The Flash S01E17 Recap: Tricksters

Wells finally revealed his secret to Cisco, and Barry had to admit that Joe was right about Dr. Wells, but a bit of time traveling nulled that timeline, as well as the kiss he shared with Iris.

15 years ago. Barry's mother puts Barry to sleep when a pair of speedsters enter her home in a fight. They fight around her, and she ends up dying.

Barry shows everything that he knows about Wells. Wells is a speedster, and his machine made Barry the Flash, it's all connected. Since Barry got struck by lightening Wells has done everything he could to make Barry faster. They're unsure if he's the Reverse Flash, but he's something. Whatever Wells wants from Barry he's been patient, scary patient, since this all started fifteen years ago.

Balloons float down from the sky. They look innocent enough, until the balloons touchdown and begin exploding. Barry runs in and saves one of the children before he can grab the explosive gift.

Joe, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin watch the Trickster's video as he claims responsibility. He's a copycat killer, copying a nutcase from a few decades ago. James Jesse was the original Trickster, one who terrorized the city, causing many casualties. Barry points out that he was the most lethal until the accelerator accident. Joe and Barry plan to pay him a little visit and see what he knows about his groupie. Wells wonders if Barry is okay, but Joe brushes it off, even the Flash can wake up a little cranky.

Past. The young Barry gets transported to the street as the two Flashes fight. Yellow and Red clash. Reverse Flash finds that the fight has left him depleted, and no longer able to run in time. The Reverse Flash removes his mask, but its not the Wells that we know.

Joe and Barry head to a place in the prison that they've never been to. It was specially built for James. He was seeing the prison psychiatrist, until he convinced that psychiatrist to commit suicide. Barry and Joe are brought into a room, with given some red ropes. James can smell them in Barry's pocket. Barry hands over the licorice and the case files. No one was killed in the attack yesterday, but the bombs were similar to the ones that James use to use. It was the same chemical composition. James thinks its impossible, he never shared the formula. The newest incarnation calls himself the Trickster too, and James does not like the sound of that. He is nothing like James. James finally rises to retrieve the items. If he did know who it was, he would tell the police so that they could catch the amateur. Joe asks him to help them. The Trickster won't be tricked, but he assumes that this copycat found his lair. James tells them that when they find him, they should make sure their safetys are off.

Iris goes to see Eddie. She's worried that something has happened to Mason Bridge. He's a reporter though, so Eddie thinks its normal for him to disappear, chasing down a story. Iris thinks that its something more. Eddie wonders if he's running from a story, or lying low because of a threat. Mason thought threats were no more than nuisances. He was investigating Wells and now he's disappeared, and she has a bad feeling about it. Most of the police resources are being used to find this Trickster, but once he has a free moment, he will look into Mason's whereabouts.

Joe and Barry head to old Trickster lair. It looks like its been untouched since the 90's. The Trickster seemed to be very ticked off that someone was besmirching his name. Barry finds a hidden door, and he has to use some super fast wiggling to get into the room. The door pops open, and Barry has to grab Joe fast as he sets off a trap. Once the smoke clears, they see that the room has been completely cleaned out.

Joe and Barry head back to the prison. Barry takes a moment to stop by his father's cell. He's very close to finding out who really killed his mother, and to freeing his father. His father doesn't want him to keep looking into this, but Barry isn't going to stop.

James greets Joe and Barry, but notes that they aren't baring sweet gifts this time. They're a little miffed that the place they were sent was booby trapped. James tells them that one can never be too careful. Barry tells him that he was protecting nothing. Everything was gone. James begins to lose it. This insult cannot continue, the new wannabe is stealing his legacy and he won't stand for it. James had a bomb inside, one big enough to blow up all of Central City. Cisco calls with news, the new Trickster just put up a vlog,that he thinks Barry should really see. Barry shows James the vlog, where he talks about a bigger display, and all James can focus on is the fact that he's wearing his mask.

