Game of Thrones S05E02 Recap: The House of Black and White

Tyrion was given a choice. Brienne felt failure. Cersei sent her daughter to safety, but Oberon was killed before his mistress in a trial by combat. The sons of the Harpy crossed a line, and Daenerys called for his capture. Arya used her coin for passage to Braavos.

Arya prepares to enter the city of Braavos, by passing beneath the guardian statue's large feet. A horn sounds, and Arya clutches her chest, she's not afraid, she's ready. She's rowed ashore to the bustling city. The open water market is a large one, but they pass it for somewhere far more quiet. The captain takes her to the house of black and white to find the man she seeks. She thanks him for bringing her, but any man of Braavos would have done the same. Arya approaches the large black and white doors. It takes her a few tries, for the doors to be open to her. She greets the man, and utters the words “Valar Morghuilis.” They seem to have no effect. She pulls out the coin Jaquen H'ghar gave her, telling him his name, and that she has crossed the sea and has no place else to go. He tells her that there is no on with that name here, and she has everywhere to go. Arya turns, and rather than leave, she sits upon the steps. She repeats the list of people she wants to kill. That list is much shorter than it once was. Arya sits there through the dark, the rain, the sunshine, just repeating the list over and over. Cersei, Walter Frey, the Mountain, Ser Meryn Trant. Arya gets tired of reciting the same thing, and tosses the coin into the water.

Brienne rides, while Pod walks to a nearby tavern. Pod eats making eyes at the serving wench. Sansa and Littlefinger are lunching at the same tavern. Sansa asks about a Raven's scroll received before they left. Littlefinger's proposal has been accepted. Pod spots Littlefinger, and Sansa as well. Her dark disguise really isn't very useful, and it looks retched. Pod informs Brienne that is is her, and that she is surrounded by knights. Brienne is ready to spring to action. She sends him out to find more horses. Littlefinger asks if she likes the ale, she doesn't find it all too appealing, and wonders why men like it. He tells her it gives some men courage. Brienne approaches Littlefinger and Sansa, his knights block her path, but she introduces herself all the same. Littlefinger remembers her when she served Renley. He allows her in, noting that someone paid for her well. Brienne drops to her knee, telling Sansa that she was her mother's sworn sword before her death, that she vowed to find her and protect her. She offers to shield her back, give her counsel, and give her life for hers if need be. Littlefinger tells her they don't need to be so formal, but points out that Cat never mentioned Brienne, and he's known her for a long time. Brienne served Catherine after Renley's murder, which she had tried to save him. Littlefinger remembers that she was accused, and Brienne begins to lose her battle. She was accused by men that did not see what happened. Renley was murdered by a shadow, a shadow with a face of Stannis. She sounds crazy, and the light in Sansa's eyes go out. Littlefinger would not want a woman like her protecting her. Experience has made him wary of outsiders. Brienne asks for a moment alone, but Sansa refuses. She saw her at Joffery's wedding, bowing to the King. Neither of them wanted to be there, and sometimes they don't want to be there she tells Sansa. And sometimes they do, Sansa replies.
Littlefinger offers her some “protection.” Brienne gets out of there in a hurry, sending their horses all over the place. Pod has her mount ready, and they race off, with the knights close behind. Brienne is the much better rider, and Pod finds himself at the mercy of his horse going down the wrong path. Brienne loses her tail, and doubles back. She sees Sansa riding off with Littlefinger. Another Stark girl has refused her. Pod gets control of his horse, only to be thrown off of it. The knights catch up to Podrick, who is unarmed. Brienne rides in just in time, killing the pair. Podrick rises. Since both Stark girls refused her, maybe she's released from her vow. Brienne doesn't see it that way. She doesn't think that Sansa is safe with Littlefinger, and she's going after them.

Cersei calls Jamie. She received a gift from Dorne. Inside is a snake sculpture with a necklace in its mouth. There are only two in the world, the one that Cersei wears and Myrcella's. Cersei thinks that it is a threat. Their daughter is alone in a city, surrounded by people who hate her. Jamie tells her to keep her voice down, not about her distaste for Dorne, but of Myrcella's paternity. Cersei suggests that he does not call her his daughter then. Being the children of a King hasn't exactly been good for their children. Cersei mulls over the death of their first born, their daughter being held prisoner, and their youngest set to marry the smirking whore from Highgarden. Jamie plans to head to Dorne to get her back. He won't be taking an army, or going alone, and he definitely won't be asking permission.

