The Flash S1E19 Recap: Who Is Harrison Wells?

Barry is getting faster, faster than he's ever been. He wonders if its because his past is stalking him, if its on the verge of catching up to him. Barry delivers pizza from far away in Coast City Caitlin declines the delicious fare. Joe gives the update. They've had no luck with all the investigation of Dr. Wells. They're thinking to go back to the beginning. Joe and Cisco are heading to the scene of Dr. Wells' accident, since that was when he changed. Caitlin thinks that the loss of the love of his life could have been enough to change him, but Barry thinks its more. He's sure that Wells is the Reverse Flash. Cisco asks her to cover for him while he's away, and that may be too much for her. She doesn't like the lies, the suspicion. Joe isn't sure Caitlin is on board, but Barry is sure she'll come around. He wishes Joe luck , fearful of what he'll find.

Nina is spacey as she lets out her co-worker, and then she gets to work. She goes through a few safe deposit boxes, removing all of the goods. Eddie shows Nina the video. She tells him that it couldn't be her, she left work early.

Eddie tells Barry about the case. Nina has no priors, and everyone who knows her says that she's the nicest person who they would never suspect would do anything like this. Eddie suspects that it could somehow be the work of a metahuman, and Barry agrees. Iris asks where her father is. He's taking some personal days, and she hasn''t been able to reach him. It appears that Iris has been taking some of the same between him and Iris too. Eddie warns Barry that Joe and Cisco had better find something, because he's about done lying to Iris.

A man take some jewelry in to be appraised, and the jeweler takes the diamonds back to take a closer look under his microscope. He calls the police about the stolen gems.
Barry goes to Caitlin to make sure that she's okay with the plan. She isn't. She really doesn't like the lie. Wells has helped him out numerous times, he's saved his life, and he doesn't deserve their suspicions. Wells pokes his head in, asking what they're chatting about. Barry tells him about the current metahuman case he's working, frustrating Caitlin with another lie. He asks about Cisco, and she has to tell him yet another lie about him helping out his cousin. Barry gets a call from Eddie about the diamond thief. He thinks the man has made him, and needs the Flash's help. Barry runs off to help. The man has definitely made Eddie, and Eddie tries to stop him, but he''s a lot more crafty than he looks. He gets away from Eddie, but Flash arrives on scene. He can't' outrun him, but he can outsmart him with his chameleon skills. He changes into the person he touches and continues the game until he loses Barry.

Barry tells Wells and Caitlin about the shapeshifter. They can transform into anyone they're touched. Wells points out that he could even transform into Barry. Caitlin is worried about the exposure of Barry's identity, but Wells isn't sure that the metahuman couldn't also absorb his speed. No touchy the metahuman for Barry. They try to figure out who the shapeshifter could be, and trace the crimes where people swore they were innocent even though they were caught on film. Wells easily traces it back to a month after the particle accelerator exploded. Barry will pass the information along to the police, and Wells is glad he could help.

In Starling City, Joe and Cisco meet with Quentin to get information on the Wells accident. There isn't much, it was cut and dry. Wells and Tess were on a drive, their tire blew, Wells lost control and Tess died. Quentin asks what they''re looking for, but Joe isn't sure. Cisco asks to be taken to crime scene. Its been 15 years, and Quentin thinks the pictures will be a better lead, but he's happy to take them. Laurel comes to pick up some statements, and her father makes some introductions. Recognizing Cisco's name, she asks if she can talk to him alone. He's more than happy to follow Laurel anywhere. Quentin asks after Barry, if he's okay after getting struck by lightening, and Joe says he's fine.

Laurel leads Cisco to a private room, he asks her how she knows Barry. They aren't friends, rather friend adjacent. Cisco doesn't spill Team Arrow's secrets, claiming that the three that she's mentioned have nothing in common, but Laurel is in the know about the secret identities. He asks how she knows, and she reveals that she's Black Canary. Cisco is quite enamored, and suspicious. Laurel has been using Sara's sonic device, and wants to know if he can modify it. He has a few ideas.

Caitlin does a little of her own research on Wells.

Wells arrives home, and dechairs. He pours himself a drink when Caitlin rings his bell. Grumpily he goes back to his chair to answer the door. Barry flashes Caitlin out of there, leaving no trace of her behind. Caitlin wanted to get some answers from Wells directly. Barry tells her that she cannot talk to him. She can't let them destroy him and her over their suspicions. When Barry was in a coma, she experienced the worst time of her life. She lost her fiance, her reputation. Wells stood by her side and told her it was going to be okay. If Wells is who they say he is, then everything she's worked for has been a lie. If Barry is right, and she tells Wells then he'll never be able to get his dad out of prison. Caitlin can't believe he's pulling the dad card, but she's willing to wait until Joe and Cisco get back.

