Community S6E10 - "Basic RV Repair and Palmistry" Recap

The group is on a road trip in Elroy's RV to deliver a giant fibreglass hand that Frankie is pushing the Dean to sell but the RV runs out of gas and they find themselves stranded on the side of the road. Abed is imagining the entire trip and events beforehand as a film that starts with them getting stranded and a 3-weeks-earlier flashback to show how they got there. The group can't get a tow truck to come get them because there's a parade going on monopolising them. The Dean gets berated by Jeff because he was foolish enough to buy this giant fibreglass hand with money that the school doesn't have. The RV's secondary battery dies because the group was foolish enough to keep charging their phones even after the RV died. That night, as the group stays inside the cold RV, they get into a large argument with the Dean who storms outside to sit on the giant fibreglass hand. Abed goes outside to sit with the Dean and then the fibreglass hand falls off the roof. The group goes to get the hand off the Dean but then it turns out he's not trapped under their. Instead he runs inside and locks everyone out. Jeff implored Abed to try to talk to the Dean but he's too distracted with his fixation on doing the flashback sequence. Frankie is able to get him to focus by making him imagine that where they currently are is the flashback and he has travelled back to help the group. Abed gives a rousing speech about the hand being symbolic of the power to hold on to each other. This gets the group to bond and the Dean comes out of the RV. Three days later, the group is shown to have held on to the fibreglass hand and put it on Greendale's campus with a wristband that shows, "Keep a loose grip." Chang also joins the group covered in feathers and proceeds to tell them how he came to be in that state.

The original buyer of the fibreglass hand is shown to be a man who is fixated on buying large objects, a habit only worsened due to his son's disappearance due to his receiving an oversized kite from his father.

Community airs on Tuesdays on Yahoo.


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