Wells goes over the findings with Joe and Barry. Barry's jabs get more brutal towards Wells. Cisco tells him that the guy is using some crazy Felicity-scambler. Until he uploads a new video, finding his location will be tough. Caitlin is sure that they will catch him. Wells asks for an aside with Barry. He tells Barry that he knows what he's thinking, what he's feeling. Wells thinks that he knows what Barry is thinking, that talking with James had brought on feelings about his father. Barry agrees that knowing that his mother's killer is hard on him. Wells thinks they should focus on the case at hand. Barry gets a text and runs off.

Past. Wells babbles on the beach. He sketches the buildings that will eventually become S.T.A.R. Lbas. His wife gives it the name, and it looks picturesque. The Reverse Flash watches Wells on the beach from a distance.

The Flash sneaks up on Iris. She asked to meet him in her former workplace, she thought it was kind of their thing. Iris tells him that Mason Bridge is missing, and she's worried. Eddie says that he's fine, but she's not so sure. For her, he will look into it. Iris notices that he appears to have a heavy heart. The Flash isn't sure why he even wears the mask with her. Cisco signals that the Trickster is broadcasting another message. The Flash asks to use Iris's laptop. The Trickster claims that he's going to be nice, to give them an area to find the bomb. Barry races off to search that area. He runs the streets, but can't find anything. The bomb should be giving off some sort of signal, but its nothing that Cisco has been able to pick up. Wells thinks that its a trick, tells Barry to trust him. But Barry remains adamant that he's going to continue to look. Barry finds the crate that the Trickster said the bomb would be in, but the crate is empty.

The Trickster isn't anywhere near there, he's causing explosions elsewhere. Cisco gets a notice that there has been an explosion at the prison. Wells was right, it was all a diversion. It was all a ruse to release James Jesse. Barry calls into Joe, that the bomb threat was a diversion to break out James Jesse. Joe already knows, they have video footage of the escape, and worse they have a hostage, Barry's father. Barry does not take the news well.

The Trickster pulled one hell of a trick, and he's back to laughing manically ala the Joker. There's a reason that Mark Hamill has voiced that iconic character many times, he brings the crazy. The Trickster's protege is so happy that they're in the same room. He's gushing at him. Barry's father tells him that James is just using him. The young kid doesn't know why they took Barry's father. It's because his son works for the police. Barry's dad is confident that if the police don't catch James, then the Flash will. James hopes so. The protege asks whats next, he said that he had something big planned. He has a big bang planned. The protege's next question is why him. He knew that he could be trusted, that he could carry out his plan, and well he has a Darth Vader moment, he's his father.

Joe fills Team Flash in on his findings. The protege is named Axel and he's been corresponding with James for the past decade. And no one noticed this sooner? Caitlin is sure that they will find his father. Barry admits that he should have listened to Wells.

Past. Wells's wife has trouble straying awake on their drive home. The other speedster has something planned for them. A spike strip strategically placed causes their car to crash. Tess doesn't look good, and Wells begins to panic. He sees the man, and thinks that he's there to help. Wells tells him to hurry, she's dying, but the man tells him that she's been dead for centuries.

Barry worries over his father. Joe knows that he was taken for leverage, he's fine at the moment. Their team is looking for him. Barry isn't happy to leave his father's fate in the hands of the man who may have killed his mother. It doesn't make sense. Why is Wells helping him? He doesn't understand his motivations. Joe tries to help him hold it together. Barry and Wells are connected. Barry is the type of person who always sees the good in people. As fast as he is, that's his real power, and he can't let Wells take that from him. Joe tells Barry he's not sure why Wells is helping, only that he is, and they have to trust in that for now.

