Jane the Virgin S1E17 - "Chapter Seventeen" Recap

Jane is keeping busy researching in preparations for her baby coming. She runs into a woman while out shopping for baby supplies that gets her on the path of researching a multitude of baby topics she somehow didn't even know about yet.

Rafael and Petra begin planning for their next big event at the Marbella in the hopes of saving the floundering business. Petra is also growing closer to Aaron; she even learns that he's not abstinent (something that stricter practitioners of his religion tend to be). But she is stressed when she learns from Rafael that the permit for their party didn't go through because it was lost in the shuffle.

Xo and Alba still aren't on good terms after their falling out over Xo moving in with Rogelio. Rogelio is enjoying his newfound bromance with Michael, much to the discomfort of Jane and Rafael. Jane later advises Rogelio to tone his relationship with Michael done, as it's not good for Jane and Rafael, nor is it good for Michael's ability to move on. He advises Michael to move on but also lets it slip that Michael makes Rafael uncomfortable, a piece of information that convinces Michael to accept Rogelio's invitation to the party at the Marbella.

Jane is accompanied by Xo to a lactating class, which makes Jane panic over the arrival of her baby and the importance of breastfeeding, while Xo becomes alarmed at realising that she and Rogelio have yet to say "I love you" to each other. Xo tries to assure Jane that this class is overdramatic and panicking her for nothing. Xo later decides to try to goad Rogelio into being the first to say "I love you" even though she is already certain that she is in love with him. She becomes emotional and exasperated when her attempts fail.

Jane grows closer to Andi and volunteers to babysit for her niece in Andi's place to get practice taking care of a real baby. Neither of them have yet to learn that they both dated Michael. Jane expresses her concerns to Rafael and overwhelmed feelings regarding the baby coming but Rafael isn't as present as Jane would like because he is trying to get things prepared for the party. Before heading off to take care of another problem, he assures Jane that they will get through it all together and that he loves her.

Jane and Andi babysit baby Luna together and Jane unknowingly helps Andi try to rekindle things with Michael (not knowing that the ex she is texting is her own ex, too). Andi has to run out to get some more diapers and Jane becomes alarmed at being unable to get the baby to stop crying. Xo comes in and advises Jane the pick the baby up but Jane is determined to swaddle the baby as she was advised. The swaddle is successful in making baby Luna stop crying until a hurt Xo leaves and slams the door. Things eventually settle down and Jane learns that she has a knack for babies.

At the party, Rogelio tells Michael about the fight he had with Michael, who is able to determine that Xo was trying to get Rogelio to say "I love you," something Rogelio thinks he should've figured out sooner. Rogelio once again advises Michael to move on. The party is shut down when some officers show up and say that some underaged drinkers were caught out on the hotel's beach.

Andi returns to Jane's with the diapers but steps out to take a call from Michael. It's then revealed that Andi knew that Jane was Michael's ex.

Petra visits Aaron with the bad news that they might lose their liquor license and that she gave in to Rafael's wishes to have a big party even though she knew it was a bad idea, simply because of her unresolved feelings for him. She and Aaron share a kiss but Petra immediately leaves, apologising and saying it was a bad idea.

Rafael returns to Jane and begins drinking due to the fact that the hotel will be losing their liquor license and that they will have to pay a huge fine. He also snaps at Jane and picks a fight with her. He is also upset by Michael being at the party and says that Jane is too naive to see that Michael is trying to get him back. Jane leaves a drunk Rafael to stew in his own anger.

Rogelio and Xo have a heart-to-heart. Xo relents and admits that she loves him and Rogelio then says that he is "getting there" with her. Rogelio says that he has only said "I love you" to three women: his two ex-wives and his mother. He says that the main thing holding him back is the animosity between Xo and Rogelio's mother. He announces that she'll be visiting next week and they can mend fences. Xo feigns excitement but is clearly dreading it.

Rafael apologises to Jane for being drunk and angry. He says that he felt guilty for letting her down but Jane says that she's not angry, but scared that when the child comes it will all be on her to take care of it. All she wanted was for Rafael to say that he'd take time off to take care of the baby but when he fails to say that, she beings to doubt Rafael's skills for parenthood. She doesn't doubt Rafael's love for her, but simply whether that love will be enough.

Xo and Alba patch things up, as Alba advises her that Jane's determination to do things differently as a mother is not a judgement on her. Jane walks in on their mending of fences and apologises to Xo for snapping. Jane assures her that she doesn't think Xo is a bad mother. She then shares her concerns that she won't like being a mother or be unable to handle the baby. Xo and Alba promise that they are in this together and they will always be there to help her.

The big cliffhanger ending to this episode? Petra confesses to Rafael that she thinks "Aaron" is actually Roman.

Jane the Virgin airs on Mondays on the CW at 9PM.


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