Fresh Off the Boat S1E10 - "Blind Spot" Recap

Eddie panics when he realises the school's science fair is coming up and despite having had six months to prepare, he has nothing to show for it. Eddie's younger brothers both have better projects set up but then Evan develops chicken pox, much to the delight of Emery who thinks that this will pave the way to his victory. Jessica and Louis declare that everyone needs to keep out of Grandma Huang's room, as this will be the quarantine zone. Eddie decides he should try to get the chicken pox to get out of the science fair. Evan refuses to help Eddie get chicken pox because he says he's wasting his potential, but Evan is also scheming to give Emery his chicken pox because he sees him as his rival. Evan sneaks into Emery's room to try to breathe the germs on him but Eddie was two steps ahead, as he was hiding in Emery's bed. But when Eddie wakes up the next morning, he doesn't have the chicken pox. But Emery does. When Eddie complains to his younger brothers about not catching the chicken pox and reveals the wealth of knowledge he gained from researching the chicken pox to try to catch it, they band together to help Eddie throw a project together on the disease. Eddie doesn't win the science fair but he brings his brothers some pizza anyway.

Jessica's college boyfriend Oscar Chow is coming to visit the Huangs. After hearing from many other women that it's surprising that Louis isn't jealous of Oscar coming around, Jessica begins to want Louis to be jealous. Jessica gets upset at Louis for not getting jealous of Oscar, who arrives in all his camp glory. As it turns out, Louis isn't jealous of Oscar because he believes Oscar is gay. Louis points out to Jessica that she has a blind spot when it comes to gay people, as she is unable to tell when people are gay. But finally, she realises the truth of the matter when Oscar comes out wearing her robe. Jessica is further perturbed when she realises that Oscar had feelings for Louis. Jessica confronts him on this matter and tells him he has a blind spot when it comes to people liking and having feelings for him. Things are made even more awkward when he learns that Oscar believes that he and Louis were dating in college. Jessica is still hurt after everything, as she had wanted him to be jealous to prove that he thought Jessica was a catch. Louis and Oscar patch things up and go to make Jessica feel better. They find her at a lesbian bar (she has no idea it's a lesbian bar), and assure that she was always the hottest girl in school. Louis also finally expresses some jealousy when one of the lesbians at the bar is shown to be staring Jessica down.

Fresh Off the Boat airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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