iZombie S01E04 Recap: Liv and Let Clive

Blaine sits awake next to a sleeping Jackie. She asks him if last night was a service he provides all of his clients, thinking that being his booty call should get her a rebate. He points out that he made her a zombie not a whore. Oh Blaine, so romantic. The pair go through the daily preparation to look like their living, from hair coloring to pray tanning.

Liv takes a pair of coffees over to Major's house. When Jesse slips past her on her way in. Major's fresh out of the shower and in a towel. She's come to apologize for all the weirdness lately. Jesse is moving out, as a roommate, he didn't work out. Liv apologizes, if it weren't for her, then he wouldn't need a roommate. She asks if Jerome's friend has turned up, he hasn't and worse, now Jerome is gone too. Jerome has been returning his texts, but Major doesn't think that either will be back. The Jenga girl comes downstairs in Major's shirt, and the room fills with awkwardness. Major is surprised that she's up, but he introduces Liv and Corinne. Liv takes her leave.

Liv tells Ravi about the meeting, telling him that it wasn't that bad even though she was in Major's living room, and drinking out of her favorite coffee mug. She handled it well, without any vomitting, crying or violent rages. They look over their next case, a body that's been mutilated, with teeth and fingertips removed likely to make it harder to identify. And likely the work of an asian gang judging by the body's own gang tattoo. Liv looks at the cause of death, and Ravi thinks that Clive may want some help on the case, possibly a working. Before she can saw into the head, her brother comes in gleeful that he's going to see her saw into a guy. Sounds like Mommy Dearest has gone off the deep end, and little brother will be staying for awhile. Liv gets him the key, and gets him out, so she can do her zombie thing.

A little hot sauce, a little rice, and brain and Liv gets to eating, wishing that Brains tasted like the places where they come from, but al brains taste the same unfortunately. Clive comes to see what his new John Doe is, and recognizes him as Sammy Wong, a former informant, and worse Clive wants no help. Liv gets a vision of Sammy witnessing Clive giving someone else get a beating for informing on the group. Clive asks what she saw, but Liv doesn't say a word.

Ravi asks her about her vision, surprised that Clive had a mustache. Liv is more alarmed by the beating he was giving the guy, accusing him of snitching. No wonder why Clive doesn't want her help, he's a dirty cop. Ravi tells her that she knows Clive, but she isn't so sure. There has to be another explanation. Like there's another explanation for Corinne to be at Major's house in his shirt so early in the morning slobbering all over her cup. Danger, danger Ravi, Liv is in full rant moe, thinking Corinne is going to use the roommate angle to steal her spot. Ravi pulls her back to reality, telling her that she sound's paranoid. Ravi thinks that she may be having effects of the brain she consumed. Liv jumps to the thought that Ravi should move in with Major, and cut Corinne off at the pass. Ravi isn't sure he's ready to give up his privacy. He likes his week to week, and she's paranoid. Just because she's paranoid, doesn't mean that something isn't going on.

Blaine goes for his meat delivery, and he's asked how he gets his spray tan so even, sleeping with someone with money can work wonders. He heads back, and gives the pair their list for the day. The guys are total meat heads, and being zombies probably doesn't help. The owner brings him back a new fancy brain dish to try, and its delicious. The two want a sample too, but Blaine sends his boys out without so much as a nibble, brains are for closers.

Liv heads to find out more about Sammy. She goes to see Clive's former partner for more information. She can't give her anything on the ongoing vice case, but she's more than happy to give her some dirt on Clive. He was out for #1, no one was surprised when he was suspended, and no one was sad when he left for homicide. Liv is very surprised, this doesn't sound like the Clive she thought she knew.

Liv wonder why Clive never told her that he had been suspended before, and Ravi points out that's not the sort of thing you lead with. They head to a video store, where the guy was wearing a shirt from, thinking that it could give them more clues. Liv tells Ravi to follow her lead, and Ravi is concerned that her plan involves gum. Liv smacks on the gum, talking all valley girl as she asks the clerk for Ray, coming up with a story of hooking up with him. Ravi tells him that she's like the whory version of Momento, and asks for his help so he can get out of there and get the lunch he though he was going to have. The guy heads back to see if Ray is around, and Ravi heads to check out the videos in the store. While Ravi actually finds the whory version of Momento Liv has another vision. Mustache Clive, and another man getting some wasabi bomb torture. Ray was not the rat. Before they can get out of there, the guy delivering the wasabi bomb comes out. He's heard she's looking for Ray and has a thing for asian guys. He introduces himself as AJ, and he's into white chicks, really white chicks. She's really nervous. AJ questions her, how she knows Ray, and why he would give her the video store card and not his cell phone. Liv and Ravi both notice their tattoos, and get out of there. The little video store looks like its the blue cobra nest. Liv tells Ravi that she had a vision and AJ was the leader, ordering wasabi bombs to the eye. Liv sees Clive arrive to the shop, which makes him look guiltier. She wants to stay around, until they're spotted by one of AJ's men.

