The Flash S01E18 Recap: All-Star Team Up

A pair of men try to evade Eddie and Joe. This is the third attempted robbery of the night, Joe wonders if all the criminals of the city have gone crazy. He calls Barry, who speeds on by. He's not alone though, He has an indecent exposure. Eddie worries that their pursuants are getting away, but Flash plans to take care of them. There may be a bit of a space issue Eddie points out. Flash takes care of it, paying musical cars. He places Joe in the suspects car, one suspect in the squad car. The other thinks that they've lost the cops, but Joe tells him that he's under arrest, and best of all, he's already cuffed.

Another crime. The jewel thieves think that if they hurry they can get away. Joe and Eddie arrive on the scene, and the Flash speeds in stealing their weapons. He laughs at the crooks, and Joe laughs with him.

Dr. Kang says good night, leaving the applied physics and robotics. There's a buzzing in her car, her doors lock right before bees begin to pouring though the vents.

Eddie fills Joe in on their case. Dr. Kang is a tenured doctor. Barry tells them that her whole body is covered with puncture wounds, he's not sure what. But it looks like she went into anaphylaxis shock. When he gets the results back from the labs he'll know more. Joe reminds him that it'll be faster if he uses STAR Labs. Barry feels awkward around there at the moment, but Joe reminds him that they have to play things normal so Wells doesn't suspect they know anything. He gets it, but he thinks that they should tells Cisco and Caitlin. Joe thinks that the fewer people who knows is better, or worse that they're in on Wells' plans. Joe asks that he not include them until they're sure.

Caitlin finds that it was death by honey bee venom. Cisco goes all Indy about the bees, he's not a bee fan. There were no stingers found in the victim. It seems that the metahuman involved has found a way to not only control the bees,but up their venom levels. Cisco contemplates a bee keeper suit, but Barry is sure he can outrun a bee. Felicity warns not to run into a lake, the bees will wait for him, and then sting him when he comes out. Barry asks what Felicity is there for, and she asks them to come outside.

Outside, they have no clue what they're waiting for. Cisco wonders if its a bird, Caitlin a plane, but no its not Superman, not anymore at least. Its Ray, Felicity's boyfriend in the ATOM suit.

Caitlin runs tests on Ray, while Barry points out that Ray is a little tall for Felicity. She asks if he's jealous. He's not, but he thinks she has bad timing. Caitlin is done with her tests, and she wonders what about billionaires makes them want to be superheroes. Cisco, alias inventing extraordinaire, asks if he's come up with a name yet. Ray is pretty partial to the ATOM. Wells finds the ATOM suit to be a technological achievement. Wells is never impressed. Ray can't seem to keep it up, the suit, his man parts are fine as he and Felicity bumble to correct his word vomit. Could the two of them be any cuter? He thought since they were able to perfect Barry's Flash suit, they could help with his ATOM one. Any friend of the Arrow is a friend of theirs. Cisco is more than happy to play with the suit. Barry thinks that they have a lot on their plate already with the Bee, but Wells is sure that he and Caitlin can provide plenty of assistance. Felicity is troubled by his response though, and leaves Ray at STAR Labs, while she takes Barry on a coffee run.

Iris pays Eddie a visit at work, on business. She's looking into the fact that there is a serious decline in crime, and wonders if he's working with the Flash. He denies it. Iris isn't believing him for a moment. He caught a flasher, 2 armed robbers and 2 jewelry thieves. If she didn't know him better she'd think that he was hiding something. She thinks that he's acting weird.

Iris leaves. Joe jokes that she's never at work. Eddie can't keep lying to Iris, its affecting their relationship, but Joe thinks its still best for Iris, to keep her safe. Eddie thinks he's wrong, but until Eddie is her husband, Daddy gets to make that call.

Felicity and Barry have a cup of coffee. She left the city to get away from the brooding. Barry tells her that now just isn't a good time. Felicity worries that its because she told Ray his secret, but she assures him that Ray is trustworthy. Barry admits that he doesn't want to put anyone else in danger, before he can confess further Eddie interrupts. He stands there awkwardly, and Felicity wonders if he's in a bad mood too, if everyone in the city is. She thought Central City was suppose to be the fun one. Eddie tries to get an aside, but he tells him that Felicity already knows. Eddie is shocked, everyone but Iris knows. He wonders how he can keep lying to her. Felicity tells him not to think of it as lying, but as keeping her from getting hurt with a fib. Iris can tell he's hiding something, and its hurting their relationship. Felicity offers a group date, Iris had a lot of fun last time. Eddie is up for it, but it only makes poor Barry more solemn, as the fifth wheel.

