Community S6E8 - "Intro to Recycled Cinema" Recap

Following his success in the theatre production of The Karate Kid, Chang lands a part in a commercial for Kolb Family Foods and his work in the commercial becomes a viral hit. As the famous "Ham Girl" guy, he decides to head to Hollywood. Now that he is a bit hit, he begins to trash-talk the gang, claiming he had no friends and was just a loner. The group decides to cash in on his fame when Abed announces he has footage from a film he was shooting with Chang called Police Justice. They need to finish the film though and decide to do so by making the cop drama into a sci-fi film. Frankie puts the group in touch with a film producer named Maury who promises to be able to turn the film into a profitable hit for them.

Abed finally agrees to direct the film into Chief Starr and the Raiders of the Galaxy by incorporating outtake audio samples as well as recycled footage of Chang as Chief Starr. The Dean is standing in as Chang's stand-in body double. Jeff plays the mayor of outer space and Britta plays Princess Meridian (though Britta wants her to be called Brittana). Annie also stars by playing Scorpio 9, a pleasure droid assassin.

Abed is discouraged by the group's lack of interest in making the film of a high quality and Jeff pushes him to just keep up the quick pace so the film can be finished in a timely manner. This is successful but as the final cut is 87 minutes and the film needs to be cut to 81 minutes, Jeff's big scene gets cut. This leads to Jeff having an identity crisis as he begins to realise that he will be the last one of the group to leave Greendale. Abed offers up a pep talk to Jeff and though Abed offers to cut other parts, Jeff insists they cut his death scene (though they end up adding an added 30 seconds to the film).

Unfortunately, Maury delivers the bad news that the company funding the film has gone bankrupt because of YouTube so the film will not be distributed. Also, Chang gets kicked out of Hollywood for talking back to Steven Spielberg, after which he is promptly replaced by Randall Park. This forces him to go crawling back to Greendale.

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