Community S6E4 - "Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing" Recap

Chang is preparing to audition for a theatre production of "The Karate Kid" and the rest of the gang is upset by the fact that the school's wifi is broken. They push the Dean to get it fixed and he pushes the responsibility onto Frankie. The Dean is later offered the opportunity to be on the school board but it's more so because the current members need a token homosexual to make themselves look better and more tolerant.

When Abed and Elroy find the router, they find a bird's nest there. Abed doesn't want it moved because the mother won't come back if they do. Elroy relents to Abed's wishes and refuses to work on the wifi until the bird's nest leaves and the Dean supports their decision upon learning of it.

Chang goes to his audition and Annie tags along as support. The director asks Annie to read the part of Daniel and Chang to read as Mr. Miyagi and proceeds to cast them as such. The director consistently berates and degrades Chang for apparently being a bad actor and praises Annie for anything and everything she does. Annie feels bad about Chang's treatment but doesn't want to make waves in such a way that would make her lose the part. Annie eventually threatens to walk out if the director doesn't start treating Chang better but the director is fine with the notion of her doing so, saying that the Karate Kid is actually all about Miyagi's story. He goes on to say that he cast Annie because she has the right measurements to reuse last year's wardrobe, whereas Chang was cast because he has the sadness and talent that could make the show great with the right guidance. He says he's been nice to Annie because she's not capable of any better than what she's been giving. Annie is fired from the play.

The Dean seeks the council of Frankie and Jeff on whether he should take the position on the school board if it means making his still-unspecified sexuality a token. He decides to take it but begins to feel like a joke upon doing so but also is touched when a gay student tells him he's inspired by his coming out and being a successful gay man. The Dean gets in trouble from the school board for not fixing the wi-fi just because of a bird's nest. He proceeds to call security to try to get Abed and Elroy to move. They're forced to relent and tend to the nest themselves, allowing the birds to hatch. Unfortunately, the majority of the birds do not survive. The Dean continues to feel conflicted, despite the inspiration he has provided to gay students. He calls a press conference to say that he is not "gay," but a politician. He hopes that people can accept an openly political person on the board and walks out. After that, he is kicked off the board.

The dean has to make amends with the group and learns that all but one of the birds is dead. The group heads out to see Chang act in the stage version of the Karate Kid. Annie is jealous over being replaced but as the play carries on, the entire audience (including the group) is highly moved by the play and Chang's performance. Finally, the group gathers around while Abed prepares to release the lone surviving bird from the nest. It flies off into the distance before landing on the school's generator to presumably start a nest of its own there.

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