Once Upon A Time S04E17 Recap: Heart of Gold

Emma continues to search for the author, with Snow and David on her heels. They tell her that they know the author, that he manipulated them into causing Maleficent to lose her child. Emma is still upset with them that they turned her completely good at the expense of another's soul. They chose their path, but now they have to find the author before Gold does.

The author tries to carve out a quill from a branch, but Gold tells him it won't work. The kind of quill he needs, has to be made from Enchanted Trees, which Storybrooke has none. That has the author's attention, he breaks his quill. He has to go, but Gold offers him to come with him. The author laughs, he's the biggest pain in the ass that he's ever had the displeasure to write. Gold knows that's true, but he has something the author desires, a new magic quill. In exchange, he wants the author to write him a few new happy endings. The heroes close in, and the author takes him up on his offer.

Regina awakens, shackled, no more magic for her. Gold tells her that she and the author are his prisoner. She asks what about what he said, that he wanted her to find her happiness. He does, but his good will has its limits, and he doesn't want it at his expense. He's found Robin's phone number in Regina's pocket. He thinks that she has reason to fear for him. She asks what happened to Robin, and Gold frees her so she can find out herself.

Nine Weeks ago. Marion and her son pass through the barrier. Robin steals a kiss from Regina before joining them. In the hustle and bustle of the city, the noise bothers them. Robin thinks that they will get use to it. He tries to find Baelfire's apartment on the map, Regina gave him the keys. Marion knows that he came from the Enchanted Forest, and he lived there for many years, it gives her hope that they will be good here. Roland complains that he's tired, Marion lays down her purse to pick up the boy, and it's stolen. Robin runs off after the thief, who jumps on a bike. He steals a horse to continue his pursuit through the streets of New York. Robin tackles the guy, telling him that a thief who steals from those in need has no honor. The thief flees without his goods or bike.

Many years ago in Sherwood Forest. Robin tends bar while Marion serves drinks. Little John sits down, and tries to entice Robin into joining him. Robin hasn't lifted a penny since he and Marion married. The Sheriff arrives, and he's glad to see Robin living the straight and narrow. He tells Robin that his taxes are overdue, and the Sheriff being generous gives him two days. The Sheriff clearly has in intentions on Marion, though she tells him that she would never be with him. When her husband is in debtor's jail and she's on the streets he's sure that she will see his tall, dark and handsome appeal.

Now. Marion patches up Robin at the apartment. New York has lost its appeal. She's fearful, she brought this place on them. Robin tries to console her, she had no choice but to leave Storybrooke, and he chose to come with her and bring Roland. Marion knows that he's very honorable, but also that he chose to be with her rather than his true love. They hear a noise outside, and Robin prepares for whatever comes through the door next. It's Gold, and he's confused as to why they're there. Robin is just as confused. Gold tells him that its none of his concern, but he needs to leave. Robin refuses to leave, its his family's home now. Robin realizes that Gold is after the author. Gold thinks it could be good for Robin too, not so much for Marion. Robin refuses to trust Gold and his games. He has a wife and child, he needs this home and he's keeping it. Gold collapses in what looks like a heart attack.

Past. Robin cleans the floors, glad that he has a customer, that the Sheriff didn't scare everyone off. Rumple isn't looking for ale, but a thief, and everyone has pointed to Robin. He isn't interested, but Rumple points out that his barkeep days may soon be up if that tax notice isn't paid. Robin is willing to listen. Rumple asks for a simple task, to retrieve the Elixir of the Wounded Heart from Oz.

Now, at the hospital, Robin waits for Gold's fate, but he contemplates calling Regina. He's called to Gold's beside before he can call her. Gold did have a heart attack, but he thinks otherwise. His problem isn't physical, but moral. He's done a lot of bad deeds. In Storybrooke he protected his heart with magic, but here, he's almost helpless. They can't make magic here, but they can use items from other places. Gold asks Robin if he remembers the Elixir he asked him to steal. He thinks he may know where some of it exists in New York and he asks Robin to get it for him. Robin asks why he would do that. Gold knows that he's a man with a code, with honor, and that is why despite everything he knows Robin will save him.

