Outlander S01E10 Recap: By the Pricking of My Thumb

Claire gets a pleasant wake up, with Jamie's face between her legs pleasuring her. There's a rapping at the door, and both are reluctant to answer it with Claire so close to orgasm, but the person is persistent. Jamie leaves his wife satisfied, and goes to see what Murtagh is so intent on telling him. The Duke of Sandringham has come for a visit. Jamie sees it as his chance. The Duke has always been partial to him, and he has the power to lift the price on his head. Claire doesn't think that Sandringham isn't one to be trusted. Jamie thinks otherwise. Claire tells him that the Duke is a close ally of Black Jack Randall. Murtagh asks how she knows that. She doesn't want to say, but insists that a friend of Randall's cannot be a friend of his. Murtagh thinks that if they should want to get close to the Duke, they should consult Ned, to see what he knows and thinks. Jamie agrees. He tells Claire that she must realize what it means. He can finally clear his name and take his rightful place as Laird. He knows they would be happy there.

Jamie meets with Ned, he makes it clear that it would be Jamie's word against Randall's. Even with the Duke's backing he may not get his pardon from a British judge. Truth and lies have little to do with the law. Jamie feels like there is nothing to be done. Ned thinks that they may have something to work with. If the Duke does have close ties to Randall, then they may be able to make him rethink that friendship. He can draw up papers, about Randall's crimes against the Scottish, Jamie's wife included. If Jamie can convince the Duke to deliver the papers, it can be a court marshals for Randall, or atleast a reassignment. With Randall in disgrace, Ned could take Jamie's case to court and win him a general pardon.

Claire heads down tot he kitchen. Mrs. Fitz is gushing over a gift from Laoghaire, its lovely, but Claire has some serious business with the girl. Mrs. Fitz offers assistance, but Claire can handle it on her own. She makes herself scarce, and takes the rest of the women with her to give them some privacy. Claire confronts Laoghaire about the cursed bundle she found under her bed, but Laoghaire claims innocence. Claire knows otherwise, just as she knows that the girl has a thing for her husband. She also understands why her jealousy would be directed towards her, but she never intended to steal Jamie, nor was he ever Laoghaire's. She pipes up, claiming that it is a lie. Jamie is hers, and Claire stole him. She feels that Jamie is trapped in a loveless marriage. She tells Claire that Jamie must have to get drunk before he has to plow her cold field. Claire slaps her. She shouldn't have, but Laoghaire deserved it. She admits that she did plant that beneath Claire's bed, hoping it would make Jamie hate her as she does, and furthermore she thinks she's wrong about Jamie, and her friend Geillis. She sold her the curse. Claire warns her to stay away from her and her husband.

Claire goes to see her friend Geillis, but she isn't home. Her husband is busy rummaging through her potions. She's never there when he needs her. His stomach is acting up again. Claire gives him some fennel to give him temporary relief. Her maid tells Claire that it will be a full moon tonight, and to seek Geillis in the woods before dawn.

Under the light of the full moon, Claire goes in search of Geillis. She blows out her lantern, and heads towards the sound of Geillis's voice. She's communing with the goddess, in the same way that the women did that opened the portal that brought Claire. Claire watches her from the distance as she dances around with fire. Geillis ends, laying on the ground. She tells Claire that she can come out, knowing that she was watching. She thought she heard a rustling in the bushes, but the English are prudish. Claire notices that Geillis is pregnant, and she congratulates her. Its been a secret that she's been keeping for a while now, her husband doesn't even know, having never seen her unclothed body, and definitely not in daylight. Claire thought that they weren't having relations, they aren't. She has a lover. Geillis tells her that it is Dougal's baby. She knows what Claire is thinking, she's married to another man. Plenty of time for the summoning is completed. She wants freedom for herself and Dougal. She asks Claire to keep her secret, as she knew she would. She and Claire put out the fires.

