iZombie S01E06 Recap: Virtual Reality Bites

So last week when I was really worried about Major dying, it looks like I was almost right. Major sits on Ravi's table, getting stitched by by the ME. Ravi tells him that he's lucky that he isn't dead. And thank goodness for us too he isn't dead, I'm sort of attached to him. He'd be better off at the ER, but his insurance kind of sucks. Liv sees Ravi's handiwork, and offers to take over so that he doesn't have Frankenstein scars. Major tells Liv that he went looking into Jerome's story, and found that the Candyman was a real person. They had a bit of a scuffle, and Liv doesn't like the sound of it one bit, but Major reminds her that he's a bit of a bad ass on the football field and can handle himself. Liv still doesn't want him fighting. Major asks if Liv told Ravi about the musician guy she picked up at the wake. Liv talks about his over imagination. He claims that he's ready for this day, that he wants to know, but Liv remains mum. So is it me, or does Liv look a little less pale? Maybe she's doing a little spray tanning herself.

Jackie gets takeout, but the poor delivery boy is missing part of her order. He's not just going to be shorted a tip. She can't wait for him to go back for what she's missing, and she pushes the poor boy against the coat hanger, her eyes bleeding to zombie mode.

A man is dead on the stairs. He's a gross looking one. Ravi gives Clive a little something to help with the smell. He's the rippest smelling guy ever. The guy was a total shut in, receiving all of his necessities through a dog door. The neighbors noticed that the supplies were piling up. He's been dead about a week. There is tons of old food, and a heart attack is a possible culprit. Clive notices confetti. It came from a birthday card. Outside, many of the neighbors are curious about the shut-in.

Jackie places a call to Blaine. She tells him that she never received her delivery, she doesn't want to be charged. Blaine offers to make a special stop, but with delivery boy on the counter, she declines, telling him that she'll stop by later.

Mr. Cutler has confetti even in his eye. They still haven't arrived at a cause of death, and Liv really doesn't want to sample his putrid brain. Clive arrives and tells them that he was one of the most hated people on the internet. It's likely a murder, to Liv's dismay. Cutler was an internet trolling hacker, and there's even a web that is celebrating his demise. Ravi pulls up the website, and the guy was a total gem. There are plenty of accounts of his cyber bullying, and even a customer service call gone really wrong. Clive is looking into the web portion, but hopes that Liv gets a psychic hit. Liv looks over at the brains, and they've never looked more unappealing.

Liv whipped the brains into a gross smoothy, and she's not feeling great. Ravi suggests that she try saltines or something to keep the brains down. Liv spots some donuts that Ravi had brought it. The donuts trigger a memory. He was having an allergic reaction to a doughnut and went for an epi pen. She thinks that is why they found him on the stairs, that he was going upstairs for a pen, but Ravi didn't find anything in his stomach to support that.

Joey refuses to open up to the group. Major heads into work, and the kids notice his new look. He claims it was a rollerblading accident. Joey tells Major that he trashed his mom's place because his steapfather is a tool. He seems much more open to Major than he was to Coral. Coral sends Major a message, telling him that he can't come in there looking like he does, it sends the wrong message. One of the girls remarks that there's no phones during group. Another kid asks if he was out looking for Jerome and that they're likely dead.

Liv gives Clive her findings about the doughnut. It has them a little confused, since there was a lack of supporting evidence. Liv's eyes go a little hazy, she's not sure why. Liv notices the birthday card. Clive thinks that its suspicious. He looks up Cutler's birthdate, and sees that it isn't for another four months. Liv suspects the confetti that was everywhere, including Cutler's eye. Clive smells the card, and Liv too. It smells like peanuts. It card flung peanut powder all over Cutler, causing the anaphylactic shock. Murder weapon acquired.

Liv gets ready for a date. The last time she worried about how she looked for a date was when Major proposed. She never thought that she would be bored with Major, that they would spend the rest of her life with him, and she kind of did, but her death is something different. She heads out the door, and gets all woozy and freaks. She goes back inside and calls Lowell. She slips into the whole I'm sick speal, when she remembers that he's a zombie too and tells his answering machine the truth. She's eaten some agoraphobe brain, and can't leave her apartment.

Clive heads down to Ravi's morgue, about another victim. He was found by some hikers, and looks like he was gnawed on by a bear. Although the bear may have done a little sampling, he was taken out with a claw hammer. The foster kid has been in and out of the system for years. Ravi finds this odd, since the contents of his stomach look to be very high priced. The street kid had about $500 worth of food. Clive asks if Liv is around, but she's sick. Clive wanted her to take a look at the laptop. Ravi offers to take it over to her.

Ravi delivers the laptop, but Liv isn't sure what she's to do with it. Her fingers remember the keys though and she gets in with no issues. It's kinda creepy, and Liv prays she doesn't stumble across his porn. What she finds is pure nerd porn though, Cutler's RPG, which Ravi just happens to be familiar with, Warlock's Forest. Liv logs in, and Ravi looks on trying to explain to things to her. Liv hates this sort of stuff, but Ravi is more than ready to lend a hand. He heads home to log in, so they can game together.

Major heads upstairs, when he hears Jerome's voice. It's a video on the computer, that one of the kids is watching. Major asks if there is more footage like this one, and there is. Major scans the crowd as the video plays.

