Grimm S04E17 Recap: Hibernaculum

Nick eats alone in his empty house. Juliette is gone, again, and he can't even look at a picture of them.

Renard returns home, beaten and bloody. Juliettte wants to know where Adalind is. Renard wants her out, and his key back. She gives it back to him, and asks what happened to him. He met the new prince, Kenneth, and Kenneth is no Victor. Juliette plans to kill Adalind. Sean tells her just where she can find her. Juliette begins to undress, and he asks what she's doing. She plans to finish what they started. She grabs his face roughly, asking if it hurt. It does. She glad, because she's planning to hurt him a whole lot more. Sean grabs her in a rough kiss.

A man's car blows, and he's forced to walk to a nearby house. Inside a mother tells her daughter to give her grandchild a spoonful of honey to soothe her throat. The man knocks on the door. He's freezing outside, literally. She tells her daughter that the man's car broke down, and she wants to help him. The daughter tells her not to open the door, to offer to call a tow truck for him. The man gets very angry when she tells him she'll call a tow truck. He runs around to the side door and kicks it in. He attacks the mother, turning into a snake. He bites her, and freezes the woman as her daughter is helpless to do anything but yell for her mother.

Wu is on the scene waiting for Nick and Hank. He gives them the information that he had. The only thing taken in what looks to be a home invasion was her vehicle. That's not the weird part though, the body is frozen solid, even though the house is warm, as is the outside. The body would have had to be exposed to extreme cold for a long time to get in the current state. The daughter called 911 two hours prior. Nick spots frostbite on the woman's shoulder, and a literal bite. Wu is thinking that its not the usual home invasion suspect. Nick and Hank head to talk to the daughter in the kitchen. They ask if anyone else was with her mother when she was attacked. She was alone. She was always so independent. Jenna goes over what happened before her mother died. Her mother was so scared. She called 911, but doesn't understand how someone could do that just to steal a car. Nick tries to figure out the guys story, about his car. He sends Wu to check on breakdowns in the area.

Wu calls in, the victim's vehicle has been spotted. Nick and Hank tell him not to let officers approach the culprit, and they'll intercept.

Monroe tries to work on a clock, but his memories haunt him, making his normally steady hands shaky. He remembers getting kidnapped and almost dying at the hands of the purists. He drops the clock piece he's working on. Rosalee comes home, startling him and he wargs on her. He apologizes. Rosalee knows something is wrong though. He tells her its time. They never know how much they're going to have. Rosalee holds him. Thats why they have to make sure they don't take any of it forgranted.

The man drives ahead. He sees the road blocked, and he pulls a uturn before the block. The officers gives chase, and Nick and Hank decide to give him something to think about. Wu pulls up next to them. The man speeds ahead, but gives up with no where to go. He slams on his breaks, and everyone stops. The guy gets out of this car, and Nick, Hank and Wu chase after him. Nick uses his Grimm hearing to track him. The man is freezing again. He hides, and Nick can no longer hear him. The man wargs into his snake form. Nick inches closer to danger. He hears the snake as he comes out of hiding. The snake knows he's a grimm. Hank and Wu hold him in their sights. He begs them not to let Nick kill him, that he's cold.

Monroe makes dinner as he talks about clocks. She hugs him close, wanting to know what was really bothering him when she came home. He tells her that he was working on the clock and he just go to thinking how much time this clock ticked through, and how important time is and it just keeps ticking past. Rosalee doesn't quite believe him, and then he finally admits that he was thinking about the whole Weesenrein thing and they almost ran out of time. They didn't though, and they've been rewound and have a whole lot more time.

Hank pulls up snake boys record. Its pretty clean. His car was registered in North Dakota, he's a long way from home. Wu goes to see if state has recovered his vehicle yet. Hank wonders how he's freezing his victims. Nick is sure that however he's doing it, he's not going anywhere. It's time to hit the books. Before they can leave, Wu tells them that something has happened to their suspect. He's frozen solid. And the car has just been found.

Renard wakes, and he's feeling a little sore, between his beating and Juliette's games the poor guy is having a rough time. He begins to bleed from his gunshot wounds again. He hits the mirror in frustration as he remembers the incident, and the hospital after. The room opens up with light, and devilish hands try to grab him. He collapses on the ground.

Hank and Nick drive out to the suspects car. It's been ditched not far from his victim's house. Nick opens up the car and takes a look. There is a lot of fast food in the car, everything was ordered in three, and there were even three bags. Nick wonders if the guy didn't kill the other two, but Hank knows that's just wishful thinking.

Kenneth knows that Nick has to be communicating with his mother somehow, they need to find out how. He probably doesn't know where she is, but if he's in trouble, she'll probably come. He puts his man on finding how their communicating, by tapping all of Nick's stuff. Adalind comes with another problem, none of her clothes fit. Kenneth tells her that she'll have to go shopping, and he'll send someone out with her.

A man staggers along the side of the road, he's freezing. A nurse sees him, and stops to help him, thinking he has hypothermia. She tells him that she'll drive him to the hospital, but as he freezes he's overcome with need. He wargs, trying to bite her. She fights him off, and gets away. The man crawls from her vehicle.

Adalind heads down the street to shop, and Juliette spots her. She watches her from a distance, window shopping. When Adalind stops to admire a dress, Juliette tries to crush her with a gargoyle. Her guard pushes her out of the way just in time.

