehaven, but Aleister tells him its the Stonehaven of his mind. A great woman taught his this spell. He's taken possession of his body. The surprising part is that his consciousness is still there, it should be long dead. He must be a fighter, but Clay hasn't even begun to fight. Aleister taunts him. Clay knows that Elena will know that he isn't him, but Aleister thinks he can fool her long enough to break her heart. Clay has faith in his girl, she's gonna rip him apart. Aleister points out that if she does that he'll be the one to die. He'd only occupying the body temporarily, once Savannah has he talisman he's going to take her and finish their business. Clay lunges at him, and hits an empty wall. He hears Elena ask if Savannah is almost packed.

Elena is getting Savannah ready to leave. Savannah is still shook up about killing that man. Elena tells her that she's not judging her. Elena notices that Savannah has packed really lightly. Savannah has little she values. She suppose to be collecting things that will help her through her witchy ritual, but she's gathered few items yet. Elena gives her a photograph, from her photographer days to remind her that they're more than wolves and witches. Clay comes in, telling the girls that Paige has some good news.

Ruth, Paige and Savannah gather in the library. Candles lit, Ruth begins the initiation. She anoints Savannah and it begins. Savannah draws a card and the fireplace roars up. She will initiate through fire as her catalytic. She chooses another, Black rat. She thinks that she hears them in the walls. Paige tells her that its just an echo of the card. Savannah is terrified of rats. Paige insists that they are clever, alert, intuitive. Savannah wants to choose another, but Ruth will not allow her. Savannah wants Elena with her, but Paige refuses. Savannah insists just for the first part. Ruth tells her she can be there for the first part, but she must complete it on her own.

Elena tells Clay that Savannah needs an altravessel with her, but she has nothing there. He doesn't understand why she wants any part of this ritual. Elena just wants to help. She asks to borrow a box from his desk, but he takes it from her. It's too fragile to be out in the woods. Elena thinks he must have something. She notices the survey maps on his desks, asks if he's building them a little cottage in the woods. Right now he's worried about her, he says. He says that Savannah is dangerous until she has her talisman, and she should steer clear. Savannah means a lot to Elena though. Clay rubs her shoulder and Elena looks at his hand. He kisses her. She goes off to look for a vessel for Savannah sure Jeremy has something.

Paige sharpens a stake downstairs. Nick offers to help, offers a match. Paige tells him a match isn't enough, they need four of the nine sacred woods, which aren't hard to find. She has oak, ash, birch and elder. Paige lights the flame. Nick tells her that wolves have tools too, and then he starts kissing her neck. Something about her, he just can't keep his hands off her. Paige tells her that they have no time for this, but Nick wants her to make time. She lights a lantern, and tries to resist him, but it doesn't work. She grabs his face, insisting that it is the last time. Nick isn't arguing. He lets her strip him down, and he strips her, and then he pins her against the cage, as they have sex for the last time.

Ruth knows it seems strange, but the last component of the ritual needs to be done alone, she insists. Nick and Paige come out with supplies. They built the structure in the wrong spot, Jeremy wanted it closer to the house. Clay insists that its better out where it is. Ruth is indifferent, willing to move it where ever. Nick tells her its no problem, he'll move it himself. Clay gets hostile, smelling the sex on Nick and Paige. He tells Nick that she's nothing more than a little witch whore. Nick tells him to apologize, instead Clay starts a fight. Ruth yells at them to stop, but they don't and Nick isn't getting his .butt handed to him. If that isn't a clue that that's not Clay I'm not sure what is. Paige finally steps in to break up the fight.

Clay looks over his plans in the office when Elena bursts in, unhappy over the fight he had with Nick. Clay tells her that its the witches, they're tearing them apart and he won't let that happen. Elena knows that he's not himself. He tells her she's right, then he grabs her, kissing her roughly, he throws her on his desk. Elena pushes at him, he's clearly out of his mind. Where's the southern manners? She punches him good, and walks out.

In his mind Clay sees a little boy downstairs. He heads down after him. He tells them that they're all there trapped.