Liv is in full gamer mode, with pork rines at her fingertips and all. She instructs Ravi that if they are going to hit this castle he needs his spells at the ready. For someone who doesn't like gaming, she's fully embraced this brain's love of them. Liv's mother pays her a little visit, and she's not really happy to see her daughter so enthralled into the game. Liv berates her team, and her mother is worried about her. This has been the most lively she's seen her, and she's worried that she's letting life pass her by. Liv is hardly listening, and her mother leaves her to her police business. Liv and her team make it into the castle, but the opposition is sure that they killed her and she can't be back. Liv turns off the voice modulation, and calls out the killer. It's just a kid. He calls her, asking if he's going to need a lawyer. Otto is just 14. He reveals that no one knew where Cutler really lived. The kid lives in New York, there was no way he cold have actually killed Cutler.

Ravi laments over Otto's young age and great accomplishment in the game. Lowell comes bearing anti-anxiety meds, since she sounded overwhelmed in her call. Could he be anymore perfect? He needed them a few weeks back. She invites Lowell in for a drink, and ends her call with Ravi. Liv is looking more than a little bit of a mess, with pork rinds all over her shirt, and her place a mess. Lowell tells her that its not a date, but a drop by, either way, she isn't use to it. Liv reveals that she isn't really over Major still. Lowell gets that, she probably had this zombie thing thrust upon him. Liv asks what brought him to Seattle. He needed to escape the weather, and maybe a girl. He asks about Major, and Liv describes him as determined.

Major watches some of Jerome's videos, and he calls Ravi over to take a look at something he's found. Major points out the Candyman. He wants to know more about the guy. Ravi notices that Major popped a stitch. Major plans to pop by Liv's so that she can fix it, but Ravi ends up having to tell him that she isn't alone. Major thanks him for letting him know. Poor Major.

Lowell can't believe that Liv woke up in a body bag. He tells her that he woke up in a drunk tank with a scratch on his leg. She wonders how many more of them there are, and he hopes that there would have been a big bulletin out if there were many. One perk of being a zombie is the lack of beating off groupies. Liv isn't the groupie type, but she'd like to see one of Lowell's shows. Lowell doesn't do public shows anymore. He got an adrenaline rush and it almost went bad. For everyone's safety he just plays in studios now. He misses it though. He goes in for a kiss, and Liv cringes. Poor Lowell, things are super awkward. He notices her laptop and the slutty women of middle earth. Liv tries to assure her that she's not blowing him off, but that she's found a lead to her case. Lowell can't get out soon enough.

Clive heads into Blaine's little butcher shop, showing him a picture of the dead delivery boy. Blaine claims to not know the kid, but asks him to leave the photo behind to show the staff in the morning. The kid had a meat/truffle combination found in the shop. They hear an off noise, and Clive asks again if Blaine is alone. Blaine claims that its just the building, and offers to let him look around. Clive hesitates. Mama is waiting for him on the other side of the door with a knife in hand. Clive gets a call from Liv, with her lead. He hands the photo over to Blaine with contact information.

A couple claims that they not only knew the Sim Reaper, but that they celebrated his death. Liv reads a review that Cutler had made about their former doughnut shop. They didn't mean to almost kill him, they didn't make their doughnuts with peanuts, but the oil they bought was made on the same machine that processed peanuts, cross-contaminating it. They had their life savings poured into the business, and he brought it down. Liv tells Clive they had motive and means, but she doesn't think that they did it. Liv thinks it had to be someone else. He wasn't going to stop eating doughnuts, someone else had to bring them.

Blaine pays Jackie a visit. She hesitates in opening the door for him. She talks about her work, and Blaine tells her about his day. He puts on his goggles. A cop came to him about his dead delivery boy. He turns his drill on. Bye, bye Jackie.

The crime scene photos show several boxes from donuts etc, but they refused to provide Clive with a list of employees. Liv hacks into the system to find the delivery boy who could have been the killer. With potato chips everywhere, she heads to get another soda. The can sprays in her face, and she gets another vision. She heads to see Clive, but she's unsteady on her feet. She's heavily medicated. She tells him about the moment of death. The card had a music chip that played Ring Round the Rosy. It's likely a clue. Liv thinks she knows who it was, and Clive recognizes the guy from the scene outside. His last name is Posey. His birthday doesn't match the death date, but his sister's does.

Clive and Liv bring in Mr. Posey for some questioning. They play for him the customer service call that Cutler ranted on. Cutler wasn't one to make idle threats. His sister was the person on the receiving end of that call. Cutler ruined her life, and she ended it. Posey tracked him down by his bad doughnut review, which gave him a three mile delivery radius. He'll likely spend his life in jail, but it was worth it.

Posey let the tragedy of his sister's death ruin his own life because he couldn't get over it. Liv remembers what her mother said about not letting life pass her by. She tracks down Lowell, whistling to get his attention. She wants to pick up where they left off, before she ducked his move. He spent six years trying to get back on his feet after his death. She's ready to start living hers.

Ravi games, and Major finds a lead. He sends it over to Major to take a look, and I'm pretty sure its someone we know, Blaine.

Liv looks over the latest body brought in. She wonders if the woman looks like she sucked the marrow from life. Ravi tells her to forget about it, they have a bigger issue. The picture Major sent him was of Blaine, and Liv realizes that Blaine isn't grave robbing, he's picking off kids from the skate park, Major's kids.

Liv's mom heads into Blaine's butcher shop, she's so happy to find the place so nearby. She sees the hiring sign, he son could use a job. Blaine gives her an application.


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