Vikings S03E09 Recap: Breaking Point

The Parisians managed to keep the Vikings from getting into the city, but Ragnar was able to look upon the city. Rollo vowed that they would not make the same mistakes, and Ragnar was bound and determined to conquer it.

Blood falls on the ground, as Ragnar urinates. That's never a good sign. His men eat their meager rations, their a little down after their recent defeat. He heads to see Floki. He tells him that Bjorn is better, but Floki isn't. He doesn't understand why they failed, he did everything he could to ensure success. The others will try again in the evening.

Under the cover of night the shield maidens take to the water. The French stand guard, high on their walls. While the women swim in. It's dark and monotonous, and their taken by silent surprise with Lagertha leading the way. On silent feet they never see her approach as she slits their throats. And even when they finally come into the light, they're no match for her sword. The alarm is rung, and one maiden gets doused in oil. Lagertha pulls back out of the oil's path.

Princess Gisla passes out daggers to the ladies, warning them that the vikings are inside, and praying that the women are not captured.

The soldiers come at Lagertha and the others, firing arrows. The ladies have no place to run. Lagertha lights the oil, making smoke arise, which Ragna can see from the banks. On the other side, of the burning doors, the viking horde awaits. Lagertha opens the gates to them, and in they pour. The captain of the guard is ready for them though. He unleashes his roller of doom. A giant spiked roller heads straight for the viking army. Floki sees it first and retreats. The running commences, but a few cannot outrun the contraption, becoming skewered by the thing. It reaches its end, with the people still attached. Before the Parisians can pull it back, Rollo climbs over and blocks it from redeployment. The Vikings makes their way back towards them. The captain realizes what is going on with disgust. A knight comes to collect the princess, its no longer safe.

Ragnar pukes on the beach, having visions.

Lagertha enters the fight, slashing her enemies, Rollo cuts down any who cross his path.

The Emperor is apprised of the Vikings approach. The Captain wants him to come and walk among the soldiers, to give them hope and strength. He pleas with him, but the Emperor will not. He is a coward. The Captain tells him that his grandfather would have put on his armor and come. The Emperor points out that he is not like his grandfather, Charlemagne.

Lagertha pauses in her strikes to make sure that Kalf is with her. He is, and together they move forward. The Vikings close the gap between themselves and Paris.

The commander rallies his men, taking all who are left to battle, hoping that it is not too late. The death toll is huge with the Vikings trying to make it out of the tunnel. Floki calls to Rollo. They cannot get through, and Rollo calls for a retreat. He gets out as the bridge is being drawn up, but not everyone is so lucky. One Viking gets caught on the wrong side of the bridge, but his hostage saves him telling the Captain that he is a earl.

On the bank, Ragnar sees a familiar face come to greet him with an outstretched hand. Athelstan. He reaches out for the hand, and is struck across the palm. He lies in a pool of blood. Disappearing back with his God. Ragnar asks him not to abandon him, with Odin standing in the distance.

The wanderer is brought forward to the Emperor, as well as the Viking hostage. He speaks the language, and asks for mercy, he belongs to no country, only the world. He tells him that his prisoner is Earl Sigfried. The commander asks who the great warrior was, who stopped the spiked machine alone. He has never seen a man so brutal and powerful. The wanderer tells him that he speaks of Rollo, the brother of the King, a great warrior who fights like a crazed bear. The commander thinks that the man will be of good use to them. Princess Gisla asks of the Earl. The Commander thinks he can be bartered for, but she wants his head.

King Ecbert asked to see Judith, and she came. He asks of his grandsons, of Alfred. All are well. He tells her that his son is returning home, the mission in Mercia was successful. They're thankful, but it poses an issue. Ecbert tells her that there are some things that need to be said, and some that need to be understood. He has promised to protect her or her sons against anyone who may offer them injury. They both know what Athelswulf is capable of. His protection he freely offers, but he needs compensation. Judith is unclear.

A young man is brought before Queen Aslaug. A missionary has been in the marketplace denouncing their gods. She asks if it is true. It is. He calls them devils, says that they are deaf, dumb and blind. Alsaug sees what he is saying, but thinks that their gods are greater. He denounces her Gods in the meeting hall before all of Kattegat. She asks if he wants to test his faith, and see which is mightier. He will.

Aslaug begins her test. From the fires a piece of metal is taken and placed in the missonary's hands. He walks it over to her with no effect, letting it drop to her feet, his skin unmarred. But that was just a dream. In reality, when the rod is placed in his hands it burns, melting off the skin of his hands. He falls well before her feet screaming in pain.

