Bitten S02E09 Recap: Scavenger's Daughter

One Year Ago. Aleister brings a woman down to his weird red lair, his play room. She down to play, and he cuffs her to the bed. She likes the sound of the game as he slide the cuffs over her wrists and ankles. She doesn't even protest when he brings out the video camera, and he insures her its for private use only. He turns the camera on, and stops the music box telling the beast above that she's ready. The woman comes down the stairs, and suddenly Aleister's playmate doesn't want to play. Clara tells him that the girl is perfect. She wants her. Aleister does a little body swapping.

Jeremy stitches up Clay, telling him that the witches said that it was the only way. Clay doesn't hold any grudges. He almost killed Aleister. Clay has a little glitch, his photo receptors shifted for a moment. Ruth is surprised to see Clay there alive. She didn't think it possible. She tells them that the undoing has begun, she can feel the witches getting weaker. They only have until sunrise before the deed is done, and the witches are no more.

Logan knocks on Rachel's door, but she doesn't seem all too happy to see him. She told him she needed space, and she doesn't want him there. Logan made sure she was safe, and he loves her. She loved him too, and it got her into a whole lot of bad, kidnapped and experimented on all because of what he is. She knows that it isn't his fault, but she can't help how she feels. He asks her to let him fix things, they have a baby on the way, but she tells him that its too late. She got rid of the baby already, she tells him goodbye.

Savannah awakens in a room with Clara. Aleister asked her to watch over her, he's drained. She holds Savannah's talisman, Clara tells her that they can track her with it, destroy her power, as they did with her own. Savannah doesn't understand why they would do that since they just made it for her. Clara reiterates what Aleister always says that they're trying to control her. She's young and beautiful, and with her talisman she will be more powerful than any of them. She tells her to rest, tomorrow, she starts her new life. Savannah doesn't feel so restful.

Clara tells Aleister that Savannah is asking too many questions. She tells him that she needs one more session, she needs to be locked down. Aleister knows that it won't be much longer until the witches are all dead. What concerns Aleister more is the wolves., they're hunters She asks what he plans to do with his hostage. Aleister plans to use him to ensure that the wolves don't find them.

A guy roughs up a girl over his phone, and Logan doesn't really like it. He tells the guy that he's going to let her go. The guy throws a few punches at Logan, in front of the group outside of the bar and he goes down, but Logan isn't done. He tells him to try it again, and the guy tries. Logan punches him once really hard, and tells the girl to get out while she can.

One of the onlookers approaches Logan. He can really take a punch, but he can also throw them he notes. Logan doesn't want any trouble. The guy isn't giving him any, but he offers him a way to earn a lot of money. Logan doesn't need the money, but the guy knows that he has a few demons that he needs to work out. Logan is interested in the fight club.

Jeremy goes to check on Ruth. She's weakening. Jeremy doesn't know how to fight someone from afar. It's the left hand pact Ruth tells him. Clara must have taught Aleister. She was an expert at it before they shunned her. She could strike down a man from afar. Jeremy tells her that she needs to strike back. Ruth isn't sure she can, she needs some essence of Aleister, hair, saliva, something. Ruth gets an idea, there is something she can try, but she'll need an egg.

Jeremy takes her to where Aleister had hidden his body. She rolls her egg across the floor, she needs just one hair. They go back to the house, and she cracks open her egg, its full of blood. Magic isn't something Jeremy will ever get use to. The spell will kill Aleister, she just hopes it is done in time. She pours out the rest of the contents, and its hair, and something more substantial.

Aleister awakens in pain. He's not sure what's wrong, it feels like an ice pick is piercing his skull. Clara comes to check on him as a red spot forms on his temple. She tells him that Ruth is attacking him through his left hand. She must really be desperate to be using black magic. Aleister is not pleased at all.