Past, Robin stepped through Rumple's portal to Oz. Upon arrival he runs into Will Scarlet. His portal knocked aside a guard that had Will apprehended. Robin reveals why he's in Oz, and Will doesn't think that stealing from the Wicked Witch is a good way to end up dead. He asks for more detail, as saving a bar isn't reason enough, a woman has to be involved. A woman is, Marion. He promised her a good life and he intends to deliver. Will and Robin become fast friends, and Robin enlists his help peeling the guard out of his uniform.

Now, Robin heads to the Wizard of Oak. Clever name. In both worlds, he's not very clever or witty. Zelena sent the wizard to this world to keep an eye on Emma, and Gold warns that he won't be without his potions and charms. Robin breaks in and goes in search of the elixir as the alarm goes off. He digs through drawers, and finds nothing. As the sirens ring, Robin finally finds potion, but the cops are out front. He's forced to throw himself through a window and run for safety to avoid capture.

Marion is upset to hear what Robin has been up to, he could have been arrested or worse. Robin couldn't turn his back on Gold, turning his back on someone helpless goes against his very code. Marion reminds him who Gold is, and tells him to think of the greater good, and let him die. That's not the Marion he knows. She reminds him to look around him, at where they are now.

In Oz, Robin sneaks into the Emerald City in the guard guise. He finds a six leaf clover necklace, but looks on for the elixir. He steals a bit of the Elixir for Gold, and some for Will as well. Zelena walks in as he fills the second vial, catching him in the act. She see through his guise immediately, and wonders why he's stealing from her. He sees a carnival poster, and takes up the bow. Zelena laughs at him, as she splits in three. He's got one shot at her, and she knows that the only person gutsy enough to steal from her is Rumple and she wants to know what he wants. Robin weighs over his option, and when Zelena goes to throw a fireball at him, she condenses back into one person. He fires an arrow as she launches her fireball at him, he doesn't aim directly at her though, but at one of the pillars, throwing up smoke everywhere. The smoke gives Robin a chance to get away. Robin meets back up with Will, but he tells him that he failed. The witch was waiting for him when he got there, and he was unable to steal anything. Will walks away, and Robin didn't tell the whole truth.

Now. Robin arrives at the hospital with the Elixir. Before he hands it over, he wants to strike a deal. Gold will move on, and he will never see him at the apartment again. Gold is happy to give him the apartment. With the delivery, their dealings are done. Gold drinks the potion down, but its not working. Gold throws the bottle across the room, frustrated that it didn't work. Marion arrives, with the real bottle in hand. She tried to convince Robin to let Gold die, but he wouldn't. Gold doesn't understand why she's doing this, he's done her no harm. Marion pulls a necklace out, revealing her true form. Its Zelena. He doesn't understand how its possible. She used the six leaf clover spell from Oz. When he stabbed her in the cell, her essence left her body before it shattered. She had a time to go. She realized what she needed to do. She watched Emma and Hook as they flitted around in the past. When she realized what they had planned, she knew what she had to do. She killed Robin's wife and became her. It wasn't easy not being her, but knowing that she was going to ruin Regina's happiness made it worth it. Gold realizes that Marion never made it to Storybrooke, and Zelena admits its true. No one has been the wiser, not Robin, not even Roland. Marion is as dead as his son. Gold begins to have another heart attack, as she makes him realize he never got the revenge he desired. The sirens go off, and Zelena hears nothing but an echo in his chest. The doctors rush in to try to save Gold.

Gold survives, and he awakens to Zelena wiping at his brow. She silences, marveling over the magic in this world. A tube helps him breathe. There was a time that Zelena would relish in all of this, but she's not done yet. She admits that she was planning to steal Robin's heart, to destroy Regina, but she's been unsuccessful. Something is blocking her, and she knows that if there is anyone that could bend the author to his will, it would be the dark one. She wants her happy ending built into his plan, and for him to stop trying to kill her. She thinks its fair. Her life for his.

