Game of Thrones S05E03 Recap: High Sparrow

Ramsey Snow, became Bolton. Jon Snow was offered to be legitimized too if he helped Stannis. He became the commander of the Night's Watch instead. Sansa saw Littlefinger receive a Raven's scroll, which he claimed to be about marriage proposals. Brienne offered her her sword, but she refused it, which did not make Brienne give up on her. Cersei set a high reward for the man who brought her Tyrion's head. Jorah Mormont betrayed Daenerys, and she sent him from her City. Arya found Jaqen H'gar, and entered the House of Black and White to become no one.

Inside the House of Black and White, things look bleak and dusty. Arya spends her day sweeping. She watches Jaqen though, as he gives a man a glass of water. The man drinks its down, and walks towards a statue leaking. He falls on his knees. Arya puts down her broom. She's been sweeping for days, but she didn't come to sweep his floors. He told her that she could be his apprentice. Jaqen tells her that everyone must serve, the faceless men most of all. The girl only serves herself, and she must serve the many face god. She doesn't see that one among the idols around the room. Jaqen tells her that there is only one god, and she knows his name, and his gift The man who drank the water has died, others come in to collect him as Arya watches. She asks another where the man is being taken, but is ignored.

In King's Landing, it's wedding day. The people call for Margaery, to the disgust of Cersei. Inside, Tommen and Margaery say their vows and are wed. Tommen is very gleeful as everyone claps.

In the bedchamber, Tommen beds his new wife. He asks if he hurt her, it all happened so fast. He didn't, she assures him. He was very sweet. He wants nothing more than to do this all day every day. Margaery laughs it off. Tommen jumps at her for another round, but she reminds him that they have eternity, and they should catch their breath. For now, she wants to know all about him. He finds the title sounds strange to him. He asks if Queen sounds strange to her. It does. He still thinks it feels odd. He's King, because his brother died. She tells him that he shouldn't feel guilty. He doesn't. She thinks that they will be very happy together, as does he. She mentions that her grandmother couldn't wait to leave, that the capital isn't for everyone, asking if his mother likes it there. He doesn't think she does. She told him not to ever trust anyone in Kings Landing. She notes that it must be nice to have her watching over him. He's a man now though. Margaery is well aware of that, but to his mother he will always be her baby. She's been so generous, Margaery goes on. She's laying it on thick. After losing so much so quickly, her husband, her father and her child, she will never let him go.

Cersei is happy that her son is so happy. The first days of marriage often are. Cersei notes how pretty Margaery is, and how she smiles so much. Tommen wonders if she misses Casterly Rock, but Cersei tells him that there is nothing in Casterly Rock for her. Tommen remembers that she always liked the people there better, and that she hates the smell of King's Landing. Cersei wonders why he's asking about it. He thinks that she might be happier in Casterly Rock.

Margaery laughs with her maids about her wedding night when Cersei pays her a visit. Margaery offers her some food or drink. Cersei declines, she just wanted to tell her if she ever needed anything she's there for her. Margaery prattles on. Thanking her, asking Cersei what her title is now. Cersei doesn't think they need to be so formal. Margaery alludes to Tommen's zeal, and the likelyhood of offspring soon. Cersei reminds her that she's there for anything she needs. Margaery turns back to her giggling ladies.

Inside of Bolton's keep, Theon limps along. A pair of flayed men are raised, Theon quivers at the sight. Roose tells his son that they cannot hold the North on fear alone, and he didn't send him here to collect bodies. The tennant refused to pay. He told him that the warden of North would always be a Stark and he refused to kiss the boot of a traitor. Ramsey flayed him still alive, his wife and brother too, while the son watched. The new Lord paid his taxes. Roose has something more to say, and demands, Ramsey listen. Theon listens too. They don't have enough men if the other houses of the North rise against them. Ramsey understands, but he thought that they had a pact with the Lannisters. He had a pact with Tywin, and he's dead. None of the other Lannisters will ever bring an army this far north to help them. The best way to form an alliance isn't by peeling a man's skin off, but by marriage. Now that Ramsey is a Bolton, he needs to marry a suitable bride, and he's found a perfect girl.

Poor Sansa. She rides by Littlefinger's side, and she has no idea what he has in store for her. He brings her to a new keep, which will be her new home. She recognizes it. He's brought her to the Boltons. She reminds him that Roose Bolton killed her brother, he betrayed him. Winterfell is her home, but Sansa doesn't feel that way about it anymore. Littlefinger reminds her that she is still a Stark, even if she has dyed her hair. Sansa refuses, she will not marry a Bolton, she would rather die. Littlefinger tells her that he will not force her to do anything, he cares for her. If she really doesn't want to do this, he will turn them around. She has been a bystander to violence since her father died. He tells her to stop running and avenge her family. He kisses her on the forehead, leaving the choice up to her. Sansa rides forward, and their guard follow.

