Community S6E5 - "Laws of Robotics and Party Rights" Recap

Frankie brings news that Greendale can make some more money if they allow prisoners to attend the school through the use of telepresence robots because the government is offering a $300,000 incentive. One of the convicts in Jeff's class tries to murder him by pushing him down some stairs but it doesn't work since the telepresence robot lacks the type of strength to be able to send Jeff flying.

Britta wants to throw a party but Annie is forbidding it since Britta hasn't been living there long enough to make those types of decisions within the apartment. Since Abed has been living there longer than Annie, Britta tries to convince him to overrule Annie's decision but he isn't all that interested in making that happen. Britta gets Abed to get the party happen by spinning it as a film project for Abed involving a party that breaks all of Annie's rules. Annie ominously warns Britta that before this is all over, she will beg for Annie's forgiveness.

Jeff tries to tell the Dean that Willie tried to murder him but Willie is already chatting to the Dean to tell on Jeff for half-assing his duties as a teacher. Jeff's feud with Willie escalates until Jeff pushes Willie's telepresence robot down the stairs. The Dean has made friends with Willie by this point so Jeff is reprimanded.

Annie convinces Abed to relentlessly film his movie which means a never-ending party for Britta. Britta is forced to beg Annie for forgiveness and tell Abed that parties and his film are stupid. Abed is hurt but stops the party.

The Dean is preparing to hire Willie to work at Greendale so Jeff shows up using a telepresence robot. He gives a heartfelt(ish) apology to the Dean and Willie is revealed to not actually be a murderer but a wrongfully convicted prisoner. Willie is infuriated to have lost his credibility as a scary criminal and gets into a fight with Jeff on his telepresence robot which ends when the Dean shuts him off. The rehabilitation program is aborted but the group enjoys using the telepresence robots.

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