Fresh Off the Boat S1E11 - "Very Superstitious" Recap

Jessica is revealed to be highly superstitious regarding the number 4. She had told her boss that she could sell anything but doesn't want to sell it when she sees the address is riddled with 4's. Jessica agrees to show the house but won't go inside while the people are looking at the house. She just shouts out enticing things to them from outside. Jessica sells the house but when she gets the check and sees that the number is '4444' she tells Louis she wants to get rid of the tainted money. Louis feigns agreeing with her but then tapes the ripped-up check back together and cashes it so he can buy a mechanical bull for the restaurant. He wants to compete with the Golden Saddle's kid chorale.

Eddie is encouraged by the school counsellor to run for student council but becomes discouraged when his competitors are doing better with their slogans. Eddie later slips on a rug at the steakhouse and breaks his arm. He later learns about Louis' lie to Jessica. Louis says that it's okay to tell little white lies if it's for a good reason. Eddie takes the advise a bit too seriously so he throws around a few white lies about how he broke his arm. In the process, he claims his father owns a machete that the injured his arm on. As a result, he wins the election but the Huang home is also visited by social services. The truth comes out and social services leaves but Louis ends up in hot water with Jessica for using the check. They patch things up and Jessica notes that Louis iso also superstitious given his preference for wearing his jade necklace all the time. They resort to asking Louis' mother for help banishing the bad luck. She performs a ritual and the family resumes their normal routines.

Fresh Off the Boat airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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