Ruth tells Jeremy that this is only the beginning. Savannah suddenly tries to contact her. Ruth opens the transmission. She knew Clara was behind the attack, and now its confirmed. Clara tells her that she's not the one using left hand magic now. Aleister shows Ruth what's she's doing, accusing her of trying to kill her son again. He tells her that she will fail. Ruth tells him that she had no choice. He wants her to say it, to admit that she tried to kill an innocent child. If he cares about innocents he needs to stop the spell. None of them are innocent, they will all die. Jeremy grabs Ruth;s hand. Jeremy tells him that he will find him and kill him. Aleister will be ready. Aleister severs the connection suddenly. Ruth wipes the blood from her mouth. Jeremy got a good look of where they were. Jeremy suddenly loses control of his form, and begins changing. He tells her to call the others, and tell them what they're looking for a basement.

Elena, Clay, Nick and Paige head to Clara's house, and they look around for signs of a basement. They split up. Nick finds a hidden doorway. He tells Paige to go get Clay and Elena. They all head down to Aleister's Playroom together. It's not what they were looking for. Paige bleeds from her nose. She tells them that they need to move faster. Clay and Elena pick up the scent of death. They follow it to a mummified head in a jar. Clara didn't do this, but Aleister, Paige tells them. Nick thinks whatever it was, that it was filmed.

Logan prepares for his fight. The guy from the bar warns that his opponent is built like a truck. Its Cain. Logan thought he was dead. Cain admits that Clay spared his life, but took something of his, and he plans to make Logan pay for that. The two men step into the circle, and the punches are fierce. Cain taunts Logan, that he's been tickled harder. Logan hits him harder. Cain realizes suddenly that he's losing control of his beast. He tells Logan to knock him out, and Logan does his best, but can't. Cain tells Logan to just choke him out then, whatever to stop him. Logan manages to choke him out.

Jeremy has a hold of himself. He realizes that its not just the witches in jeopardy. The werewolf curse is lifting as well. At dawn there will be wolves and men. They have to warn the others.

Clay, Elena, Nick and Paige watch the video. Clara possesses the body of the girl. The girl has served her purpose, and Aleister brings her to the circle and kills her. Clara wakes up back in her body. She tells him soon it will be just the two of them. Paige knows that Clara wants a new body. Since Clara is no longer a witch she'll survive the undoing as will Aleister since he's the caster, and Savannah since she's the conduit. Nick points out that she said it would just be the two of them. Elena finally realizes that she's planning to take Savannah's body and powers.

Logan finds Cain. He came to warn him. Back at the fight, that change wasn't random. Nick said that they same thing is happening to wolves everywhere. After tomorrow they will not be able to change anymore. Cain doesn't believe him. Logan brings his attention to his wounds, he's still bleeding from the fight. Cain wants to help stop it. Logan tells him that to do that he has to join the pack. Cain scoffs. Logan asks who's in the other room, and Cain shows him. It's Amber, kind of. She's stuck in between. She wanted to be a wolf so bad, and Leblanc bit her. Logan tells him that he needs to put her out of her misery. She's brain dead, the only misery is his own. Rachel calls Logan, telling him that there's something wrong with the baby. She lied about having an abortion. She was afraid of what he was and lied. Logan heads straight for her.

Elena knows that they won't find anything at the house to lead them to Aleister. Clay asks her if she's felt anything yet. Some sounds are distorted, but she hasn't felt the need to change. She wonders if its true, that the curse is lifting. Clay knows that Jeremy wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. Clay tells her that if it is, then their lives will be easier. She's glad that he's the one to say that, but the wolf saved him. Everything they've been fighting for against Malcolm, the mutts, who they are, it'll all be gone. They have until dawn Clay tells her to keep fighting, for the witches, for the pack, for eachother.

Paige finds the music box. She grows cold, as she collapses she knocks the dancer off the box, and the wall closes trapping her and Nick inside. Paige tells him its a witch's door, used for hiding places. There's a trigger, soemthing is out of place. She sends him to fix all the things that she knocked over, but she can't do much more. She passes out.