Iris enters the gala to re-elect Bellows, taking a glass of offered champagne, unknowing that she just took it from the Trickster. Her reporter skills really suck, since he's not really in much of a costume. The champagne is almost out, and the fun is about to begin. Iris approaches Mayor Bellows about his lovely party. The Trickster takes the microphone, and cracks some jokes. Bellow silences the mic, and asks the Trickster who he is. James Jesse introduces himself, removing his disguise. He then tells everyone in the room that he's robbing them, and to make sure they're compliant, he's poisoned them. They have one hour before they're dead. One man begins to froth at the mouth, he arrived to the party early, and drank the first glass of champagne. He's beyond the antidote's help. It's a good motivation. He tells them that they have time to call their bankers and transfer money to the account on their glasses. If anyone tries to call 911, then they'll be poisoned by lead.

Cisco searches traffic cameras for leads when Joe gets a call from Iris. Joe puts it on speaker phone, and they hear the Trickster's little speech. Barry races off, while the team works on synthesizing the cure.

James appraoches Iris, who happens to stand out since she's not only in the middle, in red, and not on her phone or panicking like everyone else. He's been in prison a long time, and Iris looks delicious. She tries to sass him, but the Flash arrives, slamming James into a wall, asking where Henry Allen is. He tells him that he's in heaven where the Flash will soon be. Axel straps a bomb to The Flash's wrist. They're gonna play a little speed game. If Flash slows to under 600 mph, he'll explode, if he tries to remove the bomb he'll explode. The Flash speeds off. Cisco tells him that it appears the Trickster wasn't bluffing, the device is linked to a speedometer. Barry knows that he cannot maintain that speed. Caitlin isn't sure how to get the device off without hurting Barry. Wells tells Barry that he needs to find a wall and run through it. If he can get his cells to vibrate at a high enough frequency then he'll phase through the wall, and the bomb will be left on the other side. It sounds just crazy enough to work. Barry doesn't think that he can do it, but Wells believes in him. Wells talks him through it, telling him to feel the air, the lightening. Become the lightening, its part of him, part of something greater, that's his. Barry goes all zen, and he shifts through a truck. It worked. It felt weird, but the device is off. It explodes, and Barry is safe.

The Flash races back through the gala. He speeds through the inoculation process, which may not be sanitary, but it is efficient. He approaches the Trickster, asking where Henry is again, James is going to jail either way.

Henry waits for his rescue or death. Barry speeds through his traps,and rescues his father. Henry laughs looking at his son. Barry unmasks himself. He's always looked good in red.

Barry takes his father to S.T.A.R. Labs. He's very impressed, most of the equipment in that lab wasn't around when he was working. Cisco offers to give him a crash course. Caitlin offers him a hug. Henry is in awe of everything. He asks his son what it feels like to run like that. It feels unlike anything else. Henry thanks Wells for everything that he's done for his son. Wells has kind words for Henry about Barry. He's just doing what he can. Henry is ready to return to jail, but Joe doesn't cuff him to return him. Caitlin gives Barry a hug, he seemed like he could use one too. Wells tells Barry that his father is an extraordinary man. Barry feels lucky to have him, and lucky to have Wells too. Barry walks away after his lie.

Past. The man pulls Wells from the car. In the year 2020 Wells and his wife launch a successful particle accelerator and change the world, but if he's going to get back to his time he needs to speed up the time line Eobard tells him. He's not coming to save Wells, but to save himself. He uses a weird device, linking himself and Wells. It gives Eobard Wells' face, and leaves the man crumpled on the ground.

Joe had asked Eddie to meet with him, he wants to talk to him about Iris. She was looking into Mason Bridge's disappearance, and he can't let that happen. The Flash runs in, and Barry unmasks himself. Eddie looks at him in shock. Joe tells him that they need his help.

Eddie spins a story that Mason moved to Brazil. There was a girl involved, and he decided to go off the grid, to follow this girl. Iris guesses she didn't really know Mason. Joe and Barry arrive for dinner. Iris seems to believe the story. Joe thinks it better to keep her in the dark for her safety for now. Eddie isn't so sure, but he'll go with it. He wants to know the next move. Barry tells them that when Wells was talking in through the phasing, he sounded like he was speaking from experience. He's sure that Wells is the Reverse Flash.

Past. The police come across the car accident, they help Wells out of the car. He tells them that he's Harrison Wells.


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