Liv's brother complains about the lack of junk food in her apartment. Liv is more concerned that she may have been followed. She tells Evan to keep a look out.

Blaine's pair of zombies complain about their current lives. They can't even go to the gym anymore, and they're tired of working for Blaine. He's going around scratching the rich and making a ton of cash catering to their zombie needs. He's the only game in town, and they want to change that. They want to become the competition, and they have his client list to get started.

Liv comes out of her shower, asking what's the status on the guy with the dog. She finds Clive in her living room with her brother. Liv introduces Evan to Clive, but Clive already covered that. Evan makes a break to her room. Clive wants to know why she talked to his old partner, since he told her that he didn't want her help. She says she had a bad feeling, but denies the visions. Clive tells her that Sammy was in witness protection, something that her visions failed to mention. The feds didn't do such a good job. They were, until he snuck home to see his dying mother. Clive warns that there are higher forces at work, and tells her to stay out of things for her own good.

Major comes by the morgue to see Ravi. He knows him as Liv's ex-fiance. Major asks if that's going to be weird for him, he doesn't think so. Ravi is pretty sure he's okay with it. He tells him that Liv isn't here, and asks Major if he wants to wait for her. Major doesn't need to, but he can. Liv so set them up as roommates, and I love it. Ravi and Major together are going to be spectacular. Major asks him if he needs to finish up, and Ravi can't help but feel that the conversation has gone weird. Major thought he was there to talk to Ravi about the room, and a lightbulb goes off in Ravi's head. Liv had mentioned that he was looking for a place and wanted to talk about it. Ravi admits that his current living situation isn't ideal, that his work isn't the most lively, and that when he's home he likes a little loud tv. Not exactly what Major was hoping for in a roommate.

Blaine's guys go to collect their payment from Jackie, as she hands over her check she tells them that she hopes the tip is included. They talk about Blaine's crappy business practices. He tries to explain to her about Blaine's monopoly, but she's way smarter than them. They try to tell her that she has options. She's willing to listen to their bargain offer. She has to think it over she tells them, and she didn't expect this from them. They think its a compliment, that they're underestimated because of their looks. These guys really are idiots.

Major doesn't really believe that Ravi has a wenforce. They're bonding over geekery as Liv comes in. She doesn't really understand as they rattle off eachother's game stats. He tells Major that he wouldn't believe what it looks like on his screen, like you're on a holodeck, and that has Major wondering where he would put this holodeck. Ravi would do bedroom, unless Major was okay with blackout curtains, as he doesn't like glare. Major asks for the definition of blackout curtains, and Liv is surprised to hear that the living together thing is a deal. They're really excited for the prospects. Major leaves, and Liv goes into panic spilling that Clive came by her house and told her she could get hurt if she didn't stay out of the case. He basically threatened her. Clive seemed really concerned about her having case related visions. She played dumb and hopes Clive bought it. Ravi did some digging of his own while she was out, and found AJ and his father. His father was in charge until about five months ago, which is the time Sammy was moved to Albuquerque. Even if its true it doesn't explain Clive delivering or watching the beatdown sessions at Cobra HQ. Ravi points out that if Sammy did testify against AJ's father, that would explain some of his paranoia. In Liv's vision it was a different guy getting the blame for snitching, Liv still thinks that Clive is dirty, that he may have set Sammy up when he returned from Albuquerque. Ravi doesn't want to think that is true. Clive seemed surprised to see Sammy dead in the morgue. Liv fears that Clive may kill them because of what they know, and she wants Ravi to be her lookout while she puts a tracker on his car. Ravi thinks her paranoia has gone too far,if Clive is who she fears he is, then they need to sleep on it and decide the best course of action. Liv says fine, but she goes to stick the tracker on Clive's car anyways. When she does, she sees the man who spotted her at the video store. Liv pulls the tracker, and runs off, but crashes into a homeless man's cart. She goes down hard, and has another vision. AJ tells Sammy that his mother is going to outlive him, right before Sammy tells them that Ray is an undercover cop. Liv leaps up all kung fu style. Sammy's brain gave her kung fu fighting skills, and she runs off after Clive to tell him that the Cobra's know that Ray is a cop and if he isn't already dead he will be soon.

