Outlander S01E12 Recap: Lallybroch

Claire confessed everything, and Jamie believed her incredible time traveling tale. She had her chance to go home to her own time, and yet when the moment came she chose to stay with Jamie, to go home to Lallybroch.

Claire and Jamie ride towards home, as Claire explains airplanes and flying. She's unsure of the specifics, and Jamie is amazed at the prospects. Jamie asks her exact age. She's 27. He always figured that she was his age or younger. He jokes that when he's forty, she'll be 245. Lallybroch comes into sight, and the pair dismount. It's exactly as Jamie described. The only ghosts are the memories that haunt Jamie. Claire tells Jamie that its all in the past. There were rumors that Randall got his sister pregnant with a bastard, but Claire comforts him that they are no more than rumors.

They arrive at Lallybroch, and Jamie remembers his whipping under the stone arch. Claire proceeds forwards, while Jamie is lost in memory. Jenny sees her son with a strange woman, before noticing her brother. She runs and embraces her brother. The boy is named after her brother. He's unhappy to hear the child is named after him, thinking it a large insult. Jenny sends her son in, and gets clarification further. He berates his sister, and even more so, because she is pregnant again. Jamie does not want to listen, and Jenny threatens to get rough. Jamie meets his brother in law, Ian, the father of both of Jenny's children. Jamie always did know how to make an entrance. Ian admits that they thought he was dead until they received his chest from Castle Leoch. Jamie embraces Ian warmly, and Jenny heads inside, her feelings still hurt over Jamie's assumptions.

Ian plays host, pouring Claire a glass of whiskey. Jamie finally asks what happened with Randall, he needs to know. Jenny will tell him once, but no more than that. After Randall fell Jamie, he told Jenny to take his hand. She went with him into the house, he took her upstairs, but she didn't hear a word she said. He lead her into the bedroom, smelled her skin, and played with her mouth. He traced her collarbone, and groped her a bit. He kisssed her, and she hit him with a candle stick. He threw a vase at her, and threw her on the bed. He tried to get himself ready for her, but he couldn't quite get up. Jenny laughed at his efforts, and he slapped her. She continued to laugh, and he slapped her again. She could tell he didn't like it, so she continued to laugh at him. He threw her back again, and she hit her head on the bed post. When she woke up he was gone, and she never saw him again. She points out that she deserves an apology, and Jamie tells her that he has said as much. Claire reminds him that he hasn't, and he should apologize. Jenny tells Claire that this is between herself and her brother, and Jamie excuses the two of them.

He reminds Claire that he is her husband, and she shouldn't embarrass him like that in front of people. Claire tells him that he's doing a fine job of that. Claire's sharp tongue is going to get them in a lot of trouble. He is laird, and she is his lady, and they should conduct themselves appropriately. Claire is far from meek and obedient, something Jamie is very familiar with. Jamie tells her that the same could be said of Collum's wife, but in private he got more than an earful. He had to dodge crockery on many occasion. Claire warns that she's a much better shot.

They head back out, rejoining Ian and Jenny. Ian asks where Claire is from. Claire gives them the same story she did before, but Lallybroch is now their home. Jenny is surprised to find that they're staying. Jamie is hoping that he receives his pardon soon. Jenny cannot believe how trusting he is of the English these days. Since they're staying she has her things moved from the Laird's room, and Claire and Jamie head up to their new room.

Jamie carries their trunk in. Claire is settling in, and Jamie takes a look around. It's almost exactly how he remembers it. The table where his father kept his book, the boots by the fire, and his braid under the bed. Claire looks at the sword, its of Viking descent. It's a fine sword. Jamie admits that as a child, he tiptoed inside, to hold the sword, dreaming of the day it would be his. Claire tells him that it is his now, but he tells her that it is theirs. His father built this home. His blood and sweat are in this home, this land. His bones are here as well, so are his mother's and brother's. She asks how long its been since he's visited his father.

After the first time he was flogged. His father came to him. Told him to pray, that he would stand by him no matter what happened as he was dragged to see Randall. Randall told him that he had just met his father, that he was worried about him. Randall had explained that the charges against him were so grave that he could not be bonded without clearance. Even if he did get that clearance, he would never make it back in time. Randall found it a shame that they had gotten off so poorly. It was only a week before that Jamie had nearly been flogged to death. Jamie didn't understand, couldn't have. He taunted him, played games. In the end he was blunt about what he really wanted, Jamie. Randall wanted Jamie to give himself to him willingly, to spare himself a second flogging. Randall poked at his fresh stripes to accentuate his point. Wearing his shirt was almost too much, and the thought of going through it again was too much. He thought being buggered would be less painful, and over quickly, plus he would be released that same day. Jamie considered it.