Past. Before Robin heads out, Will wants to thank him for trying. Not many would have the courage to try. He's very sorry Robin won't be able to save his tavern. He gives him a big boastful speech, about how Robin gave it his all, and he should be proud. If Marion is half as wonderful as he claims, then she'll see that too. Will once had someone who meant the world to him too, not the Queen of Hearts or Anastasia, but his sister. Are we going to pretend that Once Upon A Time in Wonderland never happened? His sister fell through the ice and drowned. Robin realizes that Will was never going to sell the potion, but to use it on himself. He's out in Oz, because he can't ask someone else for their heart when his is broken. The two embrace, and Will goes off. He tells him goodluck with Rumpelstiltskin, it's not easy to get the best of him. Robin leaves, and Will continues down the yellow brick road. In his pocket he finds the elixir, Robin placed there.

Robin waits outside of the hospital. Gold leaves it. He thought Robin never wanted to see him again. After all the trouble he went through, he wanted to make sure he was well. He also wanted to give him some items that Baelfire left behind. Gold doesn't want them. They're the remnants of Neal, a boy who was in this land alone because his father was too much a coward to hold onto what he had. He doesn't want a reminder of his failures. Robin understands. With Marion, he wished she returned everyday, and when she did, she's like a total stranger. Gold asks why he married her. He loved her, and thought she was his happy ending, but now he isn't so sure. Gold suggests as a man that was never satisfied that he should run towards his happy ending, and never let it go.

Past. Robin shined his glasses in his empty bar. The Sheriff arrived to collect his taxes. With no clients, he had no funds to give. The Sheriff is more than happy to arrest Robin, but he doesn't get the chance. Robin has reassembled his Merry Men. Thieving is in his blood, and he's come to the realization how to do so with honor. He plans to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Marion is proud of him, but reminds him that he will now be the Sheriff's most wanted. He will no longer go by Robin of Locksley, but Robin Hood. Not the most clever of names. Marion asks of Rumple. If he sees him again he will kill him. Robin doesn't plan on letting Rumple see his face again. He stole the six leaf clover of Oz. Marion finds him very clever. He's sorry he didn't tell her what he was doing, and she is willing to hear about it now. Robin confesses that he left to Oz to try to steal to keep his bar, but he's not cut out to be a barkeep. She could have told him that. While in Oz, he realized that his thieving could be put to good use. When yo u steal for yourself that makes you a thief, but when you steal for someone else that makes you a hero. He thinks that's no life for a family, but Marion thinks it is as long as she's with him. She knows that no matter where they are, or what they face, she only wants to be with him.

Robin showers, alone with his thoughts. Marion calls him, asking him why Regina's number is on his phone. He apologizes, he's been thinking about her. She asks if he wants to be with her. He doesn't answer. She realizes that things are hard, but she feels like he's not there. She tells him that she and Roland are fine here, and if he wants to go back to Regina he should. She doesn't want to spend her life worrying if he's going to stay. Robin tells her that he wants to be with her, that he loves her. She once gave up everything to be with him once. She said something to him before, that he should have taken to heart. He asks if she remembers, and she says she does, but she wants to hear him say it. No matter where we are or what we face I want to be with you. Marion meant every word, and now Robin does too. He thought she was dead, and the fact that they're back together is a miracle, and he needs to embrace that. He deletes Regina's number, and Zelena gets her man.

Nine Weeks Later. Regina calls Robin, but its not Robin who answers but Zelena. She admits that she didn't die. Regina asks where Robin is, but Zelena has done nothing to him. Zelena has been completely wifely to Robin. Regina is besides herself with the fact that Gold knew the entire time. He warns her that one wrong move, and Robin will die at Zelena's hand. He and Zelena have an agreement, but he needs Regina to turn Emma dark. Gold may have turned her into a monster, but she will not turn Emma into one.


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