Clive wants to know what the hell is going on. Liv tells Clive that she saw the moment before Sammy died. Ray was Clive's real partner when he was undercover. She admits that she lied about not having visions. She saw him beating up Ray, she saw him at the video store torturing someone else. She thought he was dirty. He calls in to find out where Ray is. The team is preparing to bring him and everyone else in. He's been out of the country bringing in a shipment of Utopium, and he's about to fly in. It'll be close, but Clive thinks they can make it before he lands. Clive doesn't want Liv coming along though, and speeds off without her.

Blaine gets another sample of a brainy dish. Blaine's men are back, and he tells them that they need to try the pasta and brains dish. It's delicious. They ask if he's planning on doing some painting, with all the plastic drapes hanging, sorta. He asks if they've come up with a name for their new start-up. Did they really think that Blaine wouldn't hear about their venture? They look shocked. He tells them that the couldn't give it another thought, and then caps the pair. It's no surprise, most small businesses fail. He pulls out two new beefy guys, reminding them that he took them out of the freezer and he can put them back in.

Liv calls Clive, and he finally answers. She's been going nuts worrying about him and Ray. AJ 's crew are all apprehended. Liv apologizes that she didn't trust him, and she owes him more than a bowl of soup. Clive admits that he wanted to keep her away so she wouldn't see his dark past, and to keep her safe. AJ wasn't among them though, and they're headed to the video store to pick him up. Liv hears someone in her apartment. She goes to see who it is, and its AJ. He throws her across the room. He tells her the look on her face tells him that she's not really all that into Asian guys, and he wants to know what else she's hiding. One of AJ's men followed her from his shop to the police station. He tells her that Ray is dead, and she's about to be too. Liv enlightens him. Ray is safe, and his boys are spreadeagled and cuffed. Liv gives him another shocker, and does a little kung fu fighting of her own. She kicks him into her closet, and he comes out swinging, with an umbrella. After their little fight, Liv is gonna need a whole new room as he knocks her around. He picks up a big shard of glass, and Evan returns home. In fear Liv goes full zombie and jumps on AJ. She beats him up before Evan even realizes he was in danger.

Clive commends Liv for taking down AJ. She's much tougher than she looks. AJ is brought out in cuffs, and he asks what she is. She tells him that he just got beat by a girl, a normal regular girl. He calls her a freak as he's taken away. She chalks up her skills to sorority self defense classes claiming she could “take out Batman with a spiral notebook and a student ID card.” Clive wants to know how she even got on AJ's radar. She admits that she went to the video store asking about Ray right before Clive showed up. She now realizes it was to investigate Sammy's murder, and not get instructions from his gang overlord. Clive can't believe that she would think he was working for that twisted ninja. Liv didn't just hear a rumor, but saw him go dark. He lost a whole year of his life when he went undercover, pretending to be something he's not. Liv can understand that. He went so deep that when he came back up no one wanted to work with him, not even Ray, which is why he went to homicide for a clean start. Liv apologizes. She knows he's a good cop. Clive thinks its too bad her visions don't come with footnotes. She promises that if she ever sees him in another vision she'll come to him first before making any presumptions. Clive leaves her in good hands with her brother. He tells her that if she sees anything suspicious, or anyone over 50lbs, to call him. She won't always land the lucky punch.

The next day seems brighter. Liv helps Ravi move in with Major, who's willing to let them try again at being friends. Ravi and Major are really hitting it off. Liv helps unpacks Ravi's things. She's ready to start moving forward instead of looking back. She places his mug in the cabinet, and tosses what use to be her favorite into the garbage can. Ravi sees her, but she tells him to say nothing. He saw nothing he says. Liv is glad that Ravi got over his lease fears, but Major didn't even ask for one. Major is usually a by the book guy, but Ravi points out that its obvious that Major saw how eager she was to get him in to block Corinne, that she's not ready to let him go. Liv claims she wasn't sending a signal, but not even Ravi believes her.

Blaine calls Jackie to thank her for her little tip, and to let her know that those boys are no longer with the company. As a thank you he's sending over something special, to make her feel like a teenager again. He suggests she have it before he sees her tonight. One of Blaine's workers asks what he wants to do with the shoes from the body on the table. It's Jerome. Blaine tells him to take the shoes if he wants. Blaine take's Jerome's phone, sees the text from Major and answers it before tossing the phone away. He turns on his machine, and gets to slicing to poor Jerome's head.


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