iZombie S01E05 Recap: Flight of the Living Dead

A group of sky divers prepare to jump with a celebratory shot before taking the plunge. Everyone jumps from the plane, but not everyone has a great landing. One girl lands in a tree. Liv ponders tanning, and her lack of freckles now as the police work. Ravi paces, two hours, waiting for extraction to be completed, and he's stuck with no phone while starving. Liv asks who he would eat first. Ravi was thinking more of asking if someone had a spare apple. Liv prattles on, she use to love egg salad, and wonders if there is a brain equivalent. She went down to the spice shop, and her sandwich wasn't so bad, but its still a work in progress. Ravi throws out a yolo joke, and Liv tells him to amuse himself then. He bets she'll be having her next meal on a stick. They banter back and forth, naming off sticked foods, when Peyton calls. Peyton is upset, one of their former sorority sisters died. Peyton tells her that it was a skydiving accident, hmm sounds familiar.

Liv looks on the body in a different light. She knew Holly. Liv and Ravi get an update. It doesn't look like foul play. Her shoot deployed, but the landing spot isn't for the faint of heart. It looks like Darwin just stepped in. Liv looks over at the group of sky divers, one of them approaches. He knows that they plan to chalk it up to human error, but he thinks that something went wrong on the plane. She was suppose to go last, but instead a different guy went last and late, then he was no where to be found after, and he thinks that he has some explaining.

Major pays Clive a visit. Clive asks if Eddie turned up, he didn't and that has Major worried. Even worse, now Jerome is missing too. He's tried to call him, but his number has been disconnected. He's reached out to their families, and there is no leads. Clive thinks that he should go contact missing persons. Major has been there, and they've offered him nothing. He's beyond frustrated. Clive is really swamped, but he's willing to look into it. Major gives him a description of Jerome's last outfit, while taking a picture of him to Clive's computer. Before he leaves, he asks if Clive remembers Jerome talking about the scary guy the kids were calling the Candyman, he was giving drugs out to kids. Major asks if he can go down there and atleast check him out. Clive plans to delegate the task, and Major leaves in disgust. Clive warns him not to do anything stupid.

Liv looks over Holly. She was the opposite of her. She was adventuress and free. There was not a single rule that she didn't violate, which was why she was kicked out of the sorority. Deep down Liv always wanted to be her. Ravi tells her that she doesn't have to do this. It'll be weird, but Liv has to know for sure that it wasn't an accident. Ravi fires up the bone saw, and Liv holds Holly's hand.

Peyton and Liv flip through Holly's facebook pictures. Each picture looks like its out of National Geographic, the girl sure liked to travel. Peyton finds her death to be so stupid. She flipped the bird to life so many times, it was only a matter of time until she bit the big one. She was fun and vivacious, which makes her death all the worse. Liv thinks that dying is the consequence of living. Holly once found Liv distraught after a bad grade, and she told her that in the end grades don't matter, together they jumped a fence and swam in someone's pool, which lokoing back was one of Liv's best college moments. Peyton never told her that, she feels cheated on. Yet they both voted to kick her out of the sorority. Peyton reminds her of her drunken late nights, and leaving strays on the couch for her sisters to find. Liv wonders if she didn't have something figured out that they missed. Peyton finds a video posted the previous night of the Lowell, the last jumper. It jogs a memory of Holly convincing Lowell to jump, and him yelling at her.

Liv tells Clive he has to look into Holly's case. Her murder wasn't ruled a homicide. Liv reminds him that the case won't be closed until her office delivers the results. She tells him of her vision Lowell freaking out. He scared her and one of her friends is sure of her death. They have to do something. Clive is on board, even if its gonna make him more unpopular, he'll bring in Lowell. Liv reminds him that they were wearing helmet cams, and to get the footage too.

Liv heads out to her car, but doesn't take it. She grabs a bike instead and goes cruising around the city, down the stairs, enjoying the rush.

