Jane the Virgin S1E19 - "Chapter Nineteen" Recap

Jane becomes determined to work things out with Rafael and proposes that they go to couples therapy. Jane figures out that Rafael met with his mother and despite Rafael's protests, she still believes that this is what cause him to break them up. He admits that he still loves her but he is insecure about always disappointing her.

Petra is still being held captive by Roman who has brought her out to a remote cabin in a swamp. Petra eventually hooks up with him to try to manipulate the situation to her favour. Once Roman has fallen asleep post-hookup, Petra snatches up his phone to call for help. Roman goes chasing after Petra into the swampy woods while Michael and his partner are heading to the location. When Roman tries to sneak up on Petra, she impales him with a tool and he falls dead into the swamp. Michael then arrives to take Petra back.

Xo still feels guilty about kissing Marco and her guilt worsens when Rogelio surprises her that he'll be doing a show in Vegas and she'll be getting to be the opening act.

Jane and Rafael head to their first therapy session and Jane has mixed feelings about it as the closeness with Rafael isn't returning as quickly as she'd like. After that, it's time for her baby shower and things become awkward very quickly when Andie shows up there. She asks Jane to consider not telling Michael about the light stalking she did. But the conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Rogelio who is there to sing a song. In the middle of the song, Rogelio is slapped by Jane's writing teacher whom Rogelio had previously had a fling with.

Rafael arrives at the baby shower and when Lina proposes that they play one of the games, it begins to remind Rafael of how much he loves Jane and tells her that he wants to try to work things out.

Jane's writing teacher tries to make a move on Rogelio by kissing him but he stops her and says that he is now happily committed.

Jane and Rafael feel awkward about the list of intimacy exercises so Jane proposes that they go rogue and the pair go skinny dipping in the hotel pool. It appears to bring them closer together and mend some fences and then Jane proposes that they have sex. They're about to give it a go but they're interrupted by a hotel guard who leaves quickly when he realises it's Rafael and Jane. When Jane tells Xo that she almost had sex with Rafael, Xo advises her to figure out a different compromise that will truly better the relationship.

When Michael gets his hands on the real list, he is horrified to learn that his partner Nadine is on the list of contacts. Nadine tearfully admits to Michael that she was working for Sin Rostra and that the only reason she was doing so was because Sin Rostra had threatened to kill her family. Michael gives her 1-2 hours before he will turn her name over to their superior officers.

Rogelio admits to Xo what happened with the kiss and Xo tries to come clean to him too but they have to do their photoshoot. She admits about the kiss literally in the middle of the photoshoot and they get into a fight, ending the photoshoot early. Rogelio then declares their relationship over.

Having no one else to turn to, Petra reaches out to her estranged mother so she will have some support following the death (for real this time) of Roman.

Jane proposes to Rafael that they move in together but Rafael's doubts have flared up again. He then tells Jane that the reason why they can't work is because he doesn't love her the way she loves him and that he got caught up in the idea of them being a family. He thinks they should end it and just focus on being good parents. As it turns out, he went back to the therapist on his own and opens up about how he's in a dark place of his life and that he doesn't want to drag Jane down. He feels guilty over having almost having had sex with Jane. He thinks he's doing the right thing for Jane and the baby but now he's just as broken up about it.

Michael runs into Jane and he is upset that she didn't tell him about Andie (Andie admitted the truth to him earlier). Jane shares the news that she and Rafael broke up and gets picked up by her grandmother. After Jane walks away, Michael texts Andie to end things. While in the car, Alba spots Petra with her mother and begins to remember that it was Petra's mother who pushed her down the stairs.

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