Geillis swears that she did not know the curse was for her. If Claire wanted she could do much worse to her with what she knows. Claire doesn't want to though, Geillis is her only friend. Geillis feels the same about Claire. Dougal gave her a gift from the Duke, one that would have been wasted on his own wife. She's a shut-in, preferring their country estate over civilization. She's completely homey. Claire is confused, she thought the Duke came to see Colum. He met with Colum, but the Duke is fond of Dougal. Claire had no clue things were so complicated, but then she remembered something from her time. Randall had to have someone high up protecting him, and Frank thought that the Duke was a Jacobite as well. Odd but well to keep in mind. Claire hears a noise, she thinks its a baby, but Geillis stops her. She tells her that is no baby, its a changeling. She tells her that if you leave a changeling out overnight the wee folks will take it back and return the baby. Claire doesn't believe her, knowing that it is just a sick child. She goes to help the baby, but Geillis refuses to help. Claire searches for the crying baby, and eventually finds it in a tree. The poor baby is blue with cold. Claire was unable to get to it in time. She holds the dead baby in her arms, hugging it close when a rider approaches. He dismounts. It's Jamie. She tells him its too late, the baby was already dead, left out to die. He knows. She has a kind heart, but has no clue what she's dealing with. He takes the baby from her, placing it back in the tree. He's been looking all over for her, he saw Geillis on the road and she told him where to find her. He warns her that it is dangerous out in the woods. She asks if he believes in the wee folks, and such. It doesn't matter what he thinks, but most people in the area never leave, and they believe all the stories. It's easier for them to think that their child is safe and beautiful with the fae rather than dead. She's ready to go home.

Jamie and Claire look over Ned's account. It's good, and Claire still has her doubts. He doesn't questions her doubts about the Duke, but he still has to try for them. Claire signs the document.

The Duke looks over his estate, it'll do. Claire is there about the petition of complaint. He thinks its poppycock. He's told that Captain Randall is a pillar, a Captain of great note in the British military. The Duke asks to see the complaint, but Claire tells him that Jamie will be presenting it later. He thinks that Jamie sent her along early to soften him up, knowing his soft spot for the weaker sex. Claire assures him that Jamie does not know that she is there, nor would he approve. The Duke notes that Jamie has chosen a feisty wife, which is exactly what he would have expected. He is very fond of Jamie, but he cannot accept this ridiculous proposal. Claire understands how hard it would be to go against a friend. The Duke does not deny his friendship exactly. But he continues on with his book writing, and complementary means while dismissing Claire. She has one last question. How much Jacobite gold did Dougal give him. The Duke has his writer drop his quill. He wonders her motives, if she is trying to make him her enemy. She needs his friendship, and thinks he would prefer it over meeting a traitor's noose. He compliments her neck, thinking it would be a shame to see it parted from her pretty face. He motions for the recorder to pick up his quill once more. He doesn't want to be over hasty about Jamie, he is a good man and he deserves to have his petition heard. He toasts Claire and Jamie.

Rufus and Angus come rushing down. Rufus has a cut on his head. Dougal is in a rage, his wife died suddenly, and Colum wants his brother sedated. Claire has something, but she needs a way to administer it. Angus goes after a bottle. Dougal blames himself for his wife's death. He thinks her mistake was marrying him. Dougal stops Angus, but he claims that he was just after a drink. Claire pours her portion inside, and its up to Angus to get him to drink. Dougal slashes about like a raging animal. Angus offers him a drink, and Dougal takes it. His wife deserved better than a man like him. Dougal collapses on the ground. Once down, Claire goes to check on him. Colum orders him to be lifted off the floor, and he'll deal with him once he awakens.

Geillis visits the market, when she sees Claire. She asks Claire if she's heard the good news about Dougal's wife. It's not such good news to Claire. Geillis admits that its a tragedy, but also that her prayers were answered. She's unsure if it was her ritual, but she'll take it. She's free to be with Dougal now. Claire thinks that her husband may have something to say about that, but Geillis is confident.

Jamie heads for his visit to the Duke, wondering why the MacDonalds would be visiting the Duke as well. He reads over Jamie's petition. He had no clue that his acquaintanceship with Captain Randall was such common knowledge. Randall talks big and Murtagh is sure its whispered about at court by now. The Duke dismisses his recorder. Helping Randall escape from his misdeeds is a full time job. He must damn Randall now without damning himself. Murtagh tells him that it can be done, but Jamie must do him some favors as well. He's been challenged to a duel by the MacDonalds about some unpaid debt. Shots will be exchanged, but he's told that no one would be hurt. He will be in the line as fire, all he requires from Jamie, would be that he is his second. His servants are chosen for their beauty, not their competency, luckily Jamie is the perfect mix of both.

Murtagh thinks that Jamie needs to stay out of MacDonald matters. Jamie points out that it was Murtagh's idea that he approach the Duke at all. He cannot let his chance to return home as a free man pass him by. Murtagh tells him that there will be other chances, but he cannot guarantee it.