Lowell wonders why he's being questioned. Clive doesn't make a big deal of it, they're just trying to nail down a timeline for the investigation. Liv arrives. And Lowell recognizes her. Clive asks why an energy drink would pay for their group to jump out of planes. They want people to look good, while doing dangerous things, and they put out his last album. Liv jumps to the point. Why did he jump last? And why wasn't he found immediately. He tells them to just watch the camera footage, but they want a preview in his words. Lowell confesses that Holly jumped first because he got nervous, and he asked her to go first. Nervous doesn't explain why he was missing for thirty minutes. He shrugs it off, he landed away from the drop zone. He had no clue where he was, and wandered around until he found them. Clive heads off to check the footage. Liv sits down, and resumes questions, asking why he was miserable at the party the night before. Lowell looks towards the camera in the corner. Liv asks if he and Holly were sleeping together. Lowell is willing to answer if she answers his questions. She agrees. He was miserable because Carson's parties blow, and no he was not sleeping with Holly she was just his favorite person to hang with at events. She was genuine and smart, unlike the others. He asks if she has a boyfriend. Before she can answer Clive returns, it seems that all of the footage had been destroyed from the jump by the drink company. He asks why they would do that, besides to protect him.

Clive asks if she had met Lowell before, cause he seemed like he knew her. She hadn't. Clive thought he was a smart ass, and evasive. He plans to bring in the others.

Ren Smith (the accuser) is brought in next. Maxx Rager sponsors him, and its a dream job. He gets to hang with his friends, but not all of them are his friends.

Eliza Marquette she's in charge of marketing. He asks why the footage was destroyed. Eliza tells him to protect Holly's family from seeing images of her plummeting to her death. Liv doesn't believe her, but Eliza continues it was for their benefit too, to prevent her family from suing them if the footage got out. Clive asks if its normal for Maxx Rager executives to skydive with their athletes. Not really, but she's dating Carson.

Carson is next. He says he's in advertising, his face is his passion.

Clive brings up Lowell. Eliza admits that for the past couple of months he's been withdrawn and canceled a few events, but he's a good artist.

Ren tells them that Lowell was acting like a bitch at Carson's party, that he may have been on drugs, and Holly had made it her mission to find out what was up with him.

Carson says that Lowell and Holly weren't involved. She invited him to everything, and really liked his music, but he kept shutting her down. He was the one guy who could resist her. Liv points out that he's a guy.

Eliza knew all about Carson's past fling with Holly, but is adamant that it was just that a past fling, all the while maintaining her icy demeanor.

Ren had a different story. Carson and Holly were not over. Eliza lived in fear that Holly would snap her fingers and take Carson back.

Carson is adamant that he was not sleeping with Holly, anymore. The last time was about six weeks ago. Eliza thought that they had been exclusive for the past year. Carson begs them not to tell Eliza. Liv has a vision, not of Carson and Holly, but of Carson begging Holly not to let his secret out of them. There's a sleeping Ren behind him.

Liv tells Clive that Carson had something to hide, that she had a vision and if she were to make a guys with Ren sleeping on the bed behind him, they were lovers and that was the secret he was desperate to keep. Clive wonders who else he was sleeping with. He asks if Carson seemed threatening, he didn't. He was a wuss. They have a sketchy musician, a serial cheater, someone who destroyed eye witness footage which really bugs Clive, but still its not enough to call it a murder.

Liv heads back out on the big. She knows Clive is right, but she has a gut feeling she has to keep going. If you live each day like its your last, eventually, you'll be right. Liv thinks that maybe she should enjoy the last few days she has with Holly. Ravi is glad to see her, he has something to show her.

The Captain comes to have a few words with Clive. His morning food porn interrupted by Maxx Rage lawyer calls. He reminds his detective that if it isn't on the board in red then its someone else's problem. He doesn't care if come sunday he finds his own mother with an ax in her, if she's not on the board, she's someone else's problem. Clive understands. Liv rushes in. Holly had GHB in her system. 5-10 minutes after she ingested it she would be useless, making Liv surprised she was able to open her shoot. The Captain questions who Liv is, and if she's been there long. The Captain has no choice but to congratulate Clive for getting his case on the board.