A businessman complains on his phone as he enters the building. Emily Kinney, Miss Queen Bee herself, is sitting on one of the chairs waiting. She tells the bees in her hand that the man is bad, and its time for them to get to work.

Cisco marvels at Ray's suit. He thinks that they should be generating enough energy to power the suit, but he's likely overheating the suit. He suggests insulating, and Ray compliments Cisco on being so clever which jogs a memory of sort. Cisco remembers Wells saying the same thing before killing him, in that time loop that Barry ended up erasing. Ray fiddles with a machine, pulling Cisco out of his thoughts and back to the now. Cisco lies that he hasn't been sleeping, and Caitlin calls him away. Killer bees are at it again.

Caitlin sends a message to Barry, who races off to look into the attack. Eddie rushes out to get Joe. Barry is too late. The bad man is already dead. There's no sign of bees Barry thinks, and then suddenly the body erupts with bees. Barry runs away from the bees, but he can't find an escape. The bees have him surrounded. Joe arrives on scene. Barry runs from the building in a cloud of bees, and collapses. Wells sees on his monitor that Barry is going into cardiac arrest. Joe tells Barry to stay with him. Joe calls Cisco. Barry doesn't have a pulse. He tells Joe to step away from him, they need to jump start his heart and there's a defibrillator in the suit. They shock Barry at 300 jewels, nothing. Wells ratchets it up to 400, and Barry is back.

At STAR Labs Cisco announces the defibrillator to be DOA. Well thinks Barry is lucky to be alive. Felicity was very specific not to die. He asks what happened, he followed Cisco's directions exactly. Cisco apologizes, his schematics weren't up to date. That's never happened before. Felicity is sure that Cisco didn't do it on purpose, and Barry is a little paranoid. Wells tells him that it is their job to keep him safe, but today they failed. Its a warning to be more vigilant in the future. Caitlin announces that all the toxins are out of his system, and Barry takes a second to do a quick change so they don't miss their date. Caitlin thinks he should order in, since he was dead, and even Ray is on board, but Barry will hear none of it. They head out and Caitlin wonders why they didn't get an invite. A bee made it back with Barry, and flies out of his suit.

Felicity, Ray, and Barry arrive. She compliments Iris on her stunning looks, and introduces them to Ray. Ray leads the way, and Iris wonders how they got a reservation, she's been trying for months. The waiter leads them to their table, and they see that the entire place is empty. He thought it would be nice to have some quiet so he bought out the entire place. Ray, being over the top without meaning to as always.

Cisco pays Joe a visit, which is good. It saves him a trip. They got information back on the second victim, he was working in robotics as well, like Kang. Cisco finds it weird, but not why he stopped by. He wanted to talk to Joe about Barry. He wonders if there is something going on with him, something that he's not telling them. He feels like there is something bothering Barry that he's not sharing. Joe tells him that he's just focused on the bad guys, and he's probably worried about when the Reverse Flash will show his face again. Cisco remembers more, he remembers seeing Wells revealed as the Reverse Flash. Joe asks Cisco if he's okay, and he mumbles about a headache before running out of there.

Eddie asks how Felicity and Ray met, she says work, but he elaborates. He bought the company where Felicity worked so she was forced to join him. Felicity assures them that its not as creepy as it sounds. Iris finds it interesting that they work closely together. She assumes they share all their thoughts, and feelings. Ray admits they share everything. Felicity sees where this is headed as Iris sees the good in sharing so much. Felicity says that sometimes its good to sometimes leave things unsaid. Eddie sees the good in that, but Iris, not so much. Barry is relieved to see the food coming out. The first course arrives. Ray envies Barry and all the time he gets to spend at STAR Labs. Wells is a personal hero. Barry tunes out the gushing, and excuses himself. Felicity follows suit, and finally corners Barry. He's been acting weird since she arrived, and she's not taking its a bad time as an excuse. Oliver may be training to join the League of Assassins, Laurel is the Black Canary, and Thea is training with Merlyn Malcolm, she knows bad times. Barry confesses that he and Joe found out that Wells isn't who he said he is. He's the man that killed his mother. It doesn't make sense, because he's been helping him get faster and stronger. Felicity is sure that Caitlin and Cisco aren't on the darkside, but Barry isn't so sure. Wells too has saved him many times, and he was wrong about him. Maybe he's been wrong about everything else, he has no clue who to trust. Ray interrupts, things are getting a little intense out there.

