The Following S3E7 - "The Hunt" Recap

Two police officers are transporting a man named Duncan, one of Strauss' followers. Their GPS takes them out to the middle of nowhere and then their car dies. But it's all been orchestrated by Theo, who quickly disposes of them and recruits Duncan to join him.

Ryan attempts to get Joe to reveal the identity of Strauss' best student but Joe claims that Ryan is "looking at him." Ryan rubs it in Joe's face that Strauss thought Joe was a failure. Joe wants to discuss Ryan's love life but the conversation is interrupted by officer who says that Joe only has a week left before he will be executed. But Joe will get to select the method with which he will die.

Nick Donovan arrives to get back to work, though he's still missing that eye due to his run-in with one of Joe's followers. He is there pending Mendez's disciplinary hearing and wants to ensure that the office is as transparent as possible to prevent any further problems.

Max has been cleared for limited duty and attempts to fire her weapon at the shooting range but she's still sore and on the mend. Ryan warns her that she needs to take care of herself and then Mike arrives to say that they need to find a man named Luis who was involved with the fake IDs that were found with Strauss.

Strauss and Duncan have headed out to tie up loose ends, which means trying to kill Luis. Since they're unable to find him with his friends, Luis' friends are the ones who end up torn apart. Ryan and Mike find the carnage while back at the office, Max and the cyber security team follow a lead that the breach in their servers came from Manatech Security.

Max is following the lead with Manatech and Theo tells Duncan to go after Luis on his own because he has business of his own to take care of. As it turns out, Theo works at Manatech! It's all starting to come together! But at Manatech, he's known as Sam. Who knows what his real name is anyways. One of the lead technicians at Manatech, Peter Collins, tries to claim that Max is wrong in her theory that it's a single culprit they're looking for. But Max spent four years working in digital security so she shuts Peter's nonsense down.

Theo uploads something to Collins' computer. We're guessing it's something to incriminate him. On his way out, he bumps into Max, who has no idea who has just run into her. But this causes her to unintentionally show her hand, as Theo now knows that Max is on the mend.

The FBI get a lead on Luis' girlfriend and Ryan lets Mike know which interrupts him having an argument with Max's boyfriend Tom in a stairwell before anyone can throw a punch. Luis' lovemaking is interrupted when his girlfriend sees a news story that Luis is wanted by law enforcement. But before they can make their escape, Duncan arrives. Duncan murders Luis' girlfriend, knocks out Luis, and abducts him. Duncan brings Luis to a warehouse where the fake passports are printed. Duncan needs to destroy all the evidence.

The crew at Manatech finds that last week's files were corrupted and just one employee called in sick the day of Strauss' trial. Guess who? Peter Collins, of course! See! He got framed! He's arrested and brought in by the FBI. But then another employee, Kent, comes forward to Max and says that he and Peter were together (sexually) on the day he called in sick and only didn't admit it because he has a wife. Max asks for Kent's help in determining who framed Peter but Theo has been listening in on their entire conversation.

Theo calls Duncan, who is burning evidence and preparing to kill Luis. Theo needs Luis to do one last job before he is killed.

Kent determines that someone duplicated Collins' entire system but before he can track anything further, the system goes out. He heads to the basement to reboot it, leaving Max at the computer. But when Kent reaches the basement, Theo is waiting for him and stabs him in the heart. Max finds Kent's body and then the lights go out. She calls for backup, pulls out her weapon, and Theo stalks her in the dark, preparing to kill her. But the cops arrive before he can do anything so he escapes.

The other FBI members have arrived at the warehouse and Luis is finishing his final job for Duncan. Luis is cuffed and Duncan escapes temporarily. Eventually, Ryan catches up to him and though he is shot in the chest, he survives due to wearing his vest. Ryan in turn shoots and kills Duncan. Those new passports that were printed off surprisingly aren't for Theo. The photo is that of Tucker, the man in charge at Manatech. Theo is shown to have gone to Sam's house in order to likely frame him but when the FBI arrive, Tucker and Theo are nowhere to be found. Ryan remains skeptical but Nick issues orders that Tucker is hunted down and found no matter what.

Finally, Ryan is shown to be having an ultra-creepy dream about Joe. In it, they're quite friendly hanging out together. They're drinking, playing pool, and Joe keeps saying how he'll always be there for Ryan. They even hug. HUG. Even with a low(ish) body count, you can always count on The Following to creep us out!

The Following airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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