Claire rises to hold her husband.

He could still feel his father's kiss on his cheek. His father wouldn't care about the buggering, he would care more about the fact that he had let the man break him. He couldn't let that happen. Dougal was there at the flogging, and his father too. During the flogging, Jamie passed out, and everyone thought he was dead. His father had a heart attack, and died right there on the spot. He didn't see him dying, didn't see him carried away, or buried. Claire doesn't want Jamie to blame himself for Randall's actions. Jenny comes to see what is taking them so long.

At the table, Jenny and Claire sit together. Jenny asks if Claire has ever ran a house, she hasn't but she's a quick study. She'll get a first hand experience tomorrow. It's tax day, and the people come to Jamie to pay it. It's sorely needed too, with the past years of poor harvests. Ian knows too that it will be a day of great celebration too. Claire is worried about the public display with Jamie still a wanted man. Jenny tells her that their tenants are like family and none would betray him to the redcoats. Jenny asks if Jamie will be visiting their father, but he won't be this evening. He'll be preparing for tomorrow, by going over the ledgers, which he's sure that their father would have approved of.

The tenants come to pay their taxes, and welcome back Jamie. Some even bring gifts for Jamie's new wife, to welcome them. Ian calls Jamie in to get started. Inside of the house there is much celebrating, and checking on Jenny's growing baby. Jenny watches her brother and her husband. One of their tenants is short. Jame tells him that he can settle next quarter. He won't squeeze the last penny from his tenants when times are hard, he gives the man back his money, and continues.

Claire sits with some of the women outside, they're busy chatting, when a boy sneaks some bread. He's reprimanded harshly. Claire rises to intervene, introducing herself. The man knows who she is and doesn't care. The boy needs to learn to do as he is told. Claire offers to watch the child for a bit, so that the man can go and enjoy his friends. The man allows it, but tells her not to filling his head with any of that English crap. He tells the boy to behave, while she takes the boy into the kitchen to find something better to eat. Jenny sees the boy, and Claire tells her that his father was being very rough with the child. The child motions that his back is sore, and Claire finds that he's very bruised. Jamie notices, and comes over. Jenny determines that they should get him cleaned up, and fed. Jamie asks who did that to him, and Claire admits that his father beat him outside. Jamie is familiar with the man, but he gets called away before anything is done.

At night, Jamie stumbles off to bed. He clumsily undresses and wakes Claire as he lumbers about like an elephant. He mumbles in Gaelic, and Claire asks for English. Jamie thinks that she should work on her Gaelic since she's in Scotland. He did speak to the boy's father, and tried to get him to understand the difference between abuse and discipline. He warned him that if he ever saw evidence of him abusing his son again, he would need to answer to Jamie. He drunkingly passes out, and Claire can't help but to smile.

Jamie has quite the hangover the next day, and Claire gives him hair of the dog to try to help out. Jenny comes storming in. Ian told her that he didn't collect the rents yesterday. It's been a hard year, and as Laird, he chose to give his tenants some ease. Jenny wonders how the tenants will feel when the estate goes under because they can't make ends meet. Claire thinks that they should postpone this until Jamie feels better, but Jenny goes on. Now they have another mouth to feed. Rabbie McNab was thrown out by his father, thanks to Jamie. Claire tells her that clean clothes and a little food weren't going to solve the situation. Life didn't just start when the two of them returned, she and the child's grandmother had been trying to persuade his aunt to take him. She thinks that he should have talked to her before pulling out his fists. Jamie reminds her that he is Laird, and he doesn't need to run things by her. Jamie takes a bite of his bread, and its awful. He calls for the maid. She tells him that the mill is broken, they had to grind the flour by hand. Jenny had sent for it to be repaired. Jamie wants to go look at it himself.

Jamie takes a look at the mill. He figures that something is stuck under the water, and strips down to take a closer look. Claire protests, that he'll freeze, but he figures that she'll be able to serve good bannocks at his funeral. Jamie jumps into the freezing water. Jenny comes rushing across the field, upset that Jamie has come out to the mill. Claire doesn't think that she should be chasing after them in her condition, but she had a reason for coming out. The redcoats are riding close. Jenny tells Claire to keep silent they don't want them to know that they're English. The ladies sit on Jamie's clothes, covering them beneath their dresses. Jamie sees the redcoats riding close, and dives back beneath the water. Jenny does the talking. She tells the soldiers that if their looking for meal, they'll be disappointed since the mill isn't working. One dismounts. He asks what's amiss, and heads over to the mill. She tells one of the mounted soldiers that he should call back his master, that he shouldn't mess with something he doesn't know about, but the man's father ran a mill and he's very familiar with them. Jamie watches from beneath the water. He determines that he needs to go under the water to see what's stuck in it. Before he can climb in the wheel begins to turn, and Jamie's shirt goes around. The soldier grabs it, wondering how the shirt got stuck in the mill. The other remarks that it is Scotland. The soldiers bid the women good day and ride off. Claire and Jenny run to the river to find Jamie. Jamie emerges from the icy water, stark naked. Jenny scolds him, and he beckons her to turn around before he loses his cock to the cold. When he turns she gets a good look at his scarred back and runs off. Jamie asks what she was doing out there, and Claire tells him that she had heard about the red coat patrol and came to warn him. Jamie is left holding his bits in the river alone.

