Atlantis S2E10 - "The Dying of the Light" Recap

Jason and Ariadne make it back to Pythagoras and Hercules but now that he has learned the truth about his mother's identity, his heart has been blackened. Jason goes after a set of guards that is pursuing them and fights them off. Pythagoras and Ariadne come to help him and when there is but one survivor, a lone boy who surrenders himself to them, Jason kills him despite Ariadne's orders to stand down. When they return to Hercules, he picks a fight with Jason who strikes him repeatedly. The group is shocked by Jason's harsh and arrogant ways.

Pasiphae is concerned about the threat Jason poses. Medea assures her that now that Jason knows the truth, he will return but Pasiphae is still determined to have him killed. Mother of the year, that one.

Pythagoras decides to sneak back into Atlantis to get help from Melas, believing he will hold the key to helping Jason. Upon meeting with Melas, Pythagoras is advised that Jason's father is the key to restoring the balance of dark and light within Jason. Only he can provide the love needed to counter Pasiphae's influence. Pythagoras' friend Icarus turns over where Jason's group is headed, in the hopes of getting his father Daedalus free. Though his father has been spared an execution now, he is still to be locked up.

Pythagoras has tracked down Aeson, Jason's father, and tells him what has happened. Jason's heart is blackened and turned to anger and hatred. Pythagoras pleads with Aeson to help Jason. Aesop doesn't believe he can be what Jason needs.

While soldiers makes plans to hunt down Jason, Medea eavesdrops. It is worth noting that Jason has been having mysterious dreams in which Medea appears.

Pythagoras prepares to leave without Aeson since he has not agreed to help and delivers an impassioned speech which changes Aeson's mind. Ariadne has convinced Hercules to reach out to Jason and try to mend fences. Hercules says that though he cannot deny his own anger, he should not have fought with Jason. Hercules asks some questions about Medusa's decision to sacrifice herself, and Jason answers them. Things are still tense though because Jason tells Hercules he needs to move on. Hercules wants to leave, despite Ariadne's pleas with him to stay.

As Pythoagroas and Aeson are making their journey, they are spotted by a soldier who returns to Atlantis to tell Pasiphae, who decides to ride off after them with soldiers in tow. Medea is following after them in secret. Pythagoras and Aeson are arriving back to Jason and Ariadne but the group is ambushed by Pasiphae and her soldiers before any conversations can be had. A fight breaks out and just as Jason is about to be killed by a soldier sneaking up from behind, Medea uses magic to save her. While Ariadne is fleeing, Hercules grabs her to keep her hidden.

Medea heals a wounded Jason, using magic to do so. She advises him to sleep, which he does. Ariadne and Hercules catch up to Hercules and Aeson, who is still alive. Pythagoras reveals that Aeson is Jason's father but none of the group have any idea where Jason is. Jason wakes, feeling better, and asks Medea why she is helping him. She says they're more alike than he knows. The two then kiss.

Atlantis airs on Saturdays on BBC One at 9PM.


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