Community S6E11 - "Modern Espionage" Recap

Frankie is implementing a "Cleaner Greendale" initiative which forces those engaging in the school's paintball game underground. There's a "silver assassin" that is running things. Frankie implores Jeff to give a speech to tell people not to do it since he used to be in charge of it all. As it turns out, the entire rest of the group is still playing paintball and Jeff is forced to briefly play in order to protect the rest of the group. Jeff tries to get them to think about Frankie's best interest since she is their friend now so they agree to stop playing paintball and hunt down the silver assassin. But the group's investigation reveals that the best way to find them is to play as part of an undercover group. Britta and Elroy get into a shootout with the kitchen staff and the Dean is forced to take out an elevator full of participants when they corner him. Jeff ends up shooting a physically disabled student when he mistakenly thinks he's about to shoot Frankie. The Dean comes running in and accuses the custodian of being the one running the paintball scheme and that he plans to do so to help City College win and then he'll be able to take a job there. More custodians come running in and then an all-out paintball war ensues. One by one, members of the study group are taken out. Jeff and the Dean are the last ones left standing and they must go after the custodian. They end up in the Museum of Custodial Arts. The Dean nearly turns on Jeff after buying into the custodian's speech. Frankie walks in an promises not to fire anyone if they lower their guns. They do but after she leaves, they all shoot each other. The study group then has to dress up as baby and say baby lines, as well as promise to grow up in order for Frankie not to quit.

Community airs on Tuesdays on Yahoo.


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