That evening, Claire walks through the halls looking at the paintings on the wall. Ian notices that she's a night owl. Jenny is up with the baby, but Ian has always been a night owl too. Claire asks about one of the paintings. It's Jenny, and Claire is a little surprised to hear how soft she can be. Ian admits that she's a Fraser. Their hearts are as soft as their heads are thick and strong. Ian admits that it was Jenny who took care of him after the war in France, he and Jamie had fought together. His injury doesn't slow him down much, but it does ache at times. Claire suggests water pepper, which is something Ian hasn't tried. Jamie had told him that she was a healer, she's seen mangled men before. She's seen too many. It shocked Jamie to see him like this. He tried to hide it, but he knew. He still brought him back to Scotland, and Jenny made him whole. Claire asks if that is why he married her. He laughs. He had no choice, Jenny told him they would wed, even as he was telling her they couldn't, until he found himself before a priest saying his vows to Jenny. She's extraordinary, once they've dug their heels in there's no stopping them. He warns that there's also no getting between them when they fight. You can stay out of it, or give them a kick in the behind, which may get you bit. If that doesn't work, you kick harder.

Claire marches back up to their bedroom, where Jamie is asleep. She pulls her husband from their bed, he wakes with a start. She reminds him that she married Jamie, and not the Laird of Lallybroch, and she hasn't seen Jamie since they arrived. Jamie tries to interject, but Claire silences him. His father is dead, and she's sure that he would give him a thrashing if he were. He's trying so hard to be someone he's not, and he's putting the family he does have in jeopardy.

Jenny makes her way to the graveyard, and finds her brother at their father's grave. It gives him a start for a moment. They both start, and stop. Jamie asks to speak first. He gives her the rent from the tenants, and tells her that he can speak to Rabbie's aunt as well. Jenny admits that even if he went there, it probably wouldn't work. The woman has too many children as it is. Lallybroch is a better place for the boy, even their father would have thought so. Jamie admits that he was wrong for not consulting her and he will in the future. Jenny begins to cry, she's wronged him. Since their father's death, she's blamed Jamie. When she was told what happened at his flogging, she thought that Jamie must have done something to deserve what he got. But out at the mill when she saw the severity of the scars she realized that it was her fault that Randall beat him so horribly. Jamie tells her that she doesn't know what she's saying, but she does. That day that Randall came there, she thinks that if she hadn't mocked him, he wouldn't have gone to the lengths that he did, and their father wouldn't have died. Jamie stops her, grabbing her in his arms. He did fight with Randall, but nothing he could have done, that they could have done would have changed the outcome. He knows its not either of their faults, there's a devil in Randall that no one can influence, and he's the only one responsible for their father's death. Jamie would have gladly died to save Jenny's honor. Jenny questions him why if her honor was suitable to sacrifice his life for, why it was not suitable to save it. She asks if he thinks that she doesn't love him as much as he loves her, that it isn't true. Jamie is smart enough not to answer, and Jenny welcomes her brother home.

Back at Lallybroch, Claire questions the name of his title. It means North facing tower, but its round it doesn't have a face. Jamie clarifies, the door faces North. Claire finally feels like she belongs here. Jamie admits that he's always felt that Claire belonged with him, since he first laid eyes on her. It was one of the reasons that he willingly married her, but not the main reason. He snuggles her close. She asks what was the main one. He wanted her more than he ever wanted anything else, from the moment he fell off the horse and woke up to her face. Then there was the long ride together, with her ass riding his thighs and her head thumping against him. He wanted her from the moment he saw her, but he loved her the first time she wept in his arms. And now she wakes up with him everyday, and he wants her even more. She loves him too.

The next morning, Claire wakes to an empty bed, but she's content in her home. She heads down stairs, and finds Jamie at gunpoint. The man warns him to be quiet, or Claire will be scrubbing his brains off the floor. Just what has Jamie gotten himself into now?


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