Ruth takes the next step in her left hand magic. The cuts her finger, and bleeds over the egg, but the magic becomes too much. Jeremy gives her a seat, but tells her that she has to try again. She needs more strength, she needs to try to tap into her coven leaders of past. To do that she has to go to the catacombs in Boston. Jeremy is willing to take her, but she thinks that he should be with his pack in case she's unsuccessful. The pack will need his guidance, and she's caused enough pain. Someone arrives. It's Rachel and Logan. He tells Jeremy that something is wrong with the baby. Jeremy tries to talk her through the pain. Logan tells her that the curse is being lifted, he won't have to change anymore, and they can be a normal family. Ruth rushes out. Jeremy sees that Logan has made his choice. Nothing more needs to be said. He tells him to take Rachel upstairs. Jeremy goes to find Ruth.

Clay has had no luck getting through the door. Elena brings a hammer, new plan.

Paige is out of it. She tells Nick that Bloodroot is the only thing that would help her. He doesn't know what it is, but he'll get it. He admits that he's falling for her. She sees through him, the jokes, the bravado, the hair. He never thought he could have what Clay and Elena has, what his father and Lily did. Paige thinks that he's just distracting her. Nick isn't he tells her that he loves her, that he's not going to let her die, and gah, my favorite character is ruined. She thanks him, wishing that they had more time.

Cain looks over his girl. He's not sure how they both got here. They both loved the wolves so much, and the wolves are in trouble. He needs to make sure that they survive, he turns off the machine, and mourns his love.

Nick tells them that Paige is really sick. Elena notices that Clay is bleeding. Someone returns to the house. Paige is out cold. Nick turns his attention back to the table. The person entering the house is the officer that Aleister had. He raises his gun on Clay, telling him that he's there for the cursed ones. Nick finds the music box. Clay distracts the cop, giving Elena a chance to get the drop on him. She takes him down easily, but its a lot more painful than usual. Nick hurries upstairs, looking for the bloodroot.

Ruth makes it to the Delphi building, and heads to the basement.

Aleister arrives at Stonehaven.

In the basement Ruth finds all the witchy items she needs.

Aleister knows that his mother isn't there, and he asks where his mother is. Aleister makes Jeremy crush his own head. If he kills him, then he will never find Ruth. Logan attacks in wolf form, at the last moment, Aleister manages to skewer him on one of the many antlers around the house.

Ruth forms her circle, and casts her spell. The mark on Aleister's face gets bigger. Jeremy tells him that his mother is killing him, and he runs off.

Rachel rushes down, and sees Logan's downed wolf. She tries to go to his side, but Jeremy stops her, and lets Logan change back. Jeremy tells her that he had no choice, that Aleister was there to kill them all. Rachel falls to her knees beside Logan as he apologizes for showing her that. He never wanted her to see him like that. What she saw was an act of pure love. He did what he had to do to save them. The cuts to his stomach are deep, far deeper than he can heal. He tells her to tell their son what kind of man his father was, how much he loves her, and their baby. Jeremy holds Logan's hand as he struggles to breathe. Logan dies on the floor.

Elena calls and tells Jeremy that there was a complication. Aleister was there, and they need to get to Boston to protect Ruth. He doesn't tell her about Logan, only that she needs to hurry.

Ruth continues to work in her circle, coughing up blood. She pricks her finger, and Aleister vomits blood on the side of the road. If the undoing is killing Ruth, he doesn't understand how she's strong enough to do this to him. Clara has an idea.

Paige is slightly better, but she knows that the bloodroot won't last long. Nick tells her that he promised that he wouldn't let her die, and he meant it. Elena worries, her hearing is getting worse. She's concerned what will happen if she suddenly changes. They're in this together, Clay assures her. If she changes, he changes. He will live in life in whatever form she's in. He will not live apart from her. They will fight together, and stay together.

Jeremy hears someone at his front door. Its Cain. Clay didn't tell him that he spared his life either. Cain heard that it was the end of the world. Jeremy tells him that there are witches in the world, and its the end of their magic. Cain doesn't care what it is, tells him to just point him in the direction of what needs killing and he will kill it.

Aleister, Clara and Savannah arrive at the Delphi building, ready to finish it all.

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  1. Any idea what song is playing during the first part of the Aleister body swapping scene?


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