Clay packs his bags. Jeremy comes in, equally mad. He counts on Clay to help him keep the pack together, not tear it apart. He asks what happened between him and Nick. Clay says that it was a misunderstanding about the witches, it was a mistake to let them stay. They'll be gone soon, then things can go back to normal. Clay insists that Elena's feelings for Savannah are a problem, she wants to protect the girl, she's obsessed. Jeremy is sure that Elena can put the pack first. Clay tells him that there are things about Elena, at the compound that he doesn't know.

Elena compliments Savannah on her dress. It's a gift from Paige. Elena knows that Ruth and Paige care a lot about Savannah. Paige tells her that she looks great. Savannah asks if they think she's ready, they do, and there's not much time left. She goes to get her things. Elena stops Paige to ask if its normal that Savannah is so out of control with her magic. Paige doesn't answer straight. Magic is a powerful thing, and right now Savannah is like a grenade with the pin pulled. Elena wants to know how out of control it can get, if it can change other people. That raises Paige's suspicion.

Clay tells Jeremy that at the compound Elena was forced to change in front of other people. Jeremy acknowledges that violation, but she never has to see those people again, and they won't remember seeing her. One will, Rachel. Elena never told him about Rachel. Clay isn't sure why she would keep it a secret if it weren't troubling her. He thinks that she's using her relationship with Savannah to justify the good of what happened there. Jeremy asks if he feels that the more time she spends with the girl, the harder it will to deal with everything. The ceremony only deepens their bond. Jeremy insists that he will deal with it. Clay gets back to packing.

Elena tells Paige that there is something different with Clay. He's angry and harsh with her. Aleister messed with her mind in the compound, maybe he taught that to Savannah. Paige asks if she thinks Clay is under some sort of spell. It seems different than what Aleister did to her. Paige brushes it off, thinking that know that Elena knows about magic she's trying to use it to explain away the odd. Wow, Paige is a bitch, and I sincerely hope that the series doesn't follow her next season as the books do. She tells her that there's a more simple explanation, he loves her, and that if there is something wrong with Clay she should talk to him.

Elena looks though all the notes and books that she has. Clay prepares a warehouse, probably for something horrible. She reads over her notes, seeing that Malcolm is there, even though Clay knows that he's dead. They burned his body. Clay walks past him and the boy, young Clay to the door. Malcolm tells him that he may not be real, but he still lives inside of him, just as the boy does. Malcolm tells him to stop. He can't fight strong anymore, he needs to fight smart. All these years of fighting and he's back to square one. Clay knows he needs to get control of his body, or he'll die.

Elena takes more notes. Jeremy comes and tells him that they need to talk. Elena tells him that she didn't know how to tell him, but its Clay. She found stuff in the book Clay brought back from Baton Rouge, a dark witch can enter someone's body and control him. Jeremy isn't sure he believes her. He tells her that Clay told him what she was forced to do at the compound. Elena looks confused. He clarifies that she was forced to change in front of others, in front of Rachel. Elena never told Clay about that. Now Jeremy is confused. The only people that knew about Elena's change was her and Rachel, and Aleister. Jeremy assures her that Paige and Nick burned the body, but Elena insists that Clay is not himself. He asks where Clay is, and she's not sure. She asks where he was when this all started. Jeremy found him near one of the storage sheds on the edge of the property. Elena and Jeremy rush out to it.

Ruth tells Savannah that now is the time. Elena said that she would be there, and they've waited for too long already. Ruth assures her that Elena had to have a reason, and that Savannah only needs to remember who she is for it to work. Ruth and Paige continue with the ceremony. Paige takes a rat's body, places it inside her ceremonial bucket and it turns into a pendant. Savannah has been through a lot, she's stronger than she knows. She places the pendant around her neck, and heads into her little witch tent.

Jeremy and Elena rush out to the storage shed. Inside they find no body, but the chalk devil's penis is still there. Elena was right. If Aleister is there, and he's taken over Clay's body, they know what's next. Elena and Jeremy rush off to Savannah.

Savannah sits in the woods waiting. A rat joins her, and she musters up the courage to pick it up. She says a spell over it, and holding it to her chest, wind rips through her hair. Jeremy and Elena rush towards her. Savannah has completed her initiation. She calls to Ruth and Paige, but neither of them answer her. A man comes though. Elena and Jeremy arrive too late.

