Community S6E9 - "Grifting 101" Recap

The group decides to enrol in a class on grifting, but Jeff thinks it's a bad idea as he believe it will be scam. He ends up being right so they in turn are the ones that got grifted. They spent the entire class passing suitcases to each other back and forth. They tell Jeff they want to get back at the grifter and he tells them they should just cut their losses and move on. Jeff goes in to talk to the grifter, with whom he was initially going to side with, but once they get into an argument he decides to help the group enact revenge. Jeff's first few attempts to help the group are unsuccessful, making him all the more determined. Tensions continue to escalate until Britta ends up punching the grifter and he falls down the stairs and is seriously injured. The school must pay him off and there is even a brief talk of expelling Britta for pushing him but they decide against it. It is then revealed that Britta struck up a deal with the grifter for them to fake the confrontation, injury, and split the money. Britta did it to get him out of the school and makes plans with him to meet up at a hotel later. But as he's wheeling away, it's revealed that the group swapped out the real suitcase. The whole class then parades around with suitcases in hand so the grifter has no real way of knowing who it is. The grifter tries to claim that they stole his money to the campus security and he is revealed as a fraud because he's walking around even though he had claimed to be injured. Also, the entire group feigns ignorance as to how he got these fake injuries. Jeff presses the grifter into deciding as to whether admit that he got grifted or get in trouble. He of course admits that he gets grifted and is fired as a professor of Greendale.

Community airs on Tuesdays on Yahoo.


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