Orphan Black Press Room At WonderCon 2015

Orphan Black has been a true rarity in its ability to grow its fan base and audience with each season and following the explosive and jaw-dropping season 2 finale, we've been clamouring to know just what was next for our favourite Maslany-clones!

The main revelation in the season 2 finale was that Ari Millen's character, Mark, was one of a set of male clones created by Project Castor. But of course there was Delphine's rise to power within the Dyad institute, Mrs. S and Paul's conspiring to have Helena taken away, Rachel's receiving of a pencil to the eye courtesy of Sarah, and of course, that now-iconic Clonetastic dance party. But now that season 3 is nearly upon us, it was time to hear from the cast and crew themselves about what's to come!

Jordan Gavaris talked about his lack of artistic ability, teased Felix's involvement with Alison's campaign, and getting to dig deeper into who Felix really is. Maria Doyle Kennedy talked about Mrs. S' relationship with Paul, seeing more of the back story of her character, and those tricky male clones (one of whom gets into a violent confrontation with Mrs. S in the season 3 opener).

Évelyne Brochu talked about how Delphine will react to receiving some power. Dylan Bruce expressed joy over Paul finally being in his element, and getting to make strong character choices. Kristian Bruun shared how this is a season of answers, Donnie and Alison's "second honeymoon" still going, and a whole new side of Donnie. This trio also raved about working with Tatiana Maslany, being in a comic book, and made butt-jokes. How awesome is this cast?

Series co-creator and head writer Graeme Manson assures us that this season is not about boys vs. girls, talks about the decision to make Ari Millen the actor to play the male clones, and teased possibly getting to know more about Paul this season.


Though Tatiana Maslany couldn't make it out to WonderCon due to filming, she joined us for a conference call interview which you can read here: (x)

Season 3 of Orphan Black premieres on Saturday, April 18, at 9PM on BBC America.


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