Earl Sigfried is walked through the streets. He is brought before the princess and the Emperor for beheading. He does not mind dying, but he wants someone to hold his hair out of the way so that he can have a clean beheading. The wanderer translates. Sigfried lays his head upon the cutting block, a guard holds his hair. When the order is given to cut, he pulls back, and the guard's hand is severed off. Sigfried has a good laugh, and the wanderer has to hid his own laugh. Princess Gisla is not happy.

Judith comes back to see King Ecbert, all dressed in white. He muses over what might have been, and has been. Judith asks if the reward is what she thinks it is. He continues to talk in riddles to her, about passages not taken to the door. They're sometimes always here in the moment. Judith tells him that they're not always here, but they are now, she's not stupid. Ecbert finds theirs to be a strange God, and asks that she be his mistress. She accepts if he will protect her child.

Earl Sigfried's head sits upon a pike, he lost it in the end anyways. Princess Gisla walks the streets of her city, looking at the wounded, the sick and the young. There are many. The Commander tells her and the Emperor that many have succumbed to a mysterious sickness, but they're running out of fresh food, and are facing starvation. They may have repelled the pagans for now, but they have sustained many losses. He suggests that they reach a compromise. Princess Gisla pipes up, she thinks that this is a bad choice. They should give the Pagans no chance, they will be judged on their actions on judgment day. The Emperor will weigh both options to see what God would have him choose.

In the Viking camp, Ragnar is getting worse. He is sick.

Ecbert toasts his son, giving thank to God for his success and safety. Aethelwulf confesses that Queen Kwenthrith tried to ply him with her womanly wiles, but he refused her. King Ecbert congratulates his son on his high morals, and that his wife is likely happy as well. Judith is not a hypocrite, and would not voice it. Aethelwulf does not blame her for her relations with Athelstan, knowing that it was God's work, but there is something he needs to ask his father. He asks if he was prepared to let Kwenthrith secretly kill him as the price for Mercia. Ecbert tells him that he was not, and he's shocked by the accusation. No Saxon King has ever been able to hand over his kingdom successfully without violence to his son, and Ecbert plans to do just that to his son, not only the kingdom of Wessex, but also of England. Aethelwulf raises a toast to his loving father, as Judith eyeballs her unsuspecting husband.

The Vikings prepare to receive the french visitors. Their hostage has been returned, and is brought to Ragnar. He tells them that the French have come to negotiate, to end the siege. Rollo thinks that they can take the city, but Bjorn seems open to the ideal. The meeting will take place outside of the city walls, with no weapons. Bjorn tells the soldier that he will have his answer tomorrow, but Rollo takes back the wanderer. Lagertha does not want to make deals, but Bjorn points out that they have lost a great number of men, and winter is coming. Rollo sees their negotiating as weakness, they would not offer terms if they did not think that they could get into the city. Kalf guesses that they are running out of food, and another that they should let the people starve. Bjorn is quick to note that would make the people hate them more. They begin to bicker amongst themselves. Ragnar finally rises. He did not become Earl because he wanted to be one, but because of other people's actions. Also he did not become king because of ambition but because he had no choice, but because of other people's actions, but none the less he is King. He asks his son what a King does, and Bjorn answers that he rules. As king he has the last say. Everyone has had their own ideas to get into the city, and they have all failed. Ragnar falls into a coughing fit, spitting up blood everywhere. The discussion is over, they will meet the franks. He takes the traveler with him.

Aslaug nestles with her children in her keep. She takes Ivar cuddling him to bed. One of her guards asks what they should do with the Christian. Without a second thought she orders him to death.

Rollo comes to Lagertha, Kalf and the others. Ragnar has left to the meeting without them.

At the meeting, the French ask how much treasure Ragnar wants, to stop the siege on Paris. They communicate through the traveler. Ragnar stares at them. The commander throws out a number, suggesting that he take the offer since reinforcements are coming. Ragnar knows that there is no one coming. Ragnar seeks something more, something personal and precious to him. He wants to be baptized. The commander does not understand. Ragnar knows that he is dying, and when he dies, he wants to reunited with Athelstan who is in heaven. The bishop tells him that he will go to hell, not heaven. Ragnar drops his staff and gets nearly chest to chest with the bishop, stroking his cheek. That is not his decision to make. The Commander will make arrangements for the ceremony. Ragnar points out that they have a man of god, and a lake of water. He will do it and do it now. The bishop heads into the water, and begins the ceremony. The Vikings ride up as Ragnar is being baptized. Floki is utterly disgusted. Lagertha is upset by what she sees, but Ragnar is born again.


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