In his study, Jeremy tells Ruth the bad news. She doesn't understand who would do this. Jeremy tells her that Aleister is still alive, and he's possessed Clay to take Savannah. Ruth knows that they need to find Aleister's body. He's going to try to kill Clay in a dark circle. If they can kill Clay's body outside of the circle, Aleister's soul will be trapped and will die. Jeremy isn't sure how they can hurt the body and not Clay. Ruth tells him that there is no way. It's a dark magic, and the person possessed never survives. She tells him that the man he loves is already gone, no one can bring him back. Jeremy wants his son back. Ruth cannot image the hell that he's going to go through.

Clay stuffs Savannah in the trunk of the car, along with his body. Savannah screams for him to release her, as he hands her talisman from the rearview mirror. He drives off in another car.

Elena comes to check on Jeremy. Nick checked Clay's room, and found survey maps, one is missing a corner. Jeremy assumes that is where he's going to make his dark circle. Elena asks if Ruth told him how to get Clay back. He just tells her that they have to find him fast.

Clay walks through the halls of his mind. He sees the basement. Malcolm thinks that he is afraid of what he will find. Clay knows that in dreams descending means death. Little Clay tells him not to go, but Malcolm encourages him to. Go down, face the dark, let it set you free.

Jeremy, Nick and Elena head towards where Clay should be. His scent is faint. They want to know how to reverse the spell, but Jeremy doesn't tell them, he only wants them to let him complete it. Elena knows he's hiding something. Jeremy finally admits what Ruth said. There is no coming back from possession. Clay is gone. Elena doesn't believe her. Jeremy tells her that if there was any other option they would take it. Elena refuses this option. Jeremy tells them that they have to kill Clay now to kill Aleister. Nick thinks that they should kill Aleister's body, but Jeremy tells them that that won't work. Elena thinks that its a better option to trap Aleister in Clay's body, and lock Clay in the cage until he fights through it. Jeremy doesn't want her waiting forever for nothing. He will do it alone. Nick refuses to let him do that. Aleister killed his brother, and he will help kill him. They have to kill him outside of the circle, and that is the only way. Elena isn't sure she can do this. Nick tells her to just stick with him, and she won't have to.

Ruth burns Savannah's name, saying a spell to protect her. They use the little marble of doom to locate her. Paige fears that she won't be with her talisman, but Ruth is sure that they can use the talisman to find her.

Jeremy finds “Clay” ascending to the noose. Jeremy knocks him off, Aleister took his son, and now he's going to make him pay. Aleister is sure that one of them will die, but it won't be him . The pair spare.

Clay in his mind reaches the basement where a wolf growls in the cage.

In the warehouse Jeremy and Aleister continue to fight.

In his mind, Clay's wolf tries to break free of his cage.

Aleister throws Jeremy to the ground. With Jeremy down, Aleister runs and leaps into the noose. Jeremy rises and releases the rope, dropping Aleister in Clay's body. Aleister is out of his circle, but he doesn't think Jeremy will kill him.

Clay opens the cage to the wolf.

Nick and Elena arrive as Jeremy prepares to stab Clay with a pipe, it hits his side. Clay's body begins to shift. Elena begs Jeremy not to kill Clay, Aleister wasn't able to control them in their wolf form. Jeremy worries, if Aleister gets into Clay's wolf form he'll kill them all. Clay changes, and its Clay, not Aleister.

Aleister wakes up back in his own body in the car with Savannah still in the trunk. He takes her talisman and gets out.

Elena thought that she lost Clay. He was there the whole time fighting him. He could hear her the whole time. They have to find Aleister now.

Aleister gets Savannah out of the trunk. She thought that he was dead. Now that she has her talisman she can focus her powers. She knows that he wants to kill them all though. She tries to get away from him, but he does, the I am the lock, I am the key thing, and just like that Savannah is under his control. He gives her Elena's blood and tells her to drink and she does. The spell ripples out of Savannah, hitting the witches. Paige and Ruth both feel it. Ruth bleeds from her nose, it's the beginning of the end.


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