Liv apologizes for getting him in trouble. He's not sweating it, its par for the course. He plans to bring the skydiving group in tomorrow, they're the only ones that could have dosed Holly. Liv tells him that she'll be at Holly's memorial tonight, thinking whoever killed her will likely be there at Carson's. Clive thinks its perfect since they won't likely get another invite to Carson's without a warrant.

Peyton and Liv spot Major at Carson's and beeline to him. He looks like he's at a funeral and Liv knows its about Jerome. Everyone from their Alma Mater showed up, which Holly would have wanted. Peyton jokingly wonders if their will also be a keg in the bathroom. There won't, but there may be streaking in Holly's honor later. They look at some pictures of the vivacious Holly. Peyton and Major run off to get drinks.

Eliza is surprised to see Liv there, and as cold and bitchy as ever. She didn't expect the police to be there, but Liv is just there to pay her respects. Ren doesn't feel its very respectful, and Carson seconds that. Eliza tells her that they set it up for Holly's friends and family. Liv was a friend, and she tells them that considering that one of them drugged her, she's the best friend that Holly had in the 10 foot radius. That announcement does not sit well with them.

Clive prepares to call it a day when he sees Jerome's picture. His day isn't over quiet yet.

Liv heads to Carson's room, and takes a look. She finds some hidden herpes meds, not what she was expecting. Carson's room is fulled with posters of him. She searches another drawer. Blue fuzzy handcuffs, condoms, and a signed prescription pad. She has a memory of Carson handing out joke prescriptions on Christmas. She calls Ravi about the prescription pad and Dr. McColm. All of the jump crew had access to the papers, she asks him to check into prescriptions for GHB from that doctor. Lowell catches Liv in Carson's room. She feigns that she's looking for the bathroom, but he doesn't buy it for a moment. He asks her to join her for a drink instead.

He heard that Holly was drugged before her jump, and that Liv knew her. Liv admits that she was her sorority sister. Lowell knows the story of the girls who banned her. He suggests that she tell the new Thetas that drinking and streaking is model behavior. Its in every American college movie, ever. Lowell mixes up drinks. He asks how she voted. She admitted that her reasons are stupid now, she wishess she could change things. Lowell tells her that they use to do a shot before jumps, take turns of bringing hard to find whatevers. It was Carson's turn. Liv asks who poured the drinks that last jump. Lowell doesn't remember, he was preoccupied. Ren and Carson were in a secret relationship, that wasn't so secret according to Lowell. Something friends knew about, but not the world. Lowell is confessing this to get a better shot at a date with Liv. Why did Ren think he was to blame? Lowell admits that he had changed, dramatically in fact. He had to reassess his life. Liv notices that the drink is really spicy. He tells her its a perk of dating a zombie. Liv tries to brush off the zombie comments, but he knew what she was the moment he saw her. She points out that his hair is dark. He dyes it. They're both zombies, but Liv doesn't think that makes him innocent, she saw him yelling at Holly. He realizes that she ate Holly's brain. He sits down to explain. He started to go full-on zombie mode, he could feel it coming on so he told Holly to jump so she wouldn't be near him, but then he didn't want to be near the pilot so he jumped too. He went full on frothing zombie on the way down, and stayed clear until he was no longer in zombie mode. When they wanted to know where he was he couldn't say, sorry guys zombie problems. Major finds her with Lowell. He came to say goodbye, and she walks him out.

Liv notices that Major is leaving very early. He's feeling pretty down this week. He can't stop thinking about Jerome. Its been over a week, and now he's stopped texting. He thinks that something happened to him. Liv hugs him close. She thinks that he'll turn up. Major apologizes if he interrupted something, but Liv tells him it was just work related. He knows its bound to happen someday.

Clive heads to the skate park. The kids scramble at the sight of him, but he's looking for Darius. He calls the kid over, asking why he isn't home. Clive shows Darius the picture, he hasn't seen Jerome lately, and has no clue where he went, like everyone else. Darius mentions that a lot of people have been disappearing lately. The wino is gone too. Clive presses him for more names, and Darius takes him over to the wall that is covered with missing teens, layer upon layer.