Nick and Hank do a little reading in the trailer. Hank finds a yeti-like wesen that freezes his victims, but Nick didn't see any fur, it had scales. They don't find anything that matches the description of what Nick saw, so they head to find Monroe since there are still 2 more out there.

Monroe looks over the Spice shop's orders, asking Rosalee about some rue. It's a very popular ingredient. Hank and Nick asks them about the freezing wesen. It sounds like a Varmatiev, its Norweigan for heat thief. They can't generate their own body heat, they have to take it from others, and their bodies only process human body heat, so other sources don't help. Normally their harmless, unless they get caught out in the cold. This one was caught out in the cold, killed a lady and still froze to death in his cell. They think he was headed to his hibernaculum where they hibernate as a group for the winter. The hibernaculum is usually somewhere secluded. They have a customer, so Monroe and Rosalee go to see who it is, its Juliete. She tells them that there were side effects of her reversing Adalind's curse, and sleeping with Nick. She's losing herself, and she needs help. Nick and Hank come out, Juliette didn't know he was there. Nick asks if she told them. She didn't but she's not happy to find that Nick told Hank. She goes into full bitch mode. Monroe and Rosalee are confused, thinking that a break-up is the worse of their troubles. Nick warns Juliette that she either tells them, or he will. She flips her bitch switch, and wargs, showing them that she's a hexenbeist now, and is mad at their reaction. Not sure how else they could act, but scared. Rosalee thinks there has to be some way to fix it. Juliette knows there is no way to fix the issue, and blames them all for what she's become. Nick takes the full blame, but Juliette feels there is enough blame to go around. Monroe and Rosalee think that there has to be a way to fix it, but he can't take her powers like her did Adalind's. Wu calls with another victim. Monroe grabs his coat to go with them. Rosalee plans to call Juliette, she refuses to give up on her, but she still can't believe that she's a hexenbeist.

Wu fills them in. The nurse picked up the hitchhiker, and planned to take him to the hospital, when he attacked her. This Varmatiev is related to the other one. They plan to run the last name, Gunderson, to locate the hibernaculum. They figure that when the truck broke down, the three split up, since no one would pick up three men.

The third Varmatiev is in the city, freezing. He jumps into a cab, telling the cabbie that he wants to go home, but before he can pull out his address, he goes all snakey, and attacks the cabbie.

Nick and Hank find 6 Gundersons in the area, any of which could be the hibernaculum. Wu calls about another vicitm, and they head to the scene. The guy was obviously bit, and his heat stolen. They find that he was a cab driver, and Hank calls into the cab company, to get his last pick up. Wu finds the last Gunderson's name, Sven. They were all headed west, and only one Gunderson is west. They head to the house.

Adalind tells Kenneth that the falling Gargoyle was not an accident, she saw Juliette across the street. She's sure that she made it fall. Adalind wants Kenneth to kill her, but Kenneth sees the advantage in Juliette. Not only could she possibly be in touch with Kelly, as a new hexenbeist, her relationship is probably rocky with the Grimm, so he can use that.

Nick, Hank, Monroe,and Wu arrive at the house. There are plenty of cars out front, looks like a party. Wu finds a way in, but the house looks empty. Hank wonders if they should knock, but Nick thinks no. He breaks the window and the four head inside. It feels like an iceberg in the house. If this is an hibernaculum, they wonder where everyone is. As they reach the living room, its getting warmer and warmer. Hank thinks that the heat is coming from the floor. Beneath the rug, there's a trap door. Nick opens it, and its like a sauna inside. Nick pauses on the steps. If this is a hibernaculum, what are they doing. Monroe reasons that they're hibernaculating. The four head down the sauna-like steps and find a pile of Varmatiev in their skivvies sleeping peacefully, they definitely found the hibernaculum, and its more than just a handful that they thought. They look to be in a deep sleep. Nick and Wu circle the pile looking for Sven. Monroe cautions that waking a pile of Varmatiev could be way worse. They locate Sven by his tattoos, but he's a few people deep. They try to untangle Sven, but end up waking up the entire pile. They try to reason with them, that they're only there for Sven, but the Varmatiev go on the attack. They make a run for it, shutting the trap door. They can't hold them forever, and Monroe suggests that they make a run for it. They can't make it to the car in time, but they can make it to the barn. They run to the barn with the Varmatiev hot on their trail. Hank and Nick hold the doors, but two manage to break through the walls. Wu and Monroe take the doors, while Hank and Nick deal with Sven and another. It's a fist fight, but the Varmatiev aren't dealing with the cold well. All of them collapse because of the cold, and Nick tells the others that they have to put them back or they'll die. Most of them were innocent. They put the Varmatiev back in their hibernaculum, and Nick decides that its best that they all agree that they were never there. Wu has to agree. Monroe asks what happened to Sven. He was frozen solid in the barn. Nick tells them that he was never there either, or the other cops will find the others. They move him. A woman runs out to find a taxi. She heads over to Sven's but he sits frozen behind the wheel.

Nick returns home. He remembers the words that his aunt said to him when his grimm powers began to manifest. She warned him that he had to end things with Juliette, to never see her again, but Nick didn't listen. He picks up the overturned picture of him and Juliette.


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