Brienne and Pod watch from the hillside. They plan to ride around the keep, she knows where they're going. Pod shines her boots. She asks why he's still a squire, he's too old to be a squire. He tells her the tale of how he came to be in Tyrion's service. It was to be a punishment by Tywin, but Pod didn't see it that way. Tyrion was always good to him. Brienne tells him that all of his Lords have been good to him, except her, she's a nasty person. Pod is proud to be her squire, she's a fierce fighter. Brienne is sorry for being so nasty to him all the time. If she wasn't he wouldn't learn, Pod tells her. She decides if he wants to be a knight she will really teach him. She can't knight him, but she can teach him to fight. Pod appreciates her plans. He makes a fire for them. She wasn't always a knight. He asks how she ended up serving Renley. When she was younger her father held a Ball. She didn't want to go, but she was dragged, and she liked it. The boys all fought for the chance to dance with her, and her father was happy. She was happy too, until she saw some of the boys snickering. The boys were all laughing at her. She realized then that she was the ugliest girl alive. She tried to run away, but Renley stopped her. He told her not to let them see her cry, that they were nasty little shits. He danced with her the rest of the night, and none of the other boys said a word since he was the king's brother. Pod asks about his sexuality, since he heard that Renley was gay. She knew that he didn't love her, but he saved her because he was kind. From then on she followed and protected him, but she couldn't save him in the end. Nothing hurts worse than failing the one you love. One day she will avenge him. Pod asks how you fight a shadow. Brienne knows that it was Stannis, and men can be killed.

Stannis and Davos pay a visit to the new Lord Commander Snow. They want privacy, but Snow isn't dismissing his Stewart. Stannis asks if he has considered his offer. It's what he always wanted, but his place is with the Night's Watch. Stannis is giving him a chance to avenge his family, to take back Winterfell and rule the North. Jon wishes that he could fight beside him, but he made a pledge, and he has to keep it. Stannis notes that he's as stubborn as his father, reminding him that honor got his father killed. Jon asks how long they plan to stay, for planning purposes. Winter is coming. Stannis is aware. They will march for Winterfell soon. Jon asks about the Wildlings. They would rather burn then fight for Stannis, so he will leave their fate to Jon. Stannis tells him that execution would be the safest, or he could see if their new leader would be more open to negotiation. Stannis is sure that most of the Night's Watch would rather see the Wildlings dead. Jon is aware of that. Stannis also notes that he has many enemies at Castle Black, and may want to consider relocating some of them. He suggest giving Alleister East Watch by the sea before he leaves. Davos notes that he sees something in Jon, it may not be apparent by his tone but its the truth. He wants wants best for the kingdom, as the one true king. Jon has sworn to stay clear of politics with the Night's Watch. Davos asks the boy the pledge, stopping him at “the shield that guards the realms of men.” He points out that as shield he may be more efficient, not on his icy wall, but wading in the muck and doing what needs to be done. As long as the Boltons rule the North, the North will suffer. Jon is left with a lot to think about.

Arya toys with her coin, when a zombie like girl comes into her cell. She asks who she is, believing Arya is undeserving of her place, and of the coin. She asks again who she is, and strikes Arya whens eh says no one. She asks and strikes several more times before Arya goes for Needle. Jaqen comes in, and asks what the girl thinks she is doing. She is playing the game of faces she tells him, but Arya isn't ready for that. Arya thinks she is ready, she is ready for anything. Jaqen sees the sword, and points out that she is surrounded by Arya Stark's things. The man wonders how no one came to be surrounded by Arya's things. The girl leaves, her deed done.

Arya ties her clothes up with Rocks and tosses them into the water. Next she tosses away her bag of silver, and even her coin. Needle she grabs last, holding it in her hands. Saying goodbye to it is far harder. Arya begins to cry. She cannot toss Needle away. Instead she hides it among the rocks.

She goes back to sweeping inside of the House of Black and White. Another body is taken away, but the door doesn't close this time. Arya looks towards it, before she can let her curiosity get the best of her, Jaquen takes her through it. They head down the fire lit stairs. He leaves her in a room with the girl, and the body. The girl wordlessly waits for Arya, and together they undress the body. She bathes it. Arya asks what do they do after they wash them, the girl does not answer. Arya gets to work washing.

The gates are opened, and Sansa and Littlefinger arrive. Theon watches from above. Roose and Ramsey wait to greet them. Roose welcomes her, and Sansa courtsey with good manners. Roose introduces Ramsey to her, and a group of ladies watch them, very unhappily. Sansa is taken to her room, and an elderly woman welcomes her home, the North remembers.

