The Flash Press Room at WonderCon 2015

One of the year's biggest break-out hits for the CW has been The Flash, the spinoff of Arrow, which has already been renewed for a season season. With just a few episodes left of its premiere season, The Flash sent series stars Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, and Danielle Panabaker to WonderCon 2015, along with series co-creator and writer Andrew Kreisberg to tease more of what's to come in this final stretch.

Candice Patton shared some of her favourite parts of playing Iris West, including playing those heartfelt scenes with Jesse L. Martin ("Joe West") and Grant Gustin ("Barry Allen"), as well as getting to be an investigative reporter.

Carlos Valdes talked about the immense joy he felt at fans' visceral reactions to Cisco's "death," the action he was able to do in the fight scene with Hartley Hathaway, and being an ambassador to the Latin community.

Danielle Panabaker expresses glee at getting able to expand the material for Caitlin Snow with Ronnie Raymond's return, fangirls over getting to work with Victor Garber, and teases the introduction of Killer Frost.

Andrew Kreisberg talks about what lies ahead for The Flash, teases about the bigger plans for the DCTV continuum, and discusses the approach behind selecting which characters and material to use next.


The Flash airs on Tuesdays on CW at 8PM.


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