Atlantis S2E11 - "Kin" Recap

Jason is still on the run and Medea has returned to the palace, though Pasiphae is none the wiser about Medea's helping Jason.

Hercules expresses guilt to Pythagoras over letting his emotions get in the way of things with Jason and the two carry on their search for him without realising that Jason is hiding nearby, listening to the entire conversation. Aeson expresses guilt to Ariadne that he doesn't have a close relationship with his son and she tells him that it's not too late.

Jason gets captured by Pasiphae's men and admits to her when she visits him that he does feel a bond between the two of them. Cassandra, the new Oracle, reveals that the gods oppose the execution of Jason, and Pasiphae is discretely relieved to learn this because she had been rather reluctant to kill him. Jason is instead sent to the arena to fight for his life. He wins his first bout, though the encounter leaves him injured. Unbeknownst to him, one of the men that helps him off the field is his father, Aeson. Jason recognises him from their previous encounter in the salt mines but it isn't until later that Aeson reveals himself to be Jason's father. Though Jason pushes him away at first, Aeson's words eventually begin to sink in. Aeson shares how he loved Pasiphae dearly but it couldn't work once she gave in to the dark side of magic. Aeson's love is enough to bring Jason back to the light and he gives Jason a potion to fake his death so that they may escape.

Icarus visits his wounded and imprisoned father, Daedalus. He wants to help him escape but his father is not interested in doing so if it means doing anything immoral or put his son in harm's way. He is none the wise about Icarus helping Pasiphae's men in exchange for helping Daedalus.

Jason takes Aeson's draft and it makes him appear to be dead. Aeson sneaks him out of the cell and revives him once they're out of the prison. He tells Jason to lie still, as he is being wheeled on a cart of the dead. They are spotted by Icarus who is skulking around like the filthy traitor he is. Though Aeson and Jason make it out of the city alive, they are shortly thereafter attacked by guards. Hercules arrives in time to help the two make their escape out of the fight but Aeson has been mortally wounded. Hercules apologises to Jason and the two make amends and then continue to help the wounded Aeson on till they make it back to where Ariadne and Pythagoras are waiting. Unfortunately, Aeson dies in Jason's arms.

Pasiphae is informed of what has happened and she is emotional and angry that Jason chose his father over her. She berates Medea for making her believe that it was the right thing to let Jason into her heart and orders her to leave.

Atlantis airs on Saturdays on BBC One.


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