The Big Bang Theory S8E19 - "The Skywalker Incursion" Recap

Sheldon and Leonard head to UC Berkeley to give a lecture on the paper they wrote together. On the way there, they decide to pass by Skywalker Ranch and Sheldon wants to go inside in an effort to meet George Lucas. They're able to make it past the front gate but Leonard feels guilty so he tells the guard the truth about why they're there. The guard won't let them through but offers to give them some hats and t-shirts. Then Sheldon tries to make a run for it and is hit with a Taser by another security guard. They're let off with a warning and are told they're forbidden from returning. Leonard is angry upon returning home at the trouble they got into but eventually relents, noting that it was a fun adventure and he also derived enjoyment from seeing Sheldon get electrocuted.

The rest of the group is cleaning out Mrs. Wolowitz's house in preparation for a garage sale. Howard is upset when Bernadette wants to get rid of his Doctor Who TARDIS. They decide to settle their debate by playing a Ping pong match in which Penny will play for Bernadette and Raj will play for Howard. Penny begins losing so Bernadette offers to let Raj have the TARDIS so he decides to switch sides and lose. Amy then agrees to play for Howard and Raj will play for Bernadette. Amy is going to win but then Bernadette offers to let Amy have the TARDIS doors to bait Sheldon into entering her bedroom. Amy agrees to throw the match and proceeds to put the doors on her bedroom. All that results from it is Sheldon running in dressed as the Fourth Doctor and then running out again.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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