Jane the Virgin S1E18 - "Chapter Eighteen" Recap

Rafael's mother Sofia is in town and gets to meet Jane for the first time but things are still tense between Sofia and Xo. Jane is stressing about her relationship with Rafael. She's having doubts as they seem to consistently want different things. Jane has an unfortunate run-in with a rude customer who turned out to be the city commissioner that Rafael needed in order to try to get the hotel's liquor license back. She ends up having to miss the family Easter festivities to patch things up with the commissioner.

On a side note, Alba is also hitting things off with her crush, Edward.

Petra is still determined to prove that Aaron is actually Roman. She sneaks into Aaron's room to steal a glass and Petra calls Michael to ask for help. Michael and Jane run into each other in the hotel lobby and Jane learns that Michael has a date with his ex, Andy, and makes the connection that Andy whom she has been hanging out with was Michael's ex.

Jane goes with Rafael to his church and finds the priest there is Edward, Alba's crush. Alba pushes Xo to make amends with Sofia which she does. Sofia is willing to forgive Xo's accidentally killing her cat some years prior but it's then revealed that Sofia harbours a grudge over Xo not telling Rogelio that she was pregnant but she had. Rogelio simply lied.

Petra gives Michael the glass to compare the prints with those on record and relays her suspicions.

Rogelio finally tells his mother the truth and the shame he feels over his actions and for disappointing his mother. Sofia is able to now be on slightly better terms with Xo but advises them that they aren't in the best position to be in a relationship with each other because they are both too headstrong. She warns them that they haven't thought things through and a long-term relationship won't last.

Jane initially struggles to make amends with Alexis, the commissioner, until she overhears Alexis arguing with her husband. The pair are unhappy and her husband doesn't hide the fact that he is cheating on her. Jane is kind to Alexis, promising that she won't say anything and noting that when she grew up without a father, she always remembered that her mother was there for her and says that Alexis' daughter will remember the same. Alexis apologises for having lashed out previously.

Jane hits a breaking point and relays her concerns to Rafael regarding his working too much. She would rather he be present to raise the child with her instead of spending all his time working. She heads home and learns from Alba that she has left a message asking out Edward. She tells Alba what Edward does for a living and Alba is shocked, even more so because he said yes.

Xo heads out after the disagreement with Sofia and Rogelio. While having a drink, she runs into her ex, Marco. In a moment of weakness, Xo and Marco kiss and Xo immediately leaves, feeling bad about what she has done. Xo returns home and advises Jane not to self-sabotage by giving in to doubt. Xo encourages Jane the focus on the qualities that made her fall in love with Rafael to begin with.

Rafael has been following the leads the private investigator has found on his mother. He reaches out, she shows up, and learns that she was just three hours away all this time. She wasn't happy with Rafael's father, cheated on him, and then was paid 10 million dollars by Rafael's father to go away and not make contact. Rafael is hurt to learn that all of this was much worse than his worst-case scenario he'd envisioned.

Xo returns home and learns that Rogelio has sent his mother away for disrespecting Xo and professes his love for her so she fails to tell him about the kiss with Marco.

Michael is in the hotel lobby and waiting for confirmation of who Aaron really is. He tries to let Petra know but by then Roman is already whizzing away with Petra in tow. He knew that Petra was on to him because when she was hiding in his closet, he spotted a lock of her hair sticking out.

Jane returns to apologise to Rafael, who is upset and hurt over what he has learned about his mother. He doesn't like her making comparisons to his father as if it's a bad thing since his father had at least tried to be there for him unlike his mother. Rafael then says he's tired of always disappointing Jane and wants to take a break. Jane leaves and cries in the hallway.

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