The Big Bang Theory S8E20 - "The Fortification Implementation" Recap

Sheldon is upset to learn that he has been left out of a group attending a symposium at the home of Richard Feynman. He continues to complain about this when having date night with Amy and shares how his siblings had left him out of building a blanket fort when they were children. They build a blanket fort together and Sheldon enjoys it so much that he invites Amy to spend the night for the first time, though in a platonic sleepover. Amy had already left a pre-planned sleepover kit in the apartment just in case he ever finally let her sleepover. Sheldon notes that he would be more alarmed but enjoys preparedness.

Wil Wheaton invites Penny to be on his podcast so they can discuss the terrible film they worked on together, "Serial Ape-ist 2". During the podcast, Kevin Smith calls in to offer Penny an audition for Clerks III. Penny is thrilled at the opportunity, though Leonard isn't fond of her potentially carelessly throwing aside her good pharmaceutical job. Leonard and Penny get into an argument on air, much to the amusement of Wil. Leonard is shocked to learn that Penny is currently making twice the money he does and she is actually handling the situation more maturely than him. Penny then uses the situation to manipulate Leonard into supporting her acting career by offering to do something immature like running out of work one day for a bit to audition for Kevin Smith's film.

Howard is now determining what to do with his mother's house since his father Sam had signed it away with no contact. But while discussing with Bernadette and Raj his plans on what to do with the house, he is interrupted by a half-brother, Josh, whom Howard never knew existed. Leonard is at first uncomfortable and overwhelmed, wanting him to leave, but warms to Josh when Josh expresses interest in Howard's time as an astronaut. He is also amazed to learn about Howard's previously getting frisky with a robotic arm.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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