Bronn walks with his bride to be on the beach as she prattles on about sunflowers and music. Bronn couldn't care about the wedding or planning. She wants pigeon pies like they eat in the castle. He's hardly listening. He can't believe that he'll get a castle. She points out that they won't live there. When her mother dies, her sister will inherit the castle not them. Her sister is mean and hateful. Bronn thinks his betrothed is a good person, and her sister is hateful. He's been around the world and meanness has a way of coming around. Her sister will get hers somehow. She spots Jamie, sitting, waiting, looking very dashing. Bronn heads forward to rekindle their bromance. Bronn gives his condolences, introducing his betrothed. Jamie charms her with a simple kiss. Bronn sends her off, then gets down to business, he doesn't see how this will be good for him, but Jamie assures him that it is. Bronn reads the scroll. His betrothed has been promised to another, Bronn doesn't see how that is good for him. He's going to accompany Jamie on an important mission and when he returns he'll get a better girl, and a better castle.

In Dorne, Ellaria watches Myrcella and the young Prince in the gardens. She goes to see the Prince, but his Captain bars her path. She threatens him, and the Prince allows her to speak to him. She wants vengeance for his brother, her slain lover. He reminds her that his brother died in a trial by combat, one he volunteered for. She wants him to avenge him, to go to war. But he will not. He will bury his brother. She tells him that the sand snakes are with her, they will avenge their father, and they have the support of the people. She wants to kill Myrcella, sending her back one finger at a time. He loved Oberon, but they do not mutilate little girls for vengeance while he rules. She threatens, not long, storming out. His guard suggests a little skewering, stroking his blade, but the Prince shakes his head in refusal.

Daario walks the streets with Grey Worm. His unsully have lost their ability to blend in, to be the skilled assassins they once were. They're too out in the open, so its no surprise that they've found no Sons of the Harpy. His Second Sons blend in with the group, and they're much more successful. They head into a home, but find no one there. Daario points out that the unsully no longer have fear and they have forgotten how to hide. Daario stabs a wall, and uncovers a man. Inside the wall there are a pair of daggers and a harpy mask.

Daenerys listens to her advisers. One former slave tells her that the Sons of the Harpy want to put a salve collar back on his neck, and he begs her not to let that happen. He wants him killed. That would send a message. Barristan Selmy thinks that she should exercise restraint, they need more information. Daario points out that the Son of the Harpy has no more valuable information, Daario questioned their prisoner himself. Another wonders why he would want to do for slavery, it does nothing for him. Daenerys thinks he liked knowing there was someone lower than him. But the former slave thinks he was paid off, which happens all the time. The guy from one of the great families hasn't heard of this practice. Barristan suggests a trial, teach the people of Mereen that there is a better way. The slave thinks that things are different here than where she comes from. There is no mercy, no fair trial here. All the people understand is blood. She dismisses them. Barristan stays behind. He wants to remind her of the mad king. Daenerys thinks that he's reminding her of lies. They were not lied. Her father was a mad, cruel man who burned people with wildfire. His effort to stamp out rebellion lead to all Targaryeans to be killed but 2. He thought he was giving the justice that was deserved, right up to the very end. Daenerys decides not to kill the Son of the Harpy until he has a fair trial.

Tyrion rides in the carriage with Varys. He's still drinking the day away, but points out that there is nothing else for him to do in the box. He agreed to come, but not to stop drinking. He wants to walk, but he can't Cersei has offered a lordship for his head. Varys is done talking about the futility of everything. They're headed to Volatis, then onto Mereen. There they will find a ruler. Varys points that Tyrion was a great ruler when he was hand. He got a lot of people killed, but he excelled in many ways. Shae tried to get him to leave King's Landing, begged him to, but he wouldn't. Varys lays out some horrible truths, they hate the grind, but they live for it as well. Tyrion has a walk back on his mind, thinking that Cersei wouldn't actually kill every dwarf in the world.

Some soldiers bring Cersei the head of a dwarf, but its not Tyrion. She would obviously kill every dwarf in the world to rid herself of Tyrion. She heads to her council chambers. It's full of sycophants. She's sitting in the throne for the time being all vying for the role of hand of the king. She appoints them all with new titles. Kevan she bestows as the title of master of war. He wants to hear it from the King himself, but the King is busy with his studies. He returned to pay his respects, but not to become one of Cersei's puppets. He sees the council for what it is, and he is less than happy that she has sent Jamie away. She tells him that he is on diplomatic mission, and that its none of his business. He doesn't recognize her authority. She is the Queen Mother and nothing more. If the King wants to send for him, he will be waiting at Casterly rock.