Eddie and Barry go to check out the best friend of the first likely shapeshifter case. Hannibal hasn't been seen in a year, his grandmother filed a missing person for him. She's a little confused when they ask her about it, she forgot she made the filing. She claims her memory is failing, and awkwardly asks to get them some coffee or tea. She insists on it. Eddie and Barry look around while she gets refreshments, but really she's busy making a break for it. They split up to search for granny, who's morphed into a younger form. Barry calls into Wells and Caitlin. They advise him not to let Hannibal see him running at Flash speeds or touch him. He has to give chase like a normal person. Eddie stays hot on the suspect's trail. A patrol car comes to assist, the officers get out asking what Eddie wants them to do. He shoots them, and the camera recording the incident. Barry breaks into Flash speeds. The fake Eddie gets away, while the real Eddie finds the down officers. Barry arrives, and Eddie tells him to call 911, as sirens close in.

DA Cecile and Captain Singh look over the video where it looks like Eddie shot the two officers. Captain Singh knows that his officer is innocent, but it looks bad. All she can do is keep him out of Gen Pop at this point. Captain Singh asks if Barry has any way to explain it all, he doesn't yet, but he will. Iris comes in a panic, she''s heard the news. Barry tells her that she can't see Eddie at the moment, but he'll uncover the truth.

Quentin arrives to the scene of the Wells accident with Joe and Cisco. Cisco has a super metal detector that picks up sound waves. Joe and Quentin bond over their daughters. Joe and Iris have a pretty strong bond he tells him. Quentin and Laurel went through a rough patch, she lied about something pretty big, and they're still working through it. Cisco interrupts. He's found some tacheons, little bits of time travel. Joe asks if he's sure, and Quentin's coffee does a little floaty display confirming Cisco's findings.

DA Cecile questions Eddie who insists that he did not shoot the officers. Barry races in with the test results of Eddie's hand swab. He didn't have any traces of gun residue. DA Cecile points out that it still looks like he fired his gun. Barry insists that it was just someone who looked like Eddie. The DA fires back that he's suppose to be the scientist. Even Eddie has to admit that the video looks damning. Barry is sure that they can convince her. Eddie is sure that they'll put him away. Barry uses his speed to get him out of the building. He tells Eddie to go to STAR Labs, and that they'll set him up with a burner phone. Eddie refuses to run. Barry can't stand by while an innocent man is sent to prison. Eddie tells him that Barry isn't a child, and he's not his father. He has faith that Barry can find Hannibal and clear him. Barry agrees. He takes him back. Eddie tells him to get him out of there the right way.

At home. Barry talks to Iris on the phone. He's just there to shower before he plans to return to his lab and work on clearing Eddie. There's a knock at the door, and its Eddie. Barry is very surprised to see him. Eddie tells him that Captain Singh called in a favor and got him released. He was just on the phone with Iris, and he asks why he didn't call her. He turns his back on Eddie, and Eddie knocks him out. It's Hannibal. He assumes Barry's form. Poor Barry is tired and taped up. Hannibal goes through his wallet when Caitlin arrives. She thinks that she has a way for the shapeshifter to stop shifting. She explains it to the wrong Barry, and immediately sees that something is wrong with him. She knows that it has to be hard for him, with him trying to solve his mother's murder and all. She asks if they can bury the hatchet between and work together to find this “Everyman.” Hannibal likes the nickname she's given.

Cisco gets to digging where the tacheons are and Joe spots a hand. Cisco isn't so excited about the find. Quentin wants to call it in, but Joe doesn't want him to do that just yet. Joe insists. If its who he thinks it is, then anyone who knows about it is in danger, including his daughter.

Caitlin thinks that she's got the concoction completed, she just needs to give the thing a spin. Hannibal Barry continues acting oddly. He asks if the serum will rid him of his powers permanently, or temporarily. It'll only be long enough for them to stop him. Barry bumps into Caitlin and she asks him what he's doing as she heads to her desk. He grabs her, and kisses her. Caitlin knows something is really wrong. He kisses her again, and an alarm sounds. Iris is coming. She's been looking for Iris everywhere. She was thinking that it may have been someone who has done this before. She did the same research that Wells did before. She then hacked into the police footage for Eddie's video. Caitlin stares at Barry, while he acts dismissive of Iris. She tells him to look again. Eddie isn't left handed. Iris knows that Eddie is being framed. She gets all puffed up about it, and Hannibal Barry pulls the gun out of his pocket, but doesn't get a chance to use it as Wells tazes him. Iris is shocked. Wells tells her that her observations were spot on. The man on the floor is left handed as well. Iris wants to take him in. Wells thinks that Caitlin and he should keep the man instead. Caitlin sides with Iris, and offers to help her.

