Bitten S02E10 Recap: Fine Temporium (Finale)

The pack arrives in Boston, and Nick is racked with pain. The change is trying to take him. Cain and Jeremy arrive, and Elena bristles at the sight of the mutt, but Clay assures her that they came to an understanding. Cain is with the pack for this. Nick asks about Logan, and Jeremy has to break the bad news that Logan died at Aleister's hand, that he died with Rachel by his side. She is still back at Stonehaven, when this is done they have to return to bury him. Elena is wobbly on her feet. She remembers Savannah's prophecy, none of them are okay. If they don't stop the undoing they will never be alright again. Paige tells them that to get to the boiler room, they need to be with a coven witch. Cain asks for clarification. If Savannah is the bomb mechanism for the ritual, can't they just kill her. Elena makes it clear, that she's innocent, and Aleister is the target. All of the pack heads in except Nick and Jeremy. Jeremy tells Nick to get it together. He has every intention on going in, and not changing. He confesses to Jeremy that he saw his mother, and he found out how much his mother loved his father. He wants what they had, what Elena and Clay have, what Logan and Rachel had.

Paige sees that Aleister put a spell on the doors. Cain wants to muscle through them, but Paige cautions him, warning of his death if he does. Paige isn't sure she can do anything. Clay grabs a nearby pillar and throws it through the glass, Paige checks. That worked.

Ruth feels Paige enter the building. Aleister, Clara and Savannah make their way through the boiler room towards Ruth. Ruth crushes a beetle in her hands, and Aleister is stricken with pain. Clara sees that she's progressing too fast, they need to kill her before Aleister is dead. Savannah senses Paige. Clara tells Aleister to distract Paige while she kills his mother. Aleister casts a spell.

Paige gets hit with the spell, and she turns bitter towards the pack, telling the wolves to get off her. Shots ring out, and they're sent scrambling in all different directions, but all headed down. Jeremy and Nick run in. Jeremy kills the guard firing the shots, and Aleister has one less follower.

Paige and Elena head down the stairs. Paige is bitter, and tells Elena that she's rushing towards her death.

Clay and Cain take the elevator down, but it won't go back up without a key card. They head off in search of stairs. Cain points out that they're unarmed. He showed him mercy, but he's not willing to take a bullet. Clay has to find Elena though. Cain points out that Elena isn't sitting around upstairs, she's headed for the boiler room, and they should be too.

Nick continues to fight the change, and Jeremy smells humans. They search for the source, its coming from the Elevator. They brace themselves for the onslaught. The doors open and they fight through them. Jeremy jumps into the elevator, and the doors close. Across the hall another elevator opens, with more guards. Nick is forced to fight them himself.

Ruth continues her ritual, smearing ash down her face, and causing Aleister more pain. He can't find Ruth. He turns on Savannah, but Clara tells him to go into his blood. The sacred ritual floors are beneath them. Aleister reaches out for the door, but Clara stops him, only a coven witch can open the doors. Clara grabs Savannah. Aleister tells her to open the door for him. Clara warns him to lock her down first. Aleister insists that she's a shell already even with her talisman, but Clara is unsure how the Coven Powers will effect her below. Aleister does the “I am the lock,” and Savannah answers with “I am the key,” but as she does so something crawls beneath the skin of her arm. She uses her talisman to open the door. Aleister heads straight in, with Clara pushing Savannah along.

The elevator doors open, and Jeremy takes the fight back into the hallway. He kills both of the guards, and then goes in search of Nick.

Aleister makes it down to the coven alter at last. He announces that he's come home. He got her message, and she's glad. Clara drags in Savannah telling Ruth that she lead them right to her. Ruth tries to reason with Savannah warning her of their intention, that they plan to steal her body. Aleister tells her that Savannah is already gone, under a deep ocean of calm. It is a place that Aleister knows well, one where he had to go to many times to escape his father's abuse. Ruth never meant for him to have a life of pain. She never meant for him to have a life, but Aleister used his powers and killed that man. He asks if she even knew who his real father was, calling her a whore. Ruth tells him to say it to her face, and Aleister approaches the circle. Clara draws him back. If Ruth gets his blood in her bowl, he'll be dead in seconds. Clara knows Ruth won't break the circle, its the only thing protecting her. Ruth strikes slashing Aleister's palm. With the circle broken, Aleister drags his mother out. Now she's going to die along with all the rest. He casts a spell on her.

Elena tries to get Paige moving, they need to get to Ruth. Paige, snaps, grabbing Elena by the throat. Elena reasons with Paige, telling her that she's under a spell, but Paige doesn't believe her. She thinks she can actually kill Elena. Elena throws her back, and holds her down, trying to bring her out of the spell. Paige goes all exorcist, and throws Elena back with a Darth Vader throat hug. Even choking, Elena tries to pull Paige out of the spell. Paige fights it, and vomits up black stuff. She comes back to herself, lost for a moment, not knowing where she is. Elena tells her that Aleister had her, and then the two continue their descent.