There's a grand fest in the great hall for the duke. Colum gives the Duke his dagger to make the first cut on the peacock. Everyone stands for Colum's toast to the Duke. Claire notes that Dougal, Colum and the Duke are quite the trio. Dougal takes a seat, and Jamie and Claire approach. Jamie introduces the Duke to his wife. They get acquainted while Jamie gets drinks. Claire confronts the Duke about enlisting Jamie for his duel. He wanted his pound of flesh and he got it. Claire warns him that nothing had better happen to Jamie. The Duke reminds her that if anything happens to him, then Jamie's petition will never reach London. Geillis's husband begins to choke at dinner, and Claire is unable to save him. She searched the crowd for Geillis,but what she found was anything than a grieving widow. Colum notices the look between Geillis and Dougal as well. Claire notices the smell of Cynide. Geillis poisoned her husband. She takes on the guise of a distraught wife after a huge delay.

The day of the duel. The paces are counted out, and the gunmen in position. The shots are fired, and neither men are injured. The Duke offers his apology, and MacDonald accepts. The Duke offers him a drink and he accepts as the younger MacDonalds get mouthy. Jamie trades barbs with them while the Duke and elder MacDonald try to control them. One takes offense to Jamie's mother rutting joke and attacks. The Duke skirts out of the way, while Jamie defends himself. He fights off one, and they all charge him one by one. Jamie takes them all down, but doesn't escape his own injuries. The Duke apologizes, and begs Jamie to tell Claire that it was not his fault. The Duke rushes off. A duel is one think, but a common brawl something else entirely. He takes from Jamie's pouch his petition, he will have it done.

Claire cleans and stitches Jamie's wound. He tells her its just another scar, one of many. But the good thing is that the Duke took his petition. Claire wordlessly stitches, and Jamie isn't use to her quiet, but finds the silent anger as effective, as her rough stitching. The Laird sends for him. Jamie arrives as Colum tells Dougal that he will be confined to his country home until further notice. Dougal does not like the sound of exile, alone. Colum is not asking, but ordering. He will not spur Geillis. Her husband could have said the same, and yet look where it got him. Dougal points out that her husband has been dying for years. Colum sees that Dougal either actually loves her or he's stupider than he thought. Dougal does love her, and she's carrying his child. Colum corrects him, it is her husband's child. He will go to his keep, and take Angus, Rufus, Ned and Jamie. Jamie tries to protest, but Colum will have none of it. After the funeral he can do as he likes, but not on Colum's grounds. Dougal remains stony. Colum turns on Jamie next, how dare Jamie shed MacDonald blood without his permission. Jamie did not seek a fight. He tells him that the Duke required him to accompany him for payment to deliver his petition. Colum isn't interested in the reasons. Jamie didn't wish him any dishonor. If he thinks so poorly of him, he will be relieved to know that he plans to leave soon back to his home. For now he wants him to keep an eye on his brother, and to make sure that he does as he wishes he orders Jamie to leave his wife behind.

Claire hates that Jamie is traveling with an open wound without her. She's packed him plenty of bandages, he's sure he'll be fine. He warns Claire off Geillis while he's gone. Claire wonders if Colum will punish her. Jamie is sure that his wrath will go in her direction. Not to mention that there will be no one left protect her from her reputation, and Colum's ire. Dougal tells Jamie to say goodbye to his wife. He's in a hurry to put some miles between himself and his brother. Jamie warns that these are troubled times, and to be careful. Jamie kisses his wife, and she tells him to come back to her. He plans to as soon as he can. He mounts his horse, and they're off.

In the kitchen, Claire tends to Mrs. Fitz. She's sorry to bother her, but Claire just wishes that she was more careful. Mrs. Fitz sees the worry on Claire's face, and she assures her that Jamie will be back in no time. Claire recieves a letter from Geillis asking her to hurry.

Claire rushes to Geillis's side, and finds that Geillis was not expecting her. She tells her maid to set the table for two. Claire is upset. She has no time for dinner, she tells Geillis to leave, and do so quickly. Geillis has no intentions on leaving. Claire doesn't care where she goes, but knows she must. Claire knows that Geillis poisoned her husband, and she's not the only one. Geillis feigns innocence. Claire presses, if she is at all concerned for her baby, she should leave. Geillis finds Claire's concern misplaced. Claire smells a potion on Geillis's table. Her concern was not misplaced. The warden beats at the front door. Her maid calls up to Geillis. Claire tells her to flee, and she will see to her packing. Geillis will not flee from her own house like a thief. She thinks that Dougal will protect her. She calls for Jenny to let them in. Dougal made her a promise, he loves her to death. The warden charges Geillis with witchcraft, and arrests Claire as well. Claire asks what she has done, and he tells her that she will hear all about it at the trial. Claire fights the warden, but she and Geillis are placed in the truck all the same. As they're taken away she sees Laoghaire's stupid smirky face.


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