Community S6E7 - "Advanced Safety Features" Recap

The group is planning an alumni dinner and during the meeting, Chang goes on a bizarre tangent about knowing how to use PowerPoint. Meanwhile, the Dean falls prey to some guerrilla tactics employed by Honda so Frankie needs to freezie-weezie the school's assets for the time being. Britta and Annie note how Elroy doesn't seem to like the new group and they lament no longer having Troy in the group so Jeff plants the seed that Troy's ability to play steel drums was integral to why he was so special.

Britta's ex-boyfriend Rick, AKA Subway, is back in town and Annie gives her a warning so she can keep herself from spiralling down that black hole. Unfortunately, she proceeds to go running off to find him and Britta greets him with some face-slaps. He pleads his case and the two end up hooking up in the back of his Honda. He claims that he can pursue a real relationship with her but she has to hide when the Dean shows up (the Dean has bought a Honda and is apparently a 'Level-7 Susceptible' to guerrilla tactic advertising).

The rest of the group plays a game of The Ears Have It! in order to bond with Elroy and better integrate him into their group dynamics. Though he bonds with a majority of the group, it turns out that it's Jeff that he is unable or perhaps uninterested with bonding with.

Britt unintentionally meets Rick's Honda Boss, who allows them to pursue a relationship if they will work together to implement this guerrilla tactic for Honda. It's not clear why she agrees to it, perhaps falling under the influence of the advertising herself. Frankie figures out that the new kid, Rick, is the one who is responsible for all this Honda advertising. Britta has brought Rick home to meet her parents but becomes perturbed when he tries to use the tactics on her parents and also insists on liking Avatar simply because it is an enormously popular film. She later breaks up with him because she wants to be with "the real him" but he claims that this is who he is.

Jeff hires the band Natalie is Freezing for the alumni dance to play the song "Pillar of Garbage" and Elroy becomes furious. Elroy later admits to Britta that he used to date the band's lead singer Julie and she messed him up pretty good. Jeff had tried to hire the band in order to make Elroy like him but it backfired. Rick shows up saying that he'll quit his job at Honda for Britta and that he loves her. She is overjoyed. Rick says he wants to do one last job when he hears Frankie baiting him and Britta realises that she can't be with him. Rick is removed from campus due to the trap Frankie and the Dean set.

Elroy patches things up with Julie and when Jeff tells him he wants them to be friends, Elroy says he likes him but that they'll never be friends. Then, the Honda Boss employs another failed attempt at disappearing mysteriously, and Frankie playing steel drums on stage with Natalie is Freezing at the alumni dinner. Britta goes to play a game of The Ears Have It! with her parents to take her mind off of her break-up with Rick but their ability to ask eerily specific questions and win immediately only annoys her and she storms off in a huff.

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