Aleister tries to make her bleed like he did his father, but nothing is happening. He has no power down there. Clara tells him to kill her, and Ruth silences her with a spell. Aleister takes Ruth's ring from her finger, and the black that was marring his face disappears. She failed, and now she's powerless. She couldn't do the one thing she should have to save her witches. Ruth failed him, she could have protected him. She should have, and she's sorry. Clara eggs Aleister on. He thinks she's not sorry for what she did, but because he survived.

Clay and Cain find themselves at a dead end. Cain thinks that they can throw the phone booths and break the windows. Clay thinks outside brings them back to square one, but its closer to Elena so he's willing to give it a shot. Before they can rip either booth from the floor, a guard arrives, and opens fire on them. Cain and Clay move between the booths for cover.

Paige and Elena make it to the boiler room, and to the coven door. Paige tries to open it, but is too weak to do so. It must be close to dawn. Elena urges Paige to try again, they have to get in there. Paige does, and the door opens. Elena asks if Paige can keep the door open for the others, but she can't once she goes through it'll seal. Elena tells her to wait for the others while she goes in. Paige stops her, she knows they will do whatever it takes to kill Aleister, but she tells her that Savannah is the conduit. If she has a chance to stop the undoing she should take it so that they can all help stop the undoing. She tells her to be prepared to sacrifice Savannah. Elena doesn't say a word before she heads down, that's not really an option.

Clay and Cain are stuck between the booths. Clay thinks that he should change to distract and take down the guard. Cain points out that he may not be able to change back, but its a chance Clay feels he has to take. Cain knows that if he does that then he'll never be with Elena, and for guys like them, that's a fate worse than death. Cain moves forward, and Clay stops him. He's gonna take out the guard. Cain rushes towards the guard as he reloads his weapon. He fires several shots at Cain, but goes down just the same. Clay rushes to Cain's side. He got the key card. He tells Clay that he had better make his sacrifice worth it. Clay frets over Cain, but he tells him to go get Elena. While things aren't looking so hot for Cain, I'm hoping the big guy pulls through and shows up in Season three, I have a feeling the pack is gonna need some extra muscle.

Ruth talks to her son, telling him that there is still time. Elena creeps in. Ruth can undo all the pain, and give him what he always wanted. Aleister leans into her touch. Clara brings him back to his malice, telling him that she's lying. Aleister calls Ruth a liar, and knocks her out. Elena rushes in, knocking Ruth's ring from his hand. He threatens to bleed the life from the wolf, but Elena realizes that he's powerless in the room. Elena tries to appeal to Savannah. She tells her that Aleister is controlling him, but that she's stronger than him. Aleister and Savannah do the lock and key thing. She's gone he tells Elena, drowning in her blood, and there's no way to save her. Elena kicks Aleister around. Clara kicks a knife towards a down Aleister, and he stabs Elena in the stomach. In the end, he says, she'll die to protect them. Elena crawls to Savannah. It's not the end, and she's sorry but this is the only way Elena tells her with a knife raised at her throat. But Elena doesn't slash her throat, but her arm. Elena digs under her skin and pulls out a demon worm. Savannah wakes up, she doesn't know what is happening. Elena tells her not to let them control her, before she falls to the floor. Clara drags a screaming Savannah from the room.

Nick continues to battle the guards, and the change. He jumps and flips around on the stairs, trying to avoid them. He takes one out, but the second continues after him.

Clay finally finds Elena, but she's badly injured. She tells him to go after Aleister, that there's still time. He refuses to leave her. She cries, choking on her own blood. She tells him that she loves him so much, and dies in his arms. Clay screams in agony. Wait how the hell did Aleister, Clara and Savannah manage to get past Paige, and Clay? Where is Paige?

Nick runs through the boiler room with guards hot on his tail. He tells Paige that she needs to get out of there, but she has the door still open, and they can go down together. She tells him that Clay and Elena are down. Nick tells her to go down, he's unsure how long he can hold the door.

Jeremy continues to search for Nick. He heads down.

Ruth wakes up, and Clay is crying over Elena. Paige rushes in for her mother. Clay lays Elena down. Oooh, Aleister is in trouble now. He asks where Aleister headed. Ruth points him deep into the catacombs. Clay begins to strip down. There's no point in staying human now.

Jeremy reaches the boiler room, and he can hear Nick's calls for him. Jeremy rushes towards him, and sees Nick hold the door against the guards. He warns them to back away, and they do. They really shouldn't have let two wolves into the same room with them.

