The Big Bang Theory S8E21 - "The Communication Deterioration" Recap

Raj has to work on a project for NASA to design a message from Earth that is intended to potentially be found by an alien life form. He asks the other guys for advice and when Sheldon and Howard try to take control over the project, he opts to only have Leonard work with him. Raj and Leonard eventually put an idea together only to realise it's the same idea that Sheldon and Howard had come up with so they decide to have Sheldon and Howard work with them. The group decides to work through some of their issues by talking about times they have felt excluded from various group activities, all while working on the message. The completed message is found by aliens who state that Sheldon looks delicious.

Penny is trying to determine whether she should risk her career in pharmaceuticals, which is going very well, in order to do this film audition. She asks Sheldon for advice and he tries to avoid doing so because he doesn't want to come off as controlling after what Raj had claimed. Penny tricks Sheldon into giving her advice by using an analogy within his rambling about trains, so he ends up advising her to go to the audition but not make any major career changes besides that just yet. Penny goes to the audition and is reminded of how much she hated the cattiness of being around other actresses competing for terrible jobs. Penny later thanks Bernadette for having helped her get the pharmaceutical job and takes both her and Amy out for dinner.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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