Eddie just wants to have a nice evening. Iris doesn't see how she's to blame for the fact that they aren't enjoying themselves. She doesn't think she should have to beg him to open up to her, she's his live-in girlfriend. Eddie admits that if he could talk to her about this, he would. Iris decides to leave. When he's ready to act like two people who love eachother, then he should call her. For now she'll be at her father's. Iris leaves, and Eddie chases after her. Barry gets a call. There's an emergency at STAR Labs. He runs off leaving Felicity and Ray to finish their 17 courses.

Cisco fires some crazy weapon trying to hit the bee. The bee heads towards Wells, and he begins to move his leg to get away from it, when Barry runs in, and captures the bee. Cisco takes it to see what makes it so dangerous, and finds that it isn't what he was expecting. The bee is a tiny robot. As Barry gets a closer look at the bee, the Queen gets a look at him from her computer monitor as her swarm flies around her. Cisco is impressed by the bots vision system, Ray picks up on the lingo. It can see all around the room at once. It's disturbing and innovative technology not on the market yet. Wells asks where the victims both worked in the past, and Felicity jumps at the chance to put her fingers to the keys. They were both former employees of Mercury Labs.

Wells, Joe and Barry head to Mercury Labs, and meet with Christina, an old associate of Wells. She asks if they've found her prototype, or if they're there to blackmail her for another. Wells asks if there was another. Joe asks her about her former doctors, both dead. She had no clue they were killed, she tells them that they're looking for Bree Larven. A brilliant robotists that made weapons grade bees for military applications. The doctors warned her that Bree was weaponizing the bees, so she was terminated. Joe figures that Christina would be on the hit list as well, but she also knows of Wells's inability to keep things safe, and opts out.

Barry tells Felicity of their findings. Joe is tracking Bree at the moment. He asks where Ray is. Ray is working on his suit with Cisco. Barry likes him, he's a good guy. He is a good guy, as is Cisco, and Caitlin she tells him. Barry questions if that is why she called him there. Felicity knows that he has his back against the wall, but that's when you need friends the most, and he should trust them. Barry is worried, because Wells is their mentor, and there's a chance he could be very wrong. He's unsure what to do. Felicity confesses that when she first met Oliver, before she knew he was the Arrow, he would ask her to complete ridiculous tasks. When she would ask him about them, he would lie, but she would do them anyways, even though she knew he was lying, because she knew he had a good heart. Cisco and Caitlin are no different.

Barry comes home and Iris is there. He's surprised that she's actually staying there. She doesn't plan to leave any time soon. She asks if he thinks Eddie is cheating on her. Barry knows that he's not that kind of guy. Iris isn't sure what else he could be hiding. He asks her if she remembers her father's blank face that he use to come home with at times. He never understood it until he started working for the department. Seeing some of those crimes can be ugly work. Barry is lucky he gets to hide behind his lab, but Eddie is out there in the darkness. If Eddie doesn't want to talk about his work, its probably because he wants to keep her in the light. Iris is surprised that Barry is going out of his way to make her see Eddie's point of view. Eddie makes her happy, and he only ever wanted to see her happy.

Caitlin and Felicity watch Ray and Cisco work on the suit, boys and their toys. Caitlin thinks Felicity is super lucky to have a guy so smart and hot. Felicity offhandedly remarks that its like dating Barry in Oliver's body. Oh, Felicity. She swears Caitlin to silence. Wells sees that the bees are on the move, and Felicity traces where the bee's signal leads. They're headed to Mercury Labs.

Bree's swarm heads to Christina's office window. They move together to form Bree's image. She asks her if she plans on opening the window, or if she has to buzz herself in. Christina has no intention of letting her in.