In the car, Iris tells Caitlin about Mason, who kept a file about all of the unexplained events of the city, and how Hannibal belongs in that file. Caitlin jokes that it must be a large file. At the light Iris tells her that in that file was also the burning man. Caitlin gives good poker face, and tells her she thought that was just legend. Hannibal wakes up, transformed into a little girl and screams for help. Some construction workers come to see the commotion. Caitlin tells Iris to drive, but there's no place for her to go. The men open the door, and Hannibal slips from her cuffs, taking off. Caitlin yells that she's dangerous, but the little girl gets far away.

Still all taped up at home, Caitlin finds Barry still unconscious. She slaps him awake. He tells her that smelling salts works just as well. He also tells her that Hannibal was there, but she already knows that.

Joe has found what he was looking for. Quentin thanks him for getting him out of the office for the day. He'd still be a detective if he could, the body just can't take it anymore. Joe sees Laurel. He knows something that could make it better.

Laurel sees Cisco packing up. She asks him if he had a chance to work on her item. He did. He made it smaller and better, with a much larger range. She's surprised that he was able to make it so quickly. He's had some workings with sound waves recently. He thinks she should call it the canary cry, and she likes the name. She gives him an envelope telling him that if he shows it to anyone she'll kill him, and she means it. Inside is a picture of the two of them, her in the full black canary costume. It was worth it.

Wells shows them how Hannibal's powers work. He can look like anyone, but he can't appropriate memories or abilities. Touching is back on the table. And best yet. Caitlin has made a serum that will stop him from changing. Barry thanks Caitlin, and she jumps at his touch. No touching for her. They get a ping Barry's cell phone. Barry heads to the airport. Barry looks around, not recognizing anyone. He notices a woman in the body scanner, and her image jerks on the screen. Barry has found the shapeshifter. Hannibal assumes the form of the security guard as he tries to make a getaway. Barry isn't fooled, and he goes all Flash on him. He corners Hannibal who shifts into Caitlin. She begs not to be hurt as she pepper sprays him. Flash gets back up, knocking Hannibal down, who shifts into Iris. Barry doesn't even pause this time. Hannibal shifts to Eddie next, and then to Flash. It's Flash on Flash, but Hannibal doesn't have Barry's speed. Barry gives him the smack down, and he uses the serum on him. The serum takes hold immediately, and Hannibal shifts through forms. When he turns into Iris he collapses.

Eddie has been released. Captain Singh watches the security camera footage with DA Cecile. This is unlike anything that she's ever seen. She isn't sure that the law can deal with this kind of criminal. Captain Singh is thankful that the Flash is around to handle stuff like this. Barry gives her a list of the other crimes that Hannibal was involved in. It's a very long list with many innocent people to be cleared. The DA admits that she saw the Flash in person once, and it was pretty cool. Eddie tells Iris that the charges have been dropped. She's so happy about it. He has more to confess. He needs to tell her the reason that he's been so distant lately. He reveals that he's been working with the Flash.

Behind his glass case, Hannibal tries to appeal to Barry as Iris, then Caitlin to release him. Caitlin can't believe that anyone would fall for that. Wells has seen Hannibal take many forms, but wonders which is his actual one. Hannibal changes into a bald male, with no eyes, admitting that he cannot remember. It makes them all feel a bit uneasy. They close up shop, and seal the prison. Barry has something to show Caitlin.

Barry takes Caitlin to the remains that Joe and Cisco found. They've run the DNA multiple times, its definitely Wells. There is a reason that Wells completely changed after the accident, because he was a different person.

At the police station, Wells has arrived to give Eddie his regards, when Joe spots him. It was a close call for Eddie. Wells asks Joe if he enjoyed his time in Starling City. Joe tells him that there wasn't much time for sight seeing, he was working on a case. Wells use to work there, but he doesn't go back. There are too many memories of Tess. He points out that Joe knows that kind of loss too. He never talks of Iris's mother. Joe doesn't. Wells thinks that they're both members of an exclusive club, one where the membership is too expensive. He proposes that they have a drink again sometime. Joe thinks that they should.

Cisco flips through some pictures. After the explosion he made a map of STAR labs, but he never when through the schematics to see why the accelerator malfunctioned outside of the tunnel. As he searches he finds a room that should not be there. Cisco, Barry and Caitlin head to the location. Cisco finds tacheons where the room should be. They enter inside and not only find Wells's Reverse Flash suit, but also the newspaper with the headline of the Flash disappearing during the crisis.  


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