Shireen teaches Gilly to read, while Sam does some reading of his own. Gilly appreciates Shireen's skill in teaching. Shireen was taught to read at a young age, being kept inside, because of her condition. She asks Shireen how they cured her condition. Shireen doesn't remember, she was young. Gilly had two sisters who had it and they weren't so fortunate. Her father kept them away from everyone else, no one was allowed near them, and in the end they were covered in the scales, and animal like. They were left in the woods, and became white walkers. Shireen's mother sends Gilly and Sam away. She tells Shireen to stay away from Gilly, she's a wildling. Her father just executed their king, and Gilly may strike out at her. Shireen doesn't think Gilly would do that, but her mother isn't so sure.

Stannis is not pleased with Jon Snow. He ordered Mance to be burned, and Jon showed him mercy. The King's word is law. If you show too much kindness people won't fear or follow you. Jon tells him that the free folk won't follow him no matter what he does. He's the man that burned their King alive. They won't follow Jon either, only one of their own. Stannis asks if he knows the Lord Commander's niece. She was asked to commit her house, but she will only do so to a Stark. Jon is slightly amused. Northerners are like the free folk, loyal to their own. The new Lord Commander will be elected, and it won't be a pleasant turnover for Jon. The man think he's a traitor, and Jon's bravery made him look weak. Stannis does not punish men for their bravery. Jon has given everything he has to the Night's Watch, he doesn't have anything left to give Stannis. Stannis wants the North. Kneel before him, and he will rise as Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell.

Jon confesses to Sam that becoming legitimate was everything he ever wanted. He dreamt of it, and now he will refuse it. He made a pledge to the Night's Watch and he will keep it. The proceeding for Lord Commander begins. The maester asks if there is anything else that anyone wishes to add before the vote is made. A man stands for Thorne, calling him the only true choice, his exploits exaggerated Alleister gets his nomination next. The Maester begins the process, but Sam stops him. He has a nomination, though Jon shakes his head no. Sam is teased about his Wilding love, but he points out that his teaser cowered with Gilly in the lader during the war. He found him there after the battle was over in a puddle of his own making. While Jannis was hiding, Jon Snow was leading. Alleister fought bravely, but when he was wounded, it was Jon who took charge of the wall's defense. After he went to deal with Mance, even if it meant his death. Before then, Jon lead the mission to avenge Lord Commander Mormont. Mormont, himself, chose Jon as his stewart. He may be young, but he is the commander that they turn to when the night is darkest. There is cheering all around. Thorne rises. He cannot deny what has been said. But wonders who Jon wishes to command, them or the wildlings. He was among the wildlings, loved a wilding girl, and was found chatting with Mance when Stannis arrived. Who knows what would have happened had Stannis not arrived. He asks if they want to choose a man who fought the wildlings his entire lif,e or one who loves them. The time has come for the vote. The pieces are counted, and it is a tie. The Maester has not voted yet, and he casts his vote with Jon.

Arya walks through the city, and beheads a pigeon with her sword. A man stops her, surrounded by a little group, asking what she has. She suggests he turn around and go. She draws out her sword, and they think it'll draw a pretty penny. She tells them that money is no good to dead men. Before they can decide whether they want to try her, the door man from the house of Black and White watches them, scaring off the men. Arya follows him back to the house. She demands to know who he is, and why they're scared on him. He gives her back the coin that she “lost” and changes his face. Its Jaquen. He told her that there was no Jaquen there. She asks who he is then. He is no one, and that is who she must become. He holds the door open for her, and she enters the house.

The former slave fores to see the Son of the Harpy. The Son thinks that Daenery does not belong there. They call her Mhysa, but she is not their mother. The Son is killed, and his body left out wearing the harpy mask with the message “Kill the masters.”

Daenerys wants answers. The man tells her that she wanted the man dead, but her hands were tied. He did it for her, to keep her hands free. The man was waiting for his trial. Trials do not work in Meereen he believes. When Grey Worm came, he was the first to take up his knife for the cause. His father died in that fight. He the Harpy's are allowed to return them to their chains it will tarnish his memory. The law is the law. She orders him to be taken away. Daenerys walks to announce her verdict before her people. They all shout Mhysa at her. The nobleman thinks that she should have cut his head off in the great hall and been done with it. The Slave is marched out as she addresses the people. They recognize him as a brother, beg for mercy as she reads off the crime. Daario steps forward, and again he calls to Mhysa for mercy. They all beg for mercy, but Daenerys does not give it. The crowd is silent for a second, before a hissing begins. The former slaves throw a rock at the nobles, and its a riot. Daenerys rushes out, under the cover of her unsully.

Barristan offers to stand guard outside of her door. Grey Worm will have them all stand guard. Daenerys just wants to be left alone. She hears a noise outside of her window, and goes to see what it is. It's Drogon, her largest child. She's happy to see him. He looks down on her, and comes near. As she reaches out to him, he leans in, but doesn't let her touch him before flying away from her, far away over the city.


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