Barry suits up, he wants to know how to stop her. Wells figures she has to be controlling them remotely. Cisco wants the bug eyed glasses woman stopped, her bandits too Ray points out. Ah the team up, she's dubbed Bug-eyed bandit. Felicity finds her likely location. Barry worries about Christina, but Caitlin points out that the defibrillator in his suit is broken, he cannot go to Mercury labs. That gives Ray an idea. Bees can't penetrate his suit. His suit hasn't been tested since the upgrades, but there's no chance like the present to do the testing. Cisco and Caitlin plan to follow in the car. Barry looks to Wells. Ray will protect Christina, he needs to take out Bree.

Bree blames Christina for ruining her. She fired her, and destroyed years of research. Christina tells her that what she was doing was wrong. She was hurting people instead of helping them, she had to do what she had to. Now the Bree plans to do what she has to. The Bees attack.

ATOM approaches Mercury Labs. Felicity can't jam the bee signal, but she can divert it. ATOM prepares for the incoming swarm. Felicity diverts the signal, and he fires on them. The bees give chase.

Flash makes it to the Bee hive. He knows that she's trying to kill Christina, that she betrayed him. He knows how that feels. She doesn't think he knows what real betrayal feels like, but she's about to show him what it feels like to be stung. It looks like Bree didn't send out her whole swarm, there's plenty of bees still in the hive, and all headed to attack the Flash. He speeds out of there in with bees in hot pursuit. The Bees freeze just in front of the Flash. Felicity was finally able to hack into the bee's frequency, she has control of the hive for a moment, but Bree is working hard to regain control. Felicity finally has a nemesis of her own, and she likes it.

ATOM leads the bees away from Mercury Labs. Cisco directs him towards the water, to fry the bee circuits. Ray points out that his own circuits will fry too, but leads them anyways. He jets out over the water, and then rises high. The bees go down, but Ray was right, his circuits are frying, and he's losing propulsion. Cisco tries to keep an eye on Ray. He tells him to head towards the van, that they'll catch him. Caitlin is surprised to hear his plan. Cisco jumps into the back and prepares for ATOM's landing. He awkwardly makes it into the van, and delivers a not so gentle high five to celebrate.

Felicity and Bree work to out hack each other. The STAR Lab computers begin to fry as Bree hacks. Barry sits in peril while the girls battle it out. Felicity refuses to let Barry be injured. She warns Bree off Barry, then kills all her bees. Boom mic dropped, game over.

Barry stresses at his desk. Christina comes to apologize. She should have listened to his warning about Bree, next time she will take them up on their protection offer. Barry understands her hesitation after they lost her Tacheon prototype. He stops her from leaving, to ask her about the tension between herself and Wells. That's all in the past she tells him, but Barry wants to know more. She and Wells were close, and bright young minds fifteen years ago, but that all changed when Tess died, you know right when Eobard took over. She understands how grief can affect someone, but after that day Harrison Wells became a different person. Joe comes to see how Cisco is. He's happy to be alive, but sad that Ray is leaving. I'm with him on that one. Felicity and Ray were too much fun. Barry sees how selfless and brave he was.

Felicity and Ray get ready to leave. Barry thanks him for all his help, and hopes that he figures out his suit. He thinks he did. He thought he needed to go bigger with his power, but taking a note from the bees, smaller may be the solution. Felicity asks if Barry is okay one last time. He will be. He's taking her advice.

Iris waits for Eddie at his desk. She tells him that she spoke to Barry last night, and Eddie is on the edge of his seat. Barry gave her a good explanation for his distance, and it may even be valid, but it doesn't matter, when you love someone you tell them everything. Iris gives him an ultimatum. He either tells her everything or else, because that always ends well. Iris leaves him with that thought, smiling to Barry as she leaves. Eddie is left with a hard decision.

Caitlin and Cisco meet Barry for what they think is a karaoke jam session. But they're not going to Karaoke. Barry admits that he's been gathering information about his mother's death and the Reverse Flash for a long time. He then shows them everything that they know about Wells. They're the same person he tells them. Caitlin doesn't believe it, it can't be true. She doesn't think that it makes sense, and turns to Cisco for back-up. Cisco confesses that he's been having dreams, mostly at night, but sometimes during the day. They don't feel like dreams at all, they feel real. In them Dr. Wells is the Reverse Flash and he kills him.


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