Jon asks after the Maester, he isn't feeling well. Jon brings the first task to the brothers attention, a new latrine pit. They've appointed a captain to oversee the task. He tells Brian that its a good job for a ginger. Next he turns his attention to Sir Alleister. He names him first Ranger. The men all approve. Janos he appoints to Grey Guard, which he does not approve of. Its a ruin, but Jon tells him to restore it. Janos thinks he's too good for the task. He's mistaken though, that was a command, not an offer. Janos will not have it though, he refuses it. Jon orders Lord Janos to be taken outside, and asks Olli to get his sword. Alleister does not stand in the way of the men who look to grab him. Jano calls out, thinking that Jon is merely trying to scare him. He thinks he has important friends in the Capital. Jon mounts the stairs, sword in hand. He asks Janos for any last words. Janos asks for forgiveness, he will do as Jon asks. He asks for mercy, he is afraid, he has always been afraid. Jon cleaves his head from his body.

In the brothel, they play some godly games when the Sparrows swoop in. They grab the High Septon. Lancel tells him that he is a sinner, and he shall be punished. He is marched naked from the establishment, through the streets under the chant of sinner. Whenever he moves to cover himself, they strike him on the buttocks.

The High Septon comes before Cersei and her counsel. He has been insulted, and assaulted by the Sparrows. The Master of Whispers heard that it started in the brothel. The Septon claims that even whores can have their confessions heard. The Maester thinks that a man's private affairs should be private. The Septon wants the Sparrows to be punished, the High Sparrow punished most of all.

Cersei heads to see the High Sparrow. Her guard does not think that it is a good idea. Cersei wades through the poor, to an elderly man feeding the hungry. He talks of his position, and Cersei asks why he has no shoes. He gave them to someone else, as they all do. He tells them No one is special, and so they think that he is special, which he finds funny. He wonders if Cersei has come to tempt him, he hopes not. She has comes about the incident with the High Septon, the representative of the Gods. Hypocrisy is a boil, and lancing a boil is never pleasant. He thinks they could have been more careful. Cersei admits that the High Septon came to her, but he doesn't want him arrested, but executed. Her thoughts are aligned with his. The corrupt man was bringing down the faith of the people, and he is in the red keep. The faith and the crown are the only things that hold up the city, and they must do everything to protect eachother.

Cersei gives the Master of Whispers a message for Littlefinger. She asks if he has made progress, he has. She wants it to be clear on the meaning of literally. A body jerks beneath the sheets.

Sansa walks through the streets, and Theon tries to keep out of her sight. Ramsey notes that she is very lovely. Littlefinger is very fond of Sansa. Ramsey promises to never hurt her. Roose asks for a moment alone. Littlefinger assures him that Tyrion never consummated the marriage, but Roose cares little for virginity, he needs her name. Littlefinger has given him all he wants then as promised. Roose asks if he is prepared for the consequences. Littlefinger does not think that the Lannisters have as much power as they once did. Jamie has no allies, Tommen is a soft boy, Margaery adores Sansa, and Cersei becomes less important daily. Roose points out that she still has many friends in high places. He gives Littlefinger her missive, that just arrived. Littlefinger finds it strange that the seal is broken. Roose admits that Littlefinger's gamble makes him suspicious. Roose gambled when he betrayed Rob Stark, but Roose points out that he had Tywin Lannister's backing then. The Eyrie is still his, and the last time that the Lords of the Eyrie aligned with the North they took down one of the greatest dynasties. Littlefinger would like to use a bird, and Roose would like to read the reply.

Tyrion is going crazy inside of the carriage. He needs to get out of it. Varys reminds him that Volantis is a big city, with many people who could report back to Cersei. If Tyrion doesn't get out soon, he's going to lose his mind, and be of no good to Daenerys. With a weak disguise in place, Tyrion is willing to take his chances.

In the market, Tyion and Varys walk the slave markets. A whore rallys the people, she's a red priest, and she's caught Tyrion's eye. Varys cautions him to quiet. She calls Daenerys the savior, and Tyrion mocks that Varys didn't tell him they were heading to meet the savior. She makes eye contact with him, and he thinks its time to head off to a brothel. Inside, there are plenty of Daenerys supporters, even a Daenerys look alike. Mormont all but weeps into his beer as he looks at the look alike. Varys points out that someone who inspires priests and whores is worth taking a look at. Tyrion goes in search of a companion. She thinks that he looks like a man with no money. Tyrion tells her that until recently, he was very wealthy. He is always pays his debts, its his thing. She notices his glance at the faux-Daenerys. They all want to fuck a Queen. Not Tyrion. If he could pick any girl he would pick her, because she has a skeptical mind. She accepts, but tells him that she has to wash him first. He tells her he can't though. No one is more shocked than him. What will he do in his spare time. He heads out for a piss, and Mormont follows. He tells Mormont that the show is almost over. Mormont binds him and gags him. He's taking Tyrion to the Queen, the only question is to which one?


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