Ruth grabs Elena and her ring. Paige tries to stop her, stop what she's doing, but she knows its the right thing. She puts the ring on Elena's finger. Paige begs her to conserve her strength, but all of this is because of Ruth's mistakes, and she needs to make this one thing right. Paige tells her that she won't let her. Ruth tells her that the ring is already in place, and she needs to accept it, its already started. She's doing this because she loves Paige. Ruth anoints Elena with her blood, whispering the spell over her. Paige tries again to stop her. She needs her. Ruth continues the spell.

Deep in the catacombs, Savannah gets out of Clara's grips. Clara is unhappy Savannah is out of the spell, but Aleister thinks she's harmless. He has her talisman. She vows to make him suffer for what he did to Elena. He tells her that she had to pay for her defiance, just as she will. Clara tells her that once the undoing is complete, there will be no one left to save her, and she will possess her body. Savannah will not let her in. Aleister tells her that she will try, but she will lose. Once Clara is in possession of her body she will kill the rest of Elena's family, she'll have lots of fun with her body she promises. Wolfy Clay arrives, and put the fear of God in Aleister.

Ruth urges Elena back, as she continues her casting. The spell takes hold, turning her eyes white, and arching her back. Paige is not ready for this, but Ruth is sure that she will shine. Ruth falls back in death throes. Elena comes back with a large gasp. Paige tells her that she was dead. She gives Paige her mother's ring, asking if she can be saved, she can't. Paige tells her that Clay went after Aleister as a wolf, and Elena races to meet him.

Clay has Aleister, Clara and Savannah cornered as he growls at him. Aleister uses his powers and they work to hold him off barely. The catacombs are not protected if the Coven Leader is dead. They assume that it is dawn. Clay jumps at Aleister, and makes it through the spell. Clay slashes his side before he can stop him. With Aleister down, Savannah snatches her talisman from his pocket. Clay makes another jump at Aleister, but his power is greater now. He flings the wolf aside. Savannah uses her powers to choke the life out of Clara. Aleister didn't think she had it in her. Before she can do the same to him, he gets her in a choke spell of his own. If the undoing is complete, he no longer needs her. This is the way the world ends, he tells her. She raises her hand in a choke of her own, and its a choke off. Aleister breaks his hold to focus on the greater threat, Elena. He thinks its only fitting that it comes down to the only male witch and the only female werewolf. Savannah gets up to resume her choke on Aleister and he knocks her away, breaking his hold on Elena. She grabs his talisman, flinging it across the room,a nd then she does what Clara should have done years ago, she drowns him. She kills him as dawn breaks. She's not sure she killed him in time to stop the undoing. Savannah rushes off to find Paige, while Elena goes to Clay, who's still down.

Elena knows that Clay did this for the right reasons, that he thought all hope was gone. She cries. If she didn't do this in time, if all hope really is lost, she's sorry. Clay starts to stir as she tells him she loves him. Jeremy finds Elena. She confesses that she doesn't know if it worked. If Paige is okay, them maybe. Jeremy isn't sure. She let him in, but he was in the corridor, and didn't see her. Elena thinks if she had just been one second faster then she could have saved them all, but the dawn came too fast. She wonders if this is it. Paige comes in, telling her that its done, over. Clay changes back.

The sun rises over the city. The wolves clean up the bodies. Jeremy thanks Paige for what her mother did to save Elena. Savannah cannot believe that she's gone, but Paige tells her that she's not gone. She's in this place, in them. Jeremy once turned her away when she asked for help, but he promises to be there for her whenever she needs him, she's now family. He asks that she let him clean up this mess. Nick has cleaned up everything, asks if he stay with her, help her with her grief. She'd like that, but they need time to heal, to build. She thanks him. Neither of them knew it at the time. After she and Savannah bury Ruth she will become leader of the coven, and any chance of them together will be gone. But for one moment, he showed her what love could be, and she thanks him with a kiss on the cheek. Jeremy gathers up Nick. Elena says a silent goodbye. Clay cannot wait to get home. Elena thought that this place would be the end of them. Clay knew that that wasn't possible. Fate, magic, there is something that protects them. Elena knows that its love that protects them. Clay kisses her.

Savannah blames herself for everything that happened. Elena tells her not to blame herself, but she does, she let him in. Elena points out that she let her in too. She is very powerful, and she tells her not to forget herself. Savannah knows that. She feels like for the first time in a long time, she's herself. Elena shakes her hand, glad to meet her. When their palms touch Savannah has a vision.

Stonehaven is on fire. Elena is covered in blood, striking matches. It's all very Carrie, minus the screaming Prom goers. Elena sits in Jeremy's chair.

Savannah looks at Elena in fear, and Elena saw it too. And that is how Season 2 ends. What a season!


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