Gotham Press Room at WonderCon 2015

With the season finale mere weeks away, Gotham sent a handful of cast and crew to WonderCon to tease the plot developments to come, from the Ogre to more darkness, and more!

Executive producer John Stephens gave insight as to how the writers and producers pick from the wealth of source material, previewed the Ogre, and evaded giving too many spoilers away as to the hot Gotham questions about the Joker and other big DC names.

Ben McKenzie was a good sport in discussing Jim Gordon's rather lacking tendencies in regards to self-preservation, the relationships with both Dr. Thompkins and Barbara, getting diversity in his material, and just how dark these last few episodes will be!

Robin Lord Taylor talks us through developing the physicality of Penguin's limp, bringing to life this legendary character and teased more bloodiness in the season finale.

Cory Michael Smith thoughtfully tells us about the decisions he made in Ed Nygma's mannerisms, why those who have been bullied should not look to Ed as a behavioural model, and what Ed will become as the show carries on.


Gotham airs on Mondays on FOX at 8PM.


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