Community S6E6 - "Basic Email Security" Recap

The school's system gets hacked and the hacker threatens to publish emails that would reflect badly on Greendale unless an appearance of a racist comic is cancelled. The e-mails are released and everyone reads highlights of it. A cyber crimes unit is called in to investigate and the group decides they need to work on it too though the hacker is threatening next to unleash the secrets of the activities group.

They hold a press conference to say that the performance will go on as planned, as a matter of principle. As promised, the group's e-mails have been leaked. The group gets into arguments because they all read each other's leaked e-mails even though they promised not to. The only one who did as he was supposed to was Abed. They all fight over the rude things they've said about and done to each other. After a series of fights in the group, Abed tries to read the content in order to fit in but doesn't find any of the bad stuff.

The arguments are broken up by the arrival of the Dean who has brought the racist comedian, Gupta. The group proposes that they've done the right thing once Gupti thanks them for not cancelling on them. They decide that this time the hackers haven't won. The hacker sends another message threatening that everyone's information will be leaked if the show isn't stopped. Britta and the rest of the gang forces Gupta to go on stage and he proceeds to spout all his racist jokes while the rest of the group keeps an angry mob out. It's then that everyone's information is released.

The group reflects on all that has happened and tries to figure out what lesson they've learned from all of this, brainstorming on it all. They're interrupted by the local police officer who has brought the hacker, a young boy who lived across the street from campus. After the boy is taken away, the group decides the lesson to be learned is that crime doesn't pay. They then apologise to one another for the things they have done.

Community airs on Tuesdays on Yahoo.


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