Liv asks if Ravi got anything on the pharmacy search. Not in Seattle, but in Tacoma. They should have the name of the killer soon. Liv tells him that she found another zombie, a friendly one. Ravi is excited, he tells her to bring him in, and expand their data pool. Ravi asks if he has the same pallor, the white blonde hair. Liv mentions that he had really blue eyes. Ravi wonders if that's a zombie thing since they have yet to encounter a brown eyed zombie. Ravi questions his food source. Liv didn't ask, she wasn't thinking about that. She was more concerned with his hotness. Ravi sees that she liked it. Liv admits that she thought her love life was over. Ravi asks her what if their hot zombie guy's name is on the fax and he's the murderer. Liv doesn't think it will be, she has a good feeling about him. The fax comes in, and the culprit is Carson.

Clive questions Carson again. He compliments him on his snow board videos, and Liv dives straight in, asking him how long he's passed out prescriptions as presents. Carson feigns innocents. Clive takes the other angle, pointing out his fear of losing sponsors over his love affair with Ren, and how Holly planned on exposing him. He gave her a shot of Mescale laced with GHB right before she jumped. Clive shows him the prescription, and how he picked up the prescription two days before the jump. Carson insists that the handwriting isn't his. The evidence is bad enough for him, and his father is in trouble too. If he thought getting rid of Holly protected his endorsements, he's gonna have a harder time protecting them now. He didn't write a prescription for GHB, but Eliza may have. Working for Maxx Rage isn't a lifestyle, but like a cult following. A few weeks ago he was accidentally copied on Maxx Rage email chain about a report that Maxx Rage makes 1 in 7 people go psychotic. One guy died. He was with Holly when he got the email, and she read it, upset that Maxx Rage was going to cover it up. She wanted him to forward the email to a journalist, or she would. Carson thought it was crazy, Maxx Rage pays his bills, so he told Eliza about it. She said she would take care of it, but he had no clue that she would go all Sopranos on Holy. Clive heads to pick up Eliza.

Clive and another officer break down Eliza's door, but it seems that no one is home. Her shower curtain is gone, but her shower is still wet. Upon closer look she has something in the oven. Clive doesn't think she was planning on leaving.

The Captain clips his nails while Clive gives him the update. All signs point to Eliza being the killer, and now on the run. He's sure that they will get her, but Clive isn't so sure. The Captain gives him congratulations, but there is something that Clive wants to bring something else up. On his own time he's been looking into a missing persons, and found that there are 60 other missing kids from that same skate park in the last 6 months, that's 3 times the number reported in the previous 6 months. The Captain never signed off on his transfer to missing persons, and reminds him that in homicide they go to work when there's a body and only when there's a body. He sends Clive away, and reaches for his hot sauce. He's a freaking zombie too!

Major heads down to the skate park to look for Jerome himself. The guy who took Jerome's shoes come walking by. Major asks him where he got the shoes from. The guy tells him ebay, and Major tries to get more information from him. The guy pushes Major to the ground. Major calls him out on stealing them,and the guy admits it. He wants Major to come at him, and Major does, knocking him to the ground. The guy goes full on Zombie on Major. Bashing his head, and tossing him like a rag doll across the ramps. No one stops to help, just skating around him.

Liv dissects someone else, when Ravi notices that she has company. It's Lowell. Liv tells him that that's zombie boy. Ravi oohs, and Liv jokingly threatens to eat him. Lowell has come with a gift, a hotsauce made with some super pepper. The seller warned him that it would make him guy and turn his organs to jelly, it sounds perfect. Lowell has a little speech for her. The zombie thing is a bitch, it'll wear you down to where you're just thinking about your next meal and keeping your secret. You think that you can never be close to anyone again, never share those intimate moments, and then he saw her, a beautiful woman. She was the only thing in color, off, because she's so pale, and suddenly there's hope again. He's not sure they'll even like eachother, but he likes what he sees so far. I'm totally sold. The officers arrive with a new body. She tells him that she's free this weekend, and she had his number. He'll hover over his phone for the next few hours, and then he's onto the next zombie girl he teases. Lowell may be good for her, even if he breaks her heart. She's ready to feel again. Good or bad. She wants to be alive now more than ever. Liv rides off down the street, and I'm thankful that Major wasn't revealed to be in that body bag.


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