Community S6E12 - "Wedding Videography" Recap

Greendale student Garrett proposes to his girlfriend Stacey in the middle of one of Jeff's classes. Abed is filming, as Garrett had asked him to film the proposal. Abed will continue to film all the way up through the wedding for a documentary. Annie and Britta invite Frankie over so they can all get ready together and Frankie is horrendously awkward until Jeff and Chang come crashing in, slightly drunk. The group enjoys playing a game but then realise they are late and nearly leave Chang and Abed behind. The group arrives in the middle of the wedding vows and creates quite a disruption as they arrive. At the reception, Garrett's mother scolds them for being rude and warns them to keep themselves in line. The group picks up their shattered pride and does their best to be ideal wedding guests in the best ways that they can. Jeff decides to do the best-man speech when Garrett's brother relapses. The group pools their resources from all the mingling they did at the wedding. Unfortunately, the speech accidentally leads to the revelation that the bride and groom have the same grandmother and are therefore first cousins. The group then realises that they are at their worst with each other. Chang rallies Garrett and Stacy to make their own decisions and that it's not their fault that their families were too screwed up for them to realise they were related. Seeing as how it's legal for them to marry their first cousins, they decide to stay together.